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In-Person Book Clubs
Fiction Book Club for Adults
By Susanna Clarke
Piranesi lives in a labyrinthian home, where rooms are infinite, corridors are endless, the walls are lined with statues. He is joined only by a mysterious man called The Other, who visits Piranesi frequently and asks for help in researching A Great and Secret Knowledge. As Piranesi continues to explore the maze he is a part of, he begins to discover evidence that there was once someone else, and that there is a truth beyond what Piranesi has ever known.
Where: Humble Pint Brewing, Co.
When: November 19, at 2 pm & 4 pm
Nonfiction Book Club for Adults
The Last Slave Ship
By Ben Raines
The Clotilda is famous for being the last ship to carry enslaved peoples to America in the mid-1800s. With the slave trade already outlawed, the ship was scuttled and burned to hide the evidence. Over a century and a half later, the ship would be found again. The author, who found the wreckage of the Clotilda, recounts the ship's final journey as well as its rediscovery and beyond, into its complex legacy for modern day Americans.
Where: Library Study Rooms
When: November 17, at 6 pm
Please note, all in-person book clubs will not be meeting in December.
They will reconvene in January 2023!
Online Book Clubs
Our Crooked Hearts
By Melissa Albert
Ivy's summer starts with an accident, a punishment, and a mystery. The sudden arrival of a stranger heralds in unsettling events that all lead to one answer: there is more to her mother, Dana, than meets the eye. When Dana was Ivy's age, she discovered that she has supernatural gifts. With the help of her two friends, the trio experiments with magic and witchcraft. Yet their aspirations will lead to devastating consequences that will reverberate through the next generation.
Remarkably Bright Creatures
By Shelby Van Pelt
Tova Sullivan is a widow who works the nightshift at the Sowell Bay Aquarium. Keeping busy helps her cope, and has since her 18-year-old son Erik disappeared over 30 years ago. It's at the aquarium where Tova meets Marcellus, an oddly intelligent, curmudgeonly octopus who is not fond of his human captors. As the two form a friendship, Marcellus becomes determined to solve the mystery of what happened to Erik, and to share the truth with Tova before it's too late.
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