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Westwood Public Library | November 2023

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Baby Sign with Sheryl White

Mondays @ 10:30; November 20-December 11

Main Library

Attention Westwood Residents! Expert teacher Sheryl White, of Babykneads, teaches this class that will help deepen your communication with your infant. This four-session class is appropriate for babies and young children 6-months through pre-verbal. Registration signs you up for all four classes. This program is co-sponsored with the Westwood Early Childhood Department. Sign up through their link below.

Sign Up Here

Programs for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Move and Groove*

Tuesdays @ 10:30; Nov. 7-Dec. 12

Main Library

Join Miss Caitlyn for an all-ages storytime full of stories, dancing, singing, and more.

Branch Books and Boogie*

Wednesdays @ 10:30; Nov. 8-Dec. 13

Islington Branch Library

Join Miss Caitlyn at the Islington Branch Library on Wednesdays for an all-ages storytime full of stories, songs, wiggles, and more! Each storytime will be followed by a simple craft.

Monday Music Makers with Sarah Gardner*

Monday, November 13 @ 11:00

Main Library

Join Musician Sarah Gardner for a fun 45 minutes of music and dancing! Open to kids age 0-5. 

Preschool Story Craft*

Monday, November 27 @ 3:30;

Main Library

Kids 3-5 years old are invited to join Miss Kristy and Miss Janet for this seasonal story and craft program where we will read books and make a related craft. 

Baby Rhyme Time*

Thursdays @ 10:30; Nov. 9-Dec. 14

Main Library

Babies between the ages of 0-18 months are invited to join Miss Kristy for a fun 25 minute lapsit and wiggle time filled with songs and rhymes designed just for them. After storytime, stick around for open play and social time with other parents, caregivers, and babies. 

Saturday Storytime*

Saturday, November 4 @ 11:00am;

Main Library

Join a Children's Librarian for a fun all-ages storytime!

*=Registration Required

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Programs for School-Aged Kids

LEGO Builders

Short Wednesdays @ 2-4 PM

Main Library

Drop by library to have fun with LEGOs and build! Use LEGOs and other building supplies provided by the library to have fun and build up your engineering skills!

Read to a Dog*

Saturday, November 18 @ 2-3pm

Main Library

Kids in grades K-5 can sign up for a 15-minute "appointment" to practice their reading with a therapy dog! Please call the Library at (781)-320-1042 or visit us in person to register.

Teen Programs


Fridays afterschool @ 2:30pm

Come hang out with your friends and relax. Eat, play video or board games, listen to music and catch up on new movies and books.

Gamer Lounge with One-Up Games

Wednesday, November 1 & 29 @1:30

Middle Schoolers can come to the library on Early Release Wednesdays for two and a half hours of open game play with One Up Games featuring SuperSmash Bro., Fortnite, MarioKart, and more!

Book Club Picks

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Book Explorers*

November 17 @ 4 PM

A book club for 2nd and 3rd graders! Join us once a month for a discussion followed by fun games and crafts.

9780593326213-us image

MCBA Book Club for 4th-6th Grade*

Tuesday, November 14 @ 4 PM

Kids in grades 4th-6th are invited to join us one Tuesday per month @4pm for this in person book club dedicated to this year's Massachusetts Children's Book Award nominees. We will read, discuss and vote on our favorite title at the end of the year.

9780241399699-us image

Middle School Book Club*

Tuesday, November 21 @

3:30 PM

Teens in grades 6-8 are invited to join Felicia and Kristy for this book club just for Middle Schoolers! We will read and discuss a new book each month.

Please check our website for book club availability.

ReadNext : Staff Book Recommendations

9780316628426 image

Caitlyn's Recommendation: Buzzing by Samuel Sattin

This realistic fiction graphic novel tells the story of Isaac, a 12-year-old boy who struggles with anxiety. His compulsions and negative thoughts are illustrated as bees who are constantly surrounding him, whispering things into his ear such as: if he doesn't tug his ear the car will crash, he has brain damage, people are pretending to be his friend, his lips look uneven, etc. When Isaac finds a group of friends who play a fictionalized version of D&D, his negative thoughts start to recede, but it may not last as long as he hoped. This book is a great illustration of what mental health struggles look like, and for kids who may be struggling, or looking for a way to understand it, this is a perfect read for them. For grades 5 and up.

Kristy's Recommendation: Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross

This sweeping, romantic YA fantasy story will transport you to another time and place. After centuries of sleep, the gods have awoken and are warring again. In this alternate historical version of our world, some humans are called to fight for one god or the other and must go to the front lines where a brutal battle is fought using monsters. Iris Winnow lives with her mother who battles a drinking problem and desperately misses her brother who is missing from the front lines. Her only hope is to get promoted to staff writer at the newspaper so she can make enough money to support herself and fulfill her dreams of becoming a successful journalist. Her cold, handsome rival at the newspaper, Roman Kitt, has the same goals and his own unique battles to fight at home. A series of unexpected events brings these two together in an unforgettable story both dazzling and exciting. Perfect for this time of year! Recommended to readers in grades 8 and up.

Felicia's Recommendation: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins

Read the prequel to the Hunger Games before the movie comes out this month! Though, reading The Hunger Games trilogy before is fun, it is definitely not needed. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes follows the 10th Hunger Games and 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow as one of the first mentors for tributes. The once-great Snow family has fallen on some hard times, and Coriolanus feels like it's up to him to help bring his family back to glory. When he gets stuck with the District 12 female tribute, he knows he has his work cut out for him. Their fates are now intertwined and Coriolanus will do whatever he can to make sure his tribute makes it to the end of the Hunger Games. Recommended for grades 8 and up.

All library programs are free and open to the public thanks to generous support from the Friends of the Westwood Library.

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