Volume 6 Issue 11 | November 2023

Don't Forget Thanksgiving

From 365 Devotions for a Thankful Heart

"Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout joyfully to Him." Psalm 95:2

Have you ever noticed how after Halloween, many stores immediately bring out their prelit trees, ornaments, Christmas wreaths, and candy canes? The weeks between Halloween and Christmas are often a blur of colored leaves and turkey, prepping for gift shopping, and holiday parties.

In the frenzy of holiday preparations and Black Friday deals, it can be all too easy for us to skim over Thanksgiving. Sure, we serve the turkey and gravy, and mention what we’re grateful for, but do we linger on giving thanks? Or once the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals come out, do we immediately focus on all the things we want and all the savings we could have? Are we more excited about counting the gifts than we are about counting our blessings?


When the retail world becomes loud, ask the Lord to speak louder. When your eyes become focused on the newest, shiniest gadgets, ask Jesus to fix your eyes on Him and His gifts — and on the greatest gift of salvation.


Don’t let autumn and its season of gratitude get lost in the blur of Christmas fanfare. Let Thanksgiving have its day — and its attitude — in your heart.


Father, I’m so grateful for an annual reminder to give You thanks. Keep me focused on all I have, not on all I want.



"Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth; break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises." Psalm 98:4


In this world of both instant communication and Instant Pots, it’s important to remember that some important things come slowly. As much as we may want to live with a heart rooted in gratitude, we can’t flip a switch or push a button to make that happen. Arriving at the point is a process, and by definition a process takes time.


Every new day gives us countless opportunities to develop gratitude. Think of it: with everything we see, hear, taste, touch, think, and experience, we can choose to be grateful. Review your day so far. Identify a handful of moments when you expressed thankfulness — and another handful when you could have, and be grateful now!


Many things develop and improve over time. Today let’s be encouraged that we are more thankful today than we were yesterday — and that we can choose to be even more thankful tomorrow.


Lord, give me a keener awareness and appreciation of Your goodness every day.

Ephesus Youth Go to OU Live

by Belvia Jackson

On October 3-8, the Ephesus Youth Department took high school seniors Alyssa Jackson, Emmanuela Francique, and Gully Belizaire to OU Live in Huntsville, Alabama. OU Live is an annual on-campus event that allows potential students to experience life at Oakwood University, the only Seventh-Day Adventist HBCU.

This year over 900 students and chaperones attended OU Live. World renowned OU Alumni Eric Thomas was the guest speaker during the week for chapel and vespers. During OU Live, there was always something going on, from sports tryouts, a block party, and a basketball game to a concert featuring the Aeolians, Dynamic Praise, Voices of Triumph, and others. Activities were planned that allowed students to engage with peers, current students, and faculty.

While at OU Live, students were given the opportunity to visit the departments of their choice to learn what OU would offer them academically. They experienced dorm life by staying in the newly renovated girls honor and athletic dorm, Peterson Hall. They joined the OU Live choir, which sang during Friday night AY and Sabbath worship service. Most exciting is they were each officially accepted into Oakwood University to be a part of the Freshman class of 2024!

AWC Basketball Season Heats Up

It's time for AWC Basketball Season! Here is the current schedule of Ephesus games. (As always, games may be rescheduled at a moment's notice.) Come out and support our teams!

It's Three-Way Scholarship Time

The Three-Way Scholarship is available for students currently enrolled in a Seventh-day Adventist institution. The total Scholarship amount is $900 per college student and $450 per high school student attending an Adventist university or academy. The church is responsible for sending funds per student with the Scholarship Application to the conference. The conference will match the funds and send it to the participating school. The school will match it and post the funds directly to the student’s account.

If your child is attending an Adventist university or academy, please complete the scholarship application at ephesus-sda.com/forms, and email the completed application to education@ephesus-sda.com.

1 Marlene Makapela  3 Tommye Nious, Rita Stewart  4 Marsalis Brown, Dawana Martin  6 Teresa Whitner  7 Kaliyah Terrell  8 Thelma Scott  10 Renene Craft, Ronald Dozier  12 Valerie Green, Eva-Nell Hawkins, James M. Lee  13 Henoc Cherestal  15 Luanda Cunningham, Alyssa Jackson  16 Erica Lee  17 Stacy Mensah  18 Eric Alexander, Chandler Cherestal, Jean Desir, Ronald Horton  19 Lakeisha Hollingsworth, Benin Lee Jr., Patrick Mensah  20 Dorothy Bethea  22 Marie Broussard-Harris  23 Jacqueline Tate  25 Zolly Hawthorne, Kyla Stone  26 Tyson Bell  27 LaVona Foster, Pastor Keith Goodman, Sonya Scott  29 Monica Fischer, Henry Griffith Sr. 

Did we miss your November birthday or anniversary? Let us know by emailing announce@ephesus-sda.com.

1      Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Ephesus, 7 PM

2      PJELC Board Meeting, 6:30 PM

3      Voices of Ephesus Rehearsal, Sanctuary, 7 PM

3      Young Adult Bible Study, Conference Room, 7 PM

4      Young Lions Bible Study, 1:30 PM

4      Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

5      Singles Ministry Weekly Prayer Call, 6 PM

7      AdCom Meeting, 6:30 PM

7      Young Adult Bible Study, Conference Room, 7 PM

8      Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Ephesus, 7 PM

10     Men’s Fellowship, Fellowship Hall, 7 PM

10    Voices of Ephesus Rehearsal, Sanctuary, 7 PM

11    Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

12      Singles Ministry Weekly Prayer Call, 6 PM

14    Finance Committee Meeting, 6 PM

14    Young Adult Bible Study, Conference Room, 7 PM

15    Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Beacon of Hope, 7 PM

17    Voices of Ephesus Rehearsal, Sanctuary, 7 PM

17    Young Adult Ministry Friendsgiving, Fellowship Hall, 7 PM

18    Youth Emphasis Sabbath, 11 AM

18    Fresh Produce Giveaway, Parking Lot, noon

18    Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

19    Elder Board Meeting, Conference Room, 9 AM

19    Church Board Meeting, Fellowship Hall, 10 AM

19    Church Business Meeting, Sanctuary, 1 PM

19      Singles Ministry Weekly Prayer Call, 6 PM

19    Three-Way Scholarship Deadline

21    Young Adult Bible Study, Conference Room, 7 PM

22    Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Beacon of Hope, 7 PM

24    Men’s Fellowship, Fellowship Hall, 7 PM

24    Voices of Ephesus Rehearsal, Sanctuary, 7 PM

24    Young Adult Bible Study, Conference Room, 7 PM

25    Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

26      Singles Ministry Weekly Prayer Call, 6 PM

28    Young Adult Bible Study, Conference Room, 7 PM

29    Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Ephesus

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