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November is Financial Literacy Month

Money management is hardly anyone's idea of a fun time but for those with a learning disability like Dyscalculia or ADHD, it can seem more daunting, anxiety-inducing and impossible than usual. Check out the helpful resources in the News for Adults section.

News For Everyone

Federation of Canadian Municipalities adds literacy to its advocacy work

Thanks to the efforts of BC’s Decoda Literacy Solutions, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) passed a motion supporting literacy; now an official part of FCM policy in its advocacy work with governments.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Announcement

Decoda Literacy Solutions BC Announcement

News For Parents

Post-Secondary Fair

Foothills Academy is extending an open invitation to Calgary and area high school students with LD/ADHD and their parents. Join them as they host the Education Liaison Association of Alberta (ELAA) post-secondary fair to connect in-person with local and regional post-secondary recruiters conveniently all in one place!

The ELAA is an association of Alberta post-secondary institutions including colleges, technical institutes and universities, the RCMP and the Canadian Forces. 

RSVP to explore opportunities for your teen's future career journey.

  • Thursday, Nov. 9, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
  • High school students with LD/ADHD and their parents
  • Foothills Academy 745 - 37 St. NW, Calgary

3 Ways I Engage My Child in Parent -Teacher Conferences

"There’s always so much that I, as the parent, want to discuss about my child with his teacher, especially as it relates to his IEP. However, I know the way to get the most out of this meeting is to discuss the upcoming conversation with my child."

Read this Mom’s tips on how to involve your child in parent-teacher conferences.

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News For Adults

Money Management Tips From A Neurodivergent Financial Expert

"If you have ADHD, you’re four times more likely to frequently impulse spend.

Whether you believe money is good or evil it is a necessary tool to create the life we want to live. Money can give us freedom, experiences, safety, and the power to say no to things that don’t serve us so it’s essential we look after it."

Your Money

Retirement and Estate Planning for Adults with ADHD

"Adults with ADHD often experience difficulties with navigating post-retirement life without the structure and the support offered by their workplace. Many find estate planning especially challenging.


In this episode, Rick Webster, the founder and CEO of Rena-Fi, shares his expertise on how you can organize and manage your wealth-building journey and retirement life."

Listen to the Podcast

I worked in financial literacy for years, and there are 3 things I learned about money that many adults don't know

"You can imagine my surprise when I started a new job at a national literacy organization and found that, at the age of 30, I actually knew very little about money management. For something so vital to our success in this world, it's a wonder that money management remains shrouded in mystery for so many of us."

3 Things

Managing Your Finances

Sometimes it might feel like you and your money are living two different lives. You do your thing and your money does its own. You don't seem know where it went, it's not there when you need it and you feel guilty about not doing a better job of handling it.

Get you and your money back on track. Below are three agencies that provide FREE guidance, workshops and webinars to anyone who wants better money skills.

Money Matters programs:

  • Money Matters
  • Money Matters for Indigenous Peoples 
  • Money Matters for People with Diverse Abilities
  • Online Courses
Money Matters

Money Mentors services:

  • Debt Consolidation Program including government debt
  • Credit Counselling
  • Money Management

Money Mentors

Momentum programs:

  • Manage Your Money
  • Start a Business
  • Train for a Good Job


"New Heights is thrilled to introduce NeuroNights, a remarkable event dedicated to fostering connections within Calgary's neurodiverse community, hosted at the warm and welcoming Rising Tides Taproom in Calgary.

Enjoy an inclusive and supportive environment where people of all neurotypes can come together and celebrate the beautiful diversity of the human mind."

Eventbrite Tickets

News For Educators & Professionals

Dr. Adlof Tickets

How to Break Down Communication Barriers Between Teachers and Families

Families often want to be involved in school, but there may be challenges that get in the way. Understand six common barriers families may face and how to help.

Teacher Tips

Mental Health Literacy for Educators

Educators can access this comprehensive, self-paced course for free! Choose to improve your mental health literacy skills or choose instead from prepared programs to teach mental health literacy skills to your students.

This is a joint effort between the faculties of education from St. Francis Xavier University, Western University, and the University of British Columbia, partnered with mentalhealthliteracy.org from Alberta.

Register Here

News For Employers

"This was tremendous help in my understanding of ADHD and clearing up a lot of misinformation that I had regarding this subject. Very good!"

This session has given me a better understanding of my own biases around learning disabilities and it will help me be a better instructor.

This was great information and I think the world at large needs more awareness on these topics."

This is some of the most recent feedback from participants at one of our 'Neurodiversity in the Workplace' Lunch & Learn presentations.

Schedule a free session at your workplace and join a growing number Calgary companies where inclusion and diversity includes neurodiversity.

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The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network is a collaborative initiative of a broad group of organizations, which is operated through Foothills Academy and supported by an Anonymous Donor at the Calgary Foundation.

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