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November 2023 Newsletter

81st General Convention

June 23 - 28, 2024

Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky International

Convention Center

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Official Youth Presence Application Deadline: November 17, 2023

In collaboration with the General Convention Office and the president of the House of Deputies, the Office for Youth Ministries is coordinating the application and discernment process for high school teens to become a part of the General Convention Official Youth Presence (GCOYP.) This group was established by a resolution at General Convention in 1982 and has been further defined at subsequent conventions, with legislation passed as recently as 2000.

Up to two youth from each of the church’s nine provinces will be selected to participate in the Official Youth Presence from June 20-28, 2024, in Louisville, Kentucky. The GCOYP have seat and voice on the floor of the House of Deputies and can testify at hearings held before and during General Convention. 

Deadline for applications and nominations is November 17, 2023. For more information and to access the application, click here.

House of Deputies Proposed Rules of Order: November 17, 2023 Workshop

Join the House of Deputies Special Committee on Rules of Order for a Zoom workshop to discuss and explain the proposed changes to the House of Deputies Rules of Order for the 81st General Convention. This workshop will assist the Special Committee in receiving feedback and input on the proposed revisions. All participants will have the opportunity to gain insights into these proposed changes and voice any questions or clarifications they may have. Registration is available here.

Information on the proposed rules and the Special Committee can be found on the House of Deputies website, as well as a feedback form: Read more here

You can also view the September listening session here listening session here.

Executive Council

Joint Budget Committee: Open Hearing Registrations

The Executive Council’s Joint Budget Committee has prepared a working balanced budget. The Committee will present a proposed triennium budget to the Executive Council at its January 2024 meeting for approval in order for the budget to be presented to the General Convention for adoption by both Houses at their meeting in June 2024. The Joint Budget Committee invites The Episcopal Church to participate in open hearings that will be held in November and December 2023. During those hearings, the church community will have the opportunity to testify on the budget, as well as highlight any potential funding requests that might arise from upcoming resolutions to the 81st General Convention. This will allow the committee to take those requests into consideration when crafting the final budget that will be presented to the Executive Council and the General Convention. These open hearings will be held via Zoom on:

  • December 9 at 2:00 PM ET
  • December 12 at 7:00 PM ET

In addition, at 4:00 PM ET on Monday, November 20, the budget committee will hold a Zoom session with the Executive Council. The public is invited to observe the session on YouTube, but will not be able to participate.

This will be the only opportunity that the church will have to offer input on the budget before it is finalized and presented to the Executive Council and thereafter to the General Convention. It is crucial that the committee hears from the church at this time. Additionally, the committee will hold canonically required hearings on the budget on May 16, 2024, and at General Convention. News, updates, and more information can be found here.

View Budget Narrative
View Working Budget
Register for Open Hearings

Interim Bodies

Photo from the Archives Advisory Committee

One of the many committees that met in Baltimore back in October was the Archives Advisory Committee, pictured below:

To learn more about the Interim Bodies, including their rosters and mandates, visit the Governance menu of the GCO website and select Interim Bodies.

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Canonical Publications

All current canonical publications, as well as some other publications, can be found 0n the publications menu of the General Convention Website. Here are some shortcuts:

Blue Book Reports - Constitution and Canons - Journal of Convention - Summary of Actions - 2022 Parochial Report Data

For historical canonical publications, please visit the Archives of the Episcopal Church 

The Executive Office of the General Convention

The Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe, D.D., Secretary of the General Convention and Executive Officer

Ms. Betsey Bell, Executive Assistant to the Executive Officer

The Rev. Carrie Combs, Legislative Data Specialist

Ms. Iris DiLeonardo, Data Specialist and Meetings Assistant

Mr. Patrick Haizel, Deputy for Administration and Operations

The Rev. Molly F. James, Ph.D., Deputy Executive Officer of General Convention

Ms. Brittney Laws, Meeting Coordinator

Ms. Jennifer Mendez, Administrative Assistant

Mr. Brian Murray, Governance Technology Specialist

Ms. Fiona Nieman, CMP, Deputy for Convention and Meeting Planning

Ms. Twila Rios, Manager of Digital Information Systems

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