Volume 24, Issue 11

November 2023

Sowing Seeds

Newsletter of

Bristol United Church of Christ

“The Church on the hill”

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Stewardship 2024


The next few weeks will be busy ones as we embark on our annual

Pledge Drive.

The stewardship letter will be mailed out by November 9th, which will

include the pledge card and a return envelope.


Pledge Sunday is scheduled for

Sunday, November 19th.


Christmas Wreaths

Women’s Fellowship will be selling

balsam Christmas wreaths again this year.

The wreaths are 14”, double sided,

decorated with a bow and cones.

The cost per wreath is $20.00 each.

Return your completed order forms to Jennifer in the office

no later than Friday,

November 10th.

Make checks payable to:


Women’s Fellowship

Wreaths will be ready for pick-up by

November 30th at Lucille’s house.



Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday 9A - 12P

October Attendance

In Person + Zoom

October 1st - 21, October 8th - 34, October 15th - 31,

Vesper Service - 24,

October 22nd - 39

October 29th - 43 


As always, our Women's Fellowship will

be holding a Christmas Bazaar


Saturday, December 2nd

9am to Noon 


All sales going to W.F. Budget



If you have any questions, please let Bonnie know.

You can see her in church or contact her directly.


Adult Bible Study started in

October and will run through November. 

We are studying an

Amy-Jill Levine book titled Signs and Wonders. 



The Pastor’s Pen

Thankfulness and Connection

Perhaps you’ve noticed the theme of connection in my speaking and writing recently. For some folks, connection is easy and having connections in life is a given; for others, connections and connecting can be more challenging. Many, if not all of us, have times in our lives when connecting is easier than at other times. Some obstacles to making and maintaining connections with people are aging, physical health challenges, and mental health challenges. Often as we age, we become more isolated. We see or speak with family and friends less than we used to and we assume others are busy and that our reaching out may be an imposition upon their time. With our own health challenges, physical and mental, we may go out in public less often. Getting around is more challenging. Making friends and acquaintances is not as easy as it once was. Making and keeping connections seems like more work than it used to be. What can a person do to stay healthy and connected amidst all these challenges?


I think the Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to talk about how practicing thankfulness can help us connect: with other people, and with our Christian faith. At Thanksgiving, we are often invited to reflect upon those things for which we are thankful. Perhaps at a family gathering, each person names one thing for which they give thanks. Contemplating our contribution to the “prayer of thankfulness,” we reflect and remember to count our blessings. Often, hearing others give thanks reminds us to be thankful for things we’ve failed to notice or which we’ve taken for granted. We benefit in a very real way from being in the presence of others (connection) and in paying attention to blessings received (thankfulness). We feel good and we feel blessed in that moment. Then, however, the meal and visit are over and we go our separate ways once again. But why make this practice a once-a-year thing, a novelty?


Here are some ways to help others and ourselves be connected and stay connected while making a daily practice of thankfulness. Make a list of family and friends you don’t see every day. They might be all over the country; they might be people with whom you’ve lost touch; they might be folks you used to see at church or work every week and you don’t get out all that much, or they don’t. You can organize the list or not. You can add or subtract names as you choose. If you have a photo of some of them, you might use those for your list. Take time each day to say a prayer of thanks for these people, to honestly thank God they are or have been in your life. If your list is long, divide it up. Close family and friends you might remember each day. People you want to remember from times gone by might come up once a month or once a week. Remember that the purpose is to be thankful, so remember times and acts for which you are thankful. This is a beginning, beginning with thankfulness. This is good for our faith and spirits. But what about connection? Maybe you don’t hear form all these people. Do you have an address, an email, a phone number? Once a day, once a week, call and say, “Hi. I was thinking of you and being thankful for our years of friendship,” or something like that. You could do it with a card or with an email. You may never hear what your note meant to them (but it’s still a kind thing to do). But you might. And the friend or loved one may even choose to call or send YOU a note. And wouldn’t that make your day? Wouldn’t that dispel some isolation or loneliness for a bit? AND, you could even reread a note from time to time, and give thanks too.


Connection is not always automatic. We all need it and we can all offer it. Today, in addition to giving thanks for my family and friends, I give thanks for each of you on our church mailing list. I hope and pray that you will all find time to practice thanksgiving, to practice connecting with others and being connected. I pray these things because connection and relationship is what the Realm of God is all about.






November 5th

All Saints

Psalm 23

November 12h

Josiah’s Reform

2 Kings 22:1-13

November 19th

2023 Stewardship Theme and Thanksgiving Sunday

November 26th


Isa 5:1-7 and 11:1-5





Here are the You Tube links for three of the

most recent preludes:


Celtic Source Vol. 2 – I Heard the Voice of Jesus say


He Touched Me - Gaither Vocal Band (Lyrics)


Shalom Chaverim arranged by John Leavitt


Choir meets every Sunday at 9:15AM and every Tuesday at 4:00PM




The BUCC Women’s Fellowship

invites you to celebrate

November Birthdays and Anniversaries!


Join us following Sunday service on

November 26th


 If you would like to celebrate your Birthday or Anniversary month with BUCC,

please be sure the office knows the date of your celebration! 



6:00 P.M.

Look for a Constant Contact email with more details.

Please contact Bonnie with any questions.



The Joyful Noise Ukulele Band will be having ukulele practice at 9:30 on Mondays. New people are always welcome. Contact the church office before coming so that we have materials ready for new comers. 


Upcoming Events


The Joyful Noise Ukulele Band will be playing in church on

November 19th. 

We will be singing “One Voice” with Bill Neiman. 


A photo from the Uke performance at Peabody Home, and a visit with our friend and longtime BUCC member,

Sylvia Bailey


Train up a child in the way they should go; even when they are old they will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (Matt 5:5)


During the first part of the 2023-24 Sunday School year, we are going to learn about the

Beatitudes; blessings taught by Jesus in the

Sermon on the Mount to guide people to live a good life. Each month we will use one of the Beatitudes to begin our portion of the Bristol UCC Newsletter. We will be using the book “Kids’ Travel Guide to the Beatitudes”. Starting in March we will learn about some of the

Women in the Bible.


The first Sunday of each month is Intergenerational, so there will not be any formal Sunday School Lessons. Nursery care is usually

offered, but we have a few conflict for the first Sunday in October, so we are sorry to have to cancel for just this month.


We will be running our Sunday School like a “little one room schoolhouse”: Attendance,

Singing, Prayer, , a Multi-age lesson on the Beatitudes, independent work for the older

students, and guided activities for the younger students. Each week we have Ms. Sal leading us in song.


New students are always welcomed to join us at any time during the year! 


Here is the calendar for the month of October:

November 5 – Nursery School – Ms. Gracie

November 12 – God Blesses Those who are Gentle and Kind – Mrs. Keegan

November 19 – God blesses Those who are Fair – Ms. Doe

November 26 – Nursery School – Ms. Gracie


This month I would like to tell you about one of our new books named “Who Is My Neighbor?”, written by Amy-Jill Levine and Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, and Illustrated by Denise Turu.


 In this picture book Blues and Yellows do not mix, and that is the

way it has always been. One day Midnight Blue has an accident along the road he is traveling. Several of his Blue friends do not stop to help him. But along comes Yellow…and then everything changes.


This is a beautiful book, with an important message. If you would like to borrow it to read to your child, grandchild, young friend or would just like to read it yourself, you will find the book on the shelf in the Sunday School Room.



 October 18, 2023

In attendance: Bill Nieman, Mary Kay Haines, Steve Curley, Betty Seeler, Bonnie Biondi, Barbara McIntire, Tom Keegan, Debbie Doe, and Andrew MacLeod.


Bill called the meeting to order at 7 pm.


Andrew led us in prayer.


The minutes of the September, 2023 meeting were reviewed. Betty made a motion to accept that was seconded by Barbara and the motion passed.


The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and placed on file.


Finance – Betty –. They will be meeting tomorrow morning and getting the budget request forms out to the committees. They want the

completed forms back by Stewardship Sunday and it they do not have them by the end of November, the requests will be considered the same as last year. Committee chairpersons need to check their boxes for the forms and spend some time with their committees on what they would like to have for a budget for 2024.


Missions – Barbara – October’s mission is Neighbors in Need. November is stewardship and planning for the budget for 2024. The committee will be making chicken noodle soup to share on November 8 for delivery on the 8 or 9th. They are looking for people to deliver the soup to the people they have identified as in need of a visit and a cup of soup. Debbie and Bill both said they would help and Barbara said they would like a couple more and will try to get the word out. Andrew noted that this is not just about providing someone with a cup of soup that they might need but also fulfilling a need to have some company, someone to talk to and that it works both ways everyone who participates takes something away with them.


Trustees – Tom –. They met last week. They are working on a maintenance contract with Irving for the furnaces, which will include

cleanings at no additional charge and emergency services with little or no cost. They are also working on finding a company to put together a maintenance program for our fire extinguishers and the kitchen fire suppression system. The company we have been working with recently sold and the prices for the service have increased so they are researching other companies out there. The third thing is to work on a roof to go over the heat pump attachment that is located outside the offices where snow and ice can be a problem The outside fall clean-up is scheduled for this Saturday, however, the weather does not look good. Tom will get together with Don Stokoe and it may have to done on the rain date of October 28.


Diaconate – Steve was in attendance on zoom but could get his audio to work. Bill and Andrew tag teamed it. The annual fall Vesper service at Inspiration Point was last Sunday and attended by about 30 people with lots of food and fellowship in the lodge after. The Diaconate is looking for ways to get more people involved with the service and hosting coffee fellowship so the same people are not doing everything all the time.


Music – Debbie – everything is going well there are now 9 members of the choir and 10 if you include Estelle more are always welcome.


Christian Ed -Debbie – they met in mid-September and are working on the Sermon on the Mount and different blessings. The have three children who regularly attend and the teachers have been working really well together and are flexible with schedules. Sal has been

wonderful helping out with singing with the children before they start their lesson. Debbie is working on refilling and updating the activity bags that have been well used by the children. The ukulele band has been very busy this summer and they will be on the road Friday to go to the Peabody Place and to see Sylvia Bailey and then to the Riverview Apartments on Halloween to entertain Dean Martin and his fellow apartment dwellers. Christian Ed has had to change the date of the Chrismon tree decorating gathering to Wednesday, December 6 at 5:30 pm, Andrew will get pizza and there will be caroling and a fun time for kids of all ages. They are also working on a Christmas program with costumes, music and scripture readings on December 17. Bible study has started up again. The next Christian Ed meeting will be on January 9.


Women’s Fellowship-Bonnie- They met on October 12 via zoom. They had Carlene Eaton’s Celebration of Life reception on September 30 with 51 people and food went well nothing was wasted. Bonnie was unable to attend the State Women’s Fellowship fall meeting last

weekend but Barbara went and said it was really good. They put together the coffee service for the Vesper service meal and will be hosting the birthday and anniversary celebration on October 29 as part of coffee fellowship after church. They are purchasing 30 wreaths to decorate and sell, anyone interested can get a form from the office the cost is $20 and Women’s Fellowship will be decorating them at Lucille’s house on November 27. They will put up the lighted Christmas tree outside the church and the Christmas Bazaar will be on Saturday, December 2.


Pastor’s report Andrew- the return to fall activities, meetings, Sunday School and Bible Study has gone well. There is a lot of ministry going on and that is super, we are all called to be ministers. Andrew’s theme for the year is connecting and connections with things like the soup and that people need to see other people and to connect to one another. Andrew will be off for a week beginning on Friday. Carol Asher will be in the pulpit on Sunday and Paula Gile from the Sanbornton church will be available for pastoral emergencies. He will make sure the

deacons and Paula have all the contact information to assist anyone in need. The new communion table has arrived and it is beautiful. Bonnie and Barbara worked hard to get it just right and it was paid for from the Memorial funds.


Other – Debbie let everyone know that Susan Putnam of the Baptist Church told Debbie that they are again going to host a Holiday music program on December 10. The Uke group was invited but Debbie and Lucille will not be able to attend as they have a Pemi Choral Society concert that night but if anyone else is interested in performing or attending they can contact the Baptist church.


Andrew sent us out with a prayer.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.



Submitted by Mary Kay Haines








Rice, Instant Potatoes, Stuffing, Cereal


Corn, Peas, Cranberry Sauce, & Mixed Veggies


Canned Chicken, Tuna, & Soups


Spaghetti Sauce & Thin Spaghetti




Dish & Laundry Soap




Winter Closing Reminder


Please remember that Bristol United Church - the

 building and in-person programming - remains closed when Newfound Area Schools are closed.


Please check WMUR or its website for school closings.

If the activity or meeting has already set up a ZOOM option, it will proceed that way only.


Sunday church services will be held as scheduled but please do not endanger yourself by coming out in

severe weather.




11/4      Tom Cositgan

11/17   Cynthia Santini



11/20 Joe & Paula Denning

Did we miss your October birthday or Anniversary?If so please CLICK HERE to share your special date with us!

In our prayers:

Ken Patten, Wendy Higgins, Marsha Payne, Donna Smith, Colson Krauz, Phyllis O'Leary, Dean Martin       , Scott Haines, Guy & Diane Parsons, Olivia Guyette, Sylvia Bailey, Kate Miller, Verneve Reilly, Donna Fillion, Rob Ruesch, Sara Breau, John Bianchi, Janet Jewett, James Barnard, Rick Wright, Betsy Meany, Richard Daschbach, Janelle Westfall , Matt Dunn and The family & friends of Jack Reid



We extend our warmest welcome and invite you to join with us each week in praise and worship. 


Sunday Worship 10:00AM 

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Hard copies of the bulletin available Thursday after noon in the bin on the rear walkway table.

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