Solemnity of Christ the King - November 22, 2020
A Call for a Different Leadership Style
Dear Parishioners and Friends,

‘Leadership’ is a much discussed topic today, not only in politics but also in the corporate world. Management trainers at business schools discuss concepts such as Servant Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Visionary Leadership, and Shepherd Leadership. Most of these terminologies have their origins in Christian background.

On the other hand, some research findings have suggested that to be a CEO in some multinationals of the globe, one has to be a heartless go-getter, almost bordering the behavior of a psychopath. They are merely profit-oriented, and care less for human beings.

The feast of today is an occasion to pause and reflect about our own leadership styles.  We may not be CEOs or top-brass politicians, but most of us might have a sort of charge over some others. You might be prompt to deny that claim. After all, you might be only an employee and not an employer. But remember, if you are a parent you are exercising certain authority over your children. As a teacher, I exercise authority over my students. As a pastor, I have a leadership role too among the people I serve. And today, Jesus invites us all to ask ourselves what is our leadership style.

In 1925, Pope Pius XI introduced the feast of Christ the King as a warning against the totalitarian leaders that were cropping up in the early part of the 20th century. It was a statement against the situation of Europe between the two World Wars. Today, the feast invites us to do a soul-searching of our own leadership style.

On this day, Christ the King invites me and you to exercise our leadership roles in charity and fairness, in humility and service, like a shepherd who is willing to take risks for the sheep.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving,
Fr. Saju and Fr. Gener
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Lord, on this special day of thankfulness,
we thank you not only for the delicious food,
lovingly prepared and presented,
but also for special gifts
you’ve given to this family —
loved ones we cherish dearly,
a comfortable place to live,
the beauty that surrounds us,
material pleasures,
health, spiritual wealth,
and so much more.
How can we show our gratitude for
the countless blessings you’ve provided?
We thank you for giving us clear direction,
through your holy word
on how to show our appreciation,
by obeying Your commands
and by loving and serving our neighbors.
Thank you, Lord.
— Joanna Fuchs

Thanksgiving Day Mass
Thanksgiving Day Mass will be at 9.30am in the school courtyard, Click Here to Sign Up. This Mass will also be live-streamed through Zoom, Facebook and YouTube.

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November 21 - November 27
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Souls in Purgatory

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Please pray with us for our parishioners, family and friends.
Prayer requests for the deceased: Derek Gutierrez, Ramon B de Jesus, Chauncey Russo, Jose Manuel Fernandez de Ponte, Robert Brinton, Ron Dye, Cathy Sheridan

Prayer requests for the sick: Arline Norsworthy, Helena Knapen, William Bushong, Fonnie Rucker, David Rodriguez, Don Mazzone, Sherri Voisinet, Joy Albanese, David Grimm, Jim McQuillen, Diane Borella, Dee Lynn Fields, Abdu Daher
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There will be a food drive on Thanksgiving Day at the 9.30am Mass. Two barrels will be placed at the entryway for you to drop your food inside on your way into Mass.
Here are suggested items: Canned Green beans, Canned pumpkin, Canned cranberries, Boxed mashed potatoes, Gravy Stuffing mix.
Thank you in advance for your generosity. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Second Collection This Weekend
The CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development), second collection this weekend (Nov. 21-22) is very important one. This collection supports programs that empower local communities to address the problem of poverty. Twenty five percent (25%) of the funds we collect remains in our diocese to fund local anti-poverty projects like Day Worker Center in Mountain View, Learning and Loving Educational Center in Morgan Hill and Services Immigration Rights Education Network in San Jose. The remaining 75% is pooled nationally to support similar programs. Two of last year’s national recipients operate locally: LUNA (Latinos United for New America) and Silicon Valley Sponsoring Committee. By supporting this collection, you are giving those on the margins a hand up, not just a handout.  Please be generous.
This VIDEO illustrates the work of CCHD in our own Diocese.
Jon & Kristen Dickinson, the Italian Catholic Federation (ICF),
Douglas & Marina Tilbury, Kevin Mueller, the Ladies Guild,
Salvatore & Julie Saso, David Lindsay & Patricia Kelner, Josh Burroughs, Fernando & Gloria Rojas, and the Men's Club

for your donations towards the purchase of two canopies. Your kindness and generosity will help us to continue celebrating outdoor Masses for as long as needed!! We have reached our goal of $11,215.15! The canopies were ordered in October with an anticipated ship date in December. The Men's Club graciously offered to setup the canopies, once they arrive. We thank everyone for their continued support during these unprecedented times. Many Blessings!!
Let’s Share our Advent Journey as a Community
The community of the faithful has long prayed at ritual times throughout the day and evening. Vespers call us together in the evening to pray and remember in Whom we live, move and have our being. During this season of dwindling darkness, let’s journey together while we wait in joyful hope for the Light. Where is the hope? In our shared memories and deep faith in the community’s recalling and celebrating the birth of Christ. This year has been a struggle for so many between the desolate darkness of sickness, death and loss. But people of faith remember Christ’s promise to be with us always. Please join us for Vespers, online of course, beginning Monday, November 30 from 7- 7:30 pm for four consecutive Mondays as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of the Lord. This series is sponsored by the Peace and Justice Ministry.

Zoom link for Masses will be used for vespers as well
November 22, 2020 Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
Ezekiel 14:11-12, 15-17 • 1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 28 • Matthew 25:31-46
 “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” —Matt. 25:40

Most people have never seen Christ in a physical way, where they could talk to him and hear him talk back to them. In today’s scripture, however, Jesus tells us that he is present in the people who may be the hardest to look at. Who are the “least” of our brother and sisters? He might be the person at school who isn’t very popular. She might be the person at work to whom no one reaches out. He may even be the person who lives next door to you. Jesus wants us to find ways to love him through those who may not be easy to love, just as he did.

Prayer: Dear Lord, sometimes I judge people by what they look like or by their possessions. Please give me the grace to love all people as you taught us through your example.

Is there someone at school or work who people shun? What can you do to be the face of Jesus for that person?
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Online Religious Vocation Discernment Retreat for Women Ages 18-40: Is God Calling you to be a Sister? Come and See! Single Catholic women ages 18 - 40 are invited to an ONLINE Religious Vocation “Come and See” Discernment Retreat with the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. November 20th 5pm-7:30pm and November 21st 9am-11am.
To learn more about this prayerful & reflective ONLINE discernment retreat, contact Lisa Schneider at 812-963-7563, For retreat web page and to register click here.  
We are pleased to announce the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the Diocese of San Jose, founded on March 18, 1981, the eve of the Solemnity of Saint Joseph. The yearlong Jubilee celebration will begin on November 28, 2020, and close on November 21, 2021. The Jubilee celebrates our history and summons us all to carry out the church mission with renewed faith, hope, and charity. Still the youngest diocese in California, our local Church is called to continue “Journeying Together in Hope” in the midst of uncertainties, “for in hope we were saved” and “hope that sees for itself is not hope” (Romans 8:24).
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White Mass for Health Care Workers
Bishop Cantú invites all Healthcare Professionals to a White Mass in their honor on Dec 6th at 9:00 am at Our Lady of Peace parish. This Mass recognizes the ministry of those across our diocese who protect life and care for the ill and dying, such as physicians, nurses, compassionate care minister, ministers of consolation, chaplains, mental health workers, and all in the medical profession. To register visit Life, Justice, and Peace web page. This Mass will also be Live Streamed on DSJ Facebook. 
November 9 - December 14, 2020 7 pm - 8 pm

Grief can be difficult to navigate. In today's environment, it can be overwhelming. We invite you to intently block out an hour on Monday evenings to join us and share the journey. Each week a new topic will be explored.
Facilitator: Candee Lucas, cfcs San Jose Aftercare Coordinator
(650)288- 1506;
Bishop Statement on Possible Investigation
Bishop Oscar Cantú of the Diocese of San Jose has issued the following statement, “Tuesday, Catholic News Agency (CNA) published an article about a possible Vatican investigation into the handling of clerical misconduct during my time as Bishop of the Diocese of Las Cruces. I support the Vos Estis protocols to ensure the accountability of bishops and to bring justice and healing to victims/survivors, and I intend to cooperate fully with any inquiry.”
Please email the Parish Office.