CASD Community eNewsletter -November 23, 2016
Word from the Superintendent
"Turn Off and Tune In" to Your Family
Do you wish for more uninterrupted time with your family?  Beginning on Wednesday, November 23rd at 4:00 PM through Monday, November 26, 2016 at 4:00 AM, the District will participate in the “Tune Off; Tune In… To your Family” weekend.   

As a result, all employees will be unable to send or receive email via their district accounts.  We have become a society that never tunes out from the constant stream of information through our electronic devices!  My hope is for you to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday without distraction.  Also, I asked that teachers not assign any long term projects for the holiday weekend, so that our children may enjoy their break as well.  
Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving break!

 Dr. Joseph Padasak, Superintendent

Bands Come Together for Musical Experience  

(Editor’s Note:  Hannah Cyr is a CASHS intern in the Communications Department.  The following article was written by Hannah.)

At the last home football game both CAMS North and South’s bands came together to join the CASHS Band in their Annual Band Night performance.   
CAMS North 6th Grade Kickball Intramural Champs

At CAMS North the 6th grade kickball intramural champs always play the CAMS North staff.

“This is a 'huge' deal to the kids. They play in front of the entire 6th grade class on the football field.  This year the faculty avenged the loss they were handed last year. The faculty won the game, 7 -2,” said Principal Kurt Widmann.

NJROTC Held Its Quarterly Awards Ceremony Recently

The CASHS NJROTC held its quarterly awards ceremony recently and had several important visitors in attendance. Among the guests were Colonel Ingrid Parker, visiting from the United States Army War College in Carlisle Barracks and Mr. Justin Slep, Director of Franklin County Veteran’s Affairs.  
Chambersburg Mountain Bike Club Finishes Fifth in the State
  Chambersburg Mountain Bike Team members took the top three spots at the Interscholastic Cycling League’s State finals.   This is the first year for the team.

“A lot of coaches, parents, and students put a lot of heart into our team.  It has been a rewarding experience.   We finished 5th in the state out of 21 teams!” said Chad Zimmerman, Chambersburg mountain bike head coach.

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Mock Elections Held Throughout the District
CAMS South held a mock presidential election for its students and staff and the results were in Trump’s favor, although the vote was close.  There were 451 votes for Trump and 446 votes cast for Clinton.  Gary Johnson garnered 78 votes, while Jill Stein received 38 votes.

  A Grandview Elementary student votes.
A Scotland Elementary student cast his vote.
Students vote at CAMS South.
Students at Lurgan Elementary cast their votes in favor of Mr. Trump.
Scotland Elementary -   Mr. Trump also won the mock election at Scotland Elementary.


“Tamara Smith-Moore, a teacher at our school, made election booths for our students and every student voted.  We even had an electoral college,” said Thomas VanArsdale, principal.

Thanksgiving Feast at Fayetteville

The Special Education Department held a Thanksgiving Feast at Fayetteville Elementary for over 60 family, friends and community members.  Students performed several Thanksgiving songs, a poem, and each recited something he or she was thankful for. 
Students also made table decorations and everyone enjoyed a huge Thanksgiving feast prepared by members of the Special Education department.

FVA Names November Student of the Month 

Isaac Powell, 5th grade, was  the Franklin Virtual Academy’s  (FVA)November student of the month.   Isaac’s home building is Hamilton Heights.  He joined FVA in August of 2016.  He is the son of William and Katie Powell. 
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CAMS North Girls Participate in Go Girls Go

Sixth grade girls at CAMS North partnered with Healthy Community Partnerships this year to participate in Go Girls Go, a program that focuses on girl’s self-esteem, and promotes running.

 “We had 36 6th grade girls participate in the program that met every Tuesday and Thursday after school. We had over a dozen adult mentors who worked and ran with the girls. The culminating activity for the girls was running in a 5K race.  One hundred and seventy nine runners participated in that event,” said Kurt Widmann, principal at CAMS North.

Life Lessons in Math Class

Seventh graders at CAMS North make real world connections by calculating which item is a better buy during a recent math lesson. 
Parents Visit Classrooms at Fayetteville
During the month of October, every Fayetteville teacher welcomed their students’ family members into their classrooms to participate in academic and/or social skill lessons with their children. This year 257 students had family members visit the school and participate in the classroom lessons.


“As part of Fayetteville’s school-wide Title I plan goals families were invited to the K-5, life skills and autistic support classrooms to participate in the lessons to see what the children are learning. Title I funds were used to purchase materials for families like magnetic letters, math games, and notebooks," explained Debbie Urso, Title 1 reading specialist.  

All the families who attended also selected a special book for their child.  

Facts about Pertussis

The Chambersburg district and community is experiencing an outbreak of Pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough. 

Here is a link to the Center for Disease Control where a Frequently Asked Questions document is available:

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Practicum Seminar at Shippensburg University
On November 10th, the 2016 Fall Practicum Seminar took place at Grace B. Luhrs Elementary School on the campus of Shippensburg University.  The purpose of the seminar is to bring practicum students together with principals active in the field of education.  Practicum students Jennifer Preisler (Scotland), Jackson Green (CASHS), and Rebecca Petersheim (CASHS) are currently enrolled in the Educational Leadership program at Shippensburg University and they are completing an administrative internship.  Thomas VanArsdale (Scotland) served on the veteran principal panel.
Read for the Record Program at Fayetteville
On Thursday, October 27, Fayetteville staff and primary students participated in Read for the Record.  Read for the Record is a national event when children across the nation try to beat the Guinness Book World Record of the number of children reading the same book on the same day. At Fayetteville, 362 students and staff participated by reading The Bear Ate Your Sandwich.

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All School Board meetings and times are available  here .
School Board News

Employee Recognition
The following individuals were recognized at the November 16th, 2016 Board Meeting
CASHS student, Thomas Portmann was recognized for his Eagle Scout Project and members of the NJROTC who attended the Hamilton Ruritan Club event also were recognized:  

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Special Letter of Appreciation  for FCCTC Team

Click here to read the Special Letter of Appreciation from Friends of the Downtown Water Wheel

Fayetteville Students Receive a Special Visitor

The Penn State Nittany Lion visited Fayetteville Elementary recently.  His two “helpers” each read stories about the Lion’s adventures on the PSU campus to the students.

Transition Fair Held at  CASHS

The Special Education Department recently held a Transition Fair for special education students and their parents at CASHS.  The Fair is designed to provide information about community agencies and resources that will help students as they transition to the high school and mostly into life after high school. 
Giant PA Traveling Map at CAMS South
On October 24th and 25th, the Giant Traveling Map of Pennsylvania visited CAMS South.  Students in Miss Seller’s and Mrs. Brindle’s 6th grade social studies’ classes, as well as Mrs. Kongkeattikul’s  Academic Prep. class, were able to experience the maps.  

Students wore their socks to walk on the map and explore the 67 counties of Pennsylvania, as well as important roads, waterways, and border states.   The map activities reinforced important geography skills such as the cardinal directions, political borders, and giving relative location.  The map was provided by the Pennsylvania Alliance for Geography Education.
The Great Kindness Challenge
The Great Kindness Challenge is one school week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible.  Several schools participated in this event during the week of October 24. 

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Trojans Care Fund Receives $10,000 Donation
Proceeds from the sale of merchandise in the Chambersburg Area Senior High School’s student store resulted in a $10,000 contribution recently to the Trojans Care Fund, a fund established four years ago through the district's foundation to help any student in the district who experiences a life-changing event, such as a house fire or a severe car accident.

Veterans Honored at CAMS North
 “CAMS North celebrated Veterans Day by having our students and staff recognize family who have served, or are serving in a branch of the US military. Students and staff wrote their family member's name, branch of service, and war (if fought in) on flags. CAMS North administration then hung the individual flags to make a giant CAMS North flag to show our appreciation,” explained Kurt Widmann, principal.
Wilson College Soccer Player Participate in Reading Incentive Program at Ben Ben Chambers 
Members of the Wilson College Men’s and Women’s soccer teams came to Ben Chambers recently to play soccer with the third grade classroom that won a reading incentive program.

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