~ November 27 2020 ~
Membership Newsletter
Civil Rights Sentry for a Century
Vigilant since 1919
~ Annual Meeting ~
The bylaws provide for us to have an annual meeting, at which we present yearly reports, elect National Board members, and may install our newly-elected Officers and Executive Committee:
a. Branches. Each Branch shall hold an Annual Meeting in the month of December to receive and act upon Annual reports from the Officers/Chairpersons of Standing Committees and to vote for members of the Board of Directors and may install those Officers and Executive Committee Members elected at the Biennial Election.
We had expected to have our annual meeting to coincide with this month’s General Membership Meeting. However, due to COVID-19, the National Association does not have the list of Board candidates settled yet. We are therefore going to postpone our annual meeting until that is resolved.

The bylaws provide for a special meeting of the membership to be called with three days' notice; we may need to use that provision to call our Annual Meeting. If that happens, we will use an email like this to call the meeting.
~ Final Election Results ~
The final results of our November 12th election and November 19th runoff are as follows:
~ December 3rd General Membership Meeting ~
December General Membership Meeting
For the time being, our meetings will be held as teleconferences.

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020, 6pm

Zoom Requirements:

Meeting materials posted to:
~ We’re BACK! ~
ACT-SO Has a New Chair!

Please welcome Vatrice George as Chair of our Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics program for high school youth! Vatrice is a Native San Diegan who attended college in NYC receiving her B.A. in English. After living in...

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\Want to learn more? Visit our website at sandiegonaacp.org/actso!

Students: Get in on the action!
If you're interested in developing your talent, or using your talent to earn scholarship money and a chance to work with your peers and professionals, sign up now!
Adults: We need you, too!
If you'd like to help African-American youth succeed, please volunteer with us! We need all the help we can get; from subject matter experts, writers, graphic designers, admin staff, fundraisers, and (we hope by spring) in-person event staff. You can help our kids succeed--volunteer today!
~ Giving Tuesday: Let's Make an Impact ~

We're teaming up with IAMBK to feed folks on Tuesdays at the Jacobs Center. Please help the Branch make a difference by feeding needy community members! Donate or volunteer, either way is great.

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~ Police Budget Townhall with the IBA ~
Dec 7: Police Budget Townhall with the IBA

For the safety of all attendees, we require the following from participants in our meetings: Have a (paid or) free Zoom account and log in to it before attending Use a current recognizable photo of their face as the profile picture Use their...

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~ Suggestions for a New Theme ~
Theme for 2021-2022?
For the past term, we’ve been using the theme “Sentry for a Century” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Branch’s founding, in 1919. Now that we are 102, it’s time to change the theme.

To that end, we’re asking for suggestions for a theme for the new term. Please submit your suggestions to:
~ Local Artist to Donate Proceeds from Sale of
Painting to NAACP San Diego Branch ~
~ SDPD Mask Policy ~
SDPD Enforcement of Solid Mask Policy

We are writing to express our concerns with regards to on-duty San Diego Police Officers wearing Thin Blue Line facial coverings...

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~ Dr Weber's Reparations Bill ~
Op-Ed: Yes to Reparations for Slavery

November 18, 2020 Yes to Reparations for Slavery The NAACP San Diego Branch supports and applauds Assemblywoman Weber's proposal to create a commission to study reparations for the enslavement of more than 4 million Africans and their descendants ...

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~ Paint & Painters Needed ~
Do you have some time and/or paint and want to help the Branch out? We're looking for someone to paint our office. It's about the size of a small bedroom, but there is a lot of stuff that will have to be moved out and then back in. It's probably a job best done by two people. We are also looking for some white paint. Interested? Email president@sandiegonaacp.org.
Member-Owned Businesses
Use your dollars to support small local businesses owned by your fellow NAACP members. We have enough economic power to make the difference to these businesses; use it!
Food Resources
Need a little help getting healthy food? We have information on local food distributions.
Education @ Home
Helpful links to information you can use to keep your kids learning while schools are closed.
Legal Resources
Need a lawyer? We have links to folks who can help, some of them at reduced rates or free.
COVID-19 Information
Don't panic, be practical. We link to the official sources of information for the City, County, State and the CDC.
Experiencing Discrimination?
Your branch is here to help. If you have experienced discrimination, the very best way to get started is to fill out a Discrimination Complaint. It will get us all the basic facts we need to determine whether we can help you directly or need to refer you to other resources.
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Monthly Meeting Schedule
Please note: all these meetings will be held by teleconference due to COVID-19; See the full calendar for details.
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