Dear Parishioners, 

We begin the season of Advent this weekend.  It is a season of hope, of looking forward to the Coming of Christ into our world now and at the end of time.  This all sounds nice but we are in the midst of a pandemic, which has taken away a lot of our hope. It has, at least, taken away our hope for a normal life.  There is hope that vaccines are on the way so that we might become immune to the virus.  There is hope that the pandemic will end sooner than later.  There is hope that life will become more normal, whatever that means in the future.  There is hope that we will come out of this pandemic a better people with better tools at our disposal, with better ways of relating to one another, with a better understanding of what it means to be a people of God.  
What have we learned during this time of our lives?  How can we make life better from what we have learned?  Have we grown closer to God or have we drifted away from developing a deeper relation with God?  Have we grown in appreciation of how precious life is and are we ready to make this a better place to be in the future?  I am sure that there are many more questions that you have on your mind.  
During this Advent season, let us turn our hearts and minds to a God who is always looking after us, and let us be grateful for this love of God and pledge to live this love and bring this love to more and more of God’s people.  

In the Peace of Jesus, 

Fr. Dick Hayatsu