November 29, 2018

Dear Cherry Creek Academy Families,

Today Cherry Creek Academy conducted a full scale Lockdown Drill.   At approximately 9:15 a.m. an announcement was made for staff and students to go into a lockdown drill.  During a lockdown drill all staff and students are asked to “shelter in place.” To shelter in place means that all staff lock the doors and all staff and students move to the safest area in their classroom away from the doors.   

Four Police Officers from Arapahoe County were a part of our drill. Two of the Police Officers are School Resources Officers.  During our lockdown drill all four Police Officers walked through every hallway to check on the status of every classroom and to make sure that every door was locked and all of our students were in safe locations. According to the Police Officers our staff and students responded well. Their input allows us to continue to improve our response.  Our entire drill lasted 10 minutes.
Having all of our students and staff know what to do during a lockdown drill ensures the safety of our children in the event of a crisis and confirms our confidence in responding to an emergency with law enforcement.  We appreciate and value the help of Arapahoe County Police Officers.

If you have any questions about this drill or any of our crisis training that our students and staff engage in, please do not hesitate to contact us at .


Cherry Creek Leadership Team