Signing Ceremonies
The Walters Family
Congratulations to Shyde Walters and her daughter, Aubrey. They celebrated their signing ceremony with  volunteers and staffers on Thursday, October 22nd at the SCHFH Office in Georgetown. As is our HFH family tradition, we presented the Walters with partner family t-shirts and safety goggles. We can't wait to get started working with this great family! They're on their way to home ownership!

The Holloman/Justice Famil
Congratulations to Jim and Cora Holloman and their daughter, Joanna Justice! They also celebrated their signing ceremony with  volunteers and staffers on Thursday, October 22nd at the SCHFH Office in Georgetown. As is our HFH family tradition, we also presented them with partner family t-shirts and safety glasses. We can't wait to start this three generation family on the path to home ownership!
Kevin Gilmore and Merejilda Torres
Our Executive Director, Kevin Gilmore, is all smiles as he hands Merejilda Torres the keys to her new home! The Torres' settlement took place on October 15th. The family is the second of three of our partner families who will reside in the Ingram Village subdivision in Ellendale. Merejilda, Lino, and Alex look forward to settling into their new place. We wish them the best! 

Could it be you be you one day soon? To learn if you qualify for a HFH home contact Family Services at 302-855-1153 x 204. The dream of home ownership could become a reality for you too.
Spotlight On ... 
Our Programs Manager, Nancy Greene, is happy to report that this year's AmeriCorps team is excited to get started working with us. They will be participating in all types of activities including; serving in the office, on build sites, at special events, and in our ReStore. They will attend AmeriCorps-specific training as well as State and Habitat-specific training. They are embedded with the SCHFH staffers, learning a lot, and  having big fun along the way.This year's corps includes:
Sussex County HFH AmeriCorps 2015-16

Heather Barony, Family Services Coordinator
Kyle Datchler, Construction Crew
Susan M. Davis, Media Coordinator
Traci deWolfe, Affiliate Relations Associate
Sharon Feltwater, ReStore Associate
Atavia Jackson, Construction Site Coordinator
 James Lee, ReStore Associate
Danielle Niethammer, Volunteer Coordinator

Hector Padilla, Construction Crew
Gary Post, Construction Crew
Matt Wilson, Intern

Nancy is still looking for a Site Volunteer Coordinator and a Repair Program Associate. If you are interested in serving with AmeriCorps contact her at 302-855-1153 x205.
Volunteer Opportunities
Do you know residential construction? 
Can you  volunteer a day or two a month to lead other volunteers on a Habitat site?  We could use your help.  Call our Construction Manager Jeff Niethammer at  302.265.5968  to arrange for a crew leader interview.

Also, we are still accepting bids from plumbers for our current new home construction projects.  Please call Jeff for more information.
Upcoming Events

Global Village: Our Mission Trip to Guatemala
Our Build Site in Guatemala
Kevin Gilmore
Executive Director, Kevin Gilmore, & Family Services Manager, Margaret Reyes, led a group of servant leaders to San Marcos, 
Guatemala where they helped a partner family build their home. They were accompanied by staffers Rachel Freeman & Susan Webb, & Karen McLarty. 

SCHFH partners with Guatemala because there is a 1.2 million home deficit there. San Marcos, where the team served from October 25-31, is the most rural and depressed area. Many families must live on just one dollar a day. They are subsistence farmers, meaning they grow just enough food to feed their own families. Unfortunately, the water is also not potable, meaning it is unsafe for drinking and cooking. Open fire cooking hearths in the traditional homes there, also contribute to the severe pulmonary illnesses in both mothers and their children. This is why we have made it our mission to build homes, community, and hope there. Look for more trip highlights and pictures in upcoming newsletters and on Facebook. 
Office Space For Rent
W are still looking for a good neighbor.  The suite next door to our Habitat office in Georgetown is approximately 1,000 square feet and available for lease immediately.
Won't You Be Our Neighbor?
Interested? Please contact Susan Webb at
302-855-1153 x203 or e-mail her at  for more information.
Framing Fragments
625 Washington Avenue
Finishing touches and final inspections!
607 South Lee  
Framing complete
Trusses  installed
Roof sheathing started

  604 Gladys Avenue
Final wall paint started 
Exterior siding, soffit and fascade complete
Front porch and rails complete
Shed framed at Springfield - Will be delivered to site this week
Electric application complete - entrance cable to be installed this week

118 Linden Avenue
Siding, soffit, and fascade complete

All mechanical rough inspections complete

Dry wall complete

Painting this week

Tile, interior doors and trim, kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, closet shelves and window blinds starting next week

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