It's the final push and you can make a critical difference!  

November 6 is the last day to vote so we need you to please forward this to all your friends and family who live in the Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD). Here is a map for you. Keep it moving! If you can send to a few people and they send to a few people, we can do this! 

Please urge everyone you know: Vote NO on Measure EE a nd, for the BUSD Board, vote for Dr. Sylvia Tucker and Roger Merchat ONLY!

Lilac Hills Ranch wants you to  shoulder the financial burden of building a huge high school for its benefit. You can see this in the contributions supporting passage of Measure EE, including $10,000 just sent to the campaign to pass Measure EE from Lilac Hills Ranch! 

Lilac Hills Ranch-related interests have been consistent contributors in 2012, 2016 and 2018. 

Meanwhile, BUSD's enrollment and budget projections were badly overstated and, a s a result, its reserves have plummeted. 

BUSD is now on the State's Fiscal Red Flag list. Attempting to build a huge high school will just make things worse. 

Your vote can save BUSD from financial failure and North County from sprawl development! 

Join the growing coalition Voing No on Measure EE, an All Star list of Democrats, Republicans, taxpayer advocates, teachers and community leaders committed to education and quality of life in North San Diego County. 

Spread the word! Vote NO on Measure EE and, for the BUSD Board, vote for Dr. Sylvia Tucker and Roger Merchat ONLY!

Thank you! 
The Volunteers at 
Vote NO on Measure EE and for only two Board candidates: 
Roger Merchat and Dr. Sylvia Tucker

Working together we can provide quality education and protect our children's future while saving 
what we love about North County San Diego!