We continue to ask the youth of Emmanuel a set of questions, to check in with them and help our congregation get to know them and to hold them in prayer. Here are Colton's responses:

1. Tell us about how you spend your time and your favorite hobbies:
I am the only soccer goalie on my "Grape Juice" soccer team. Our uniforms are purple hence our vote for the name. I enjoy creating/building Minecraft & other computer applications. IT (information technology) is my hobby. I also love the beach (Mom is from Hawaii, we visit grandparents often) and kayaking on the lake. My sister is bringing her kayaks back from CA. I'm looking forward to more lake outings.

2. Tell us what you have learned about God and your faith in the last year:
I hear my mom pray, she lost her aunt last night. I comforted her while she spoke to family members on the phone. She shared now Auntie is in Heaven with her husband and father. I know God comforts my mom. I rubbed my mom’s back and let her know I am here. I say our dinner table prayers nightly affirming God's presence in our family and being thankful for food, family & health.

3. Tell us one way God can work through us during this pandemic: 
God gives us hope.

4. Tell us one reason you’re thankful about your family
I'm thankful my family is here for me. My older sister Kaila is coming home tonight. She'll comfort my mom helping with her loss. I love that my family is here for each other. My sister Sierra picks me up from school when my mom is working.

5. Tell us what you miss the most about not being able to gather as a youth group or church because of COVID-19:
I'm a pretty solitary guy, during COVID I learned I don't want to be alone. I want my friends back and want to create new friendships.