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Hello my friends,
I am sitting on my new Muv Man stool, looking through my new computer glasses, to a new 22 inch  monitor!! Now THAT is progress! 

The last six months have been mighty fine. Having a show each month as part of the ARTB2F was a huge  amount of work and by October I was totally worn out. Nevertheless is was a great learning experience  and I will be ready to regroup on December 9. I shall be out of town for the November 11 walk - going  to Boulder to visit my uncle.

For the show on October 14th , I was not able to send out timely notification. As the art from Bariloche,  Argentina will be here for several months, I would like to share with you the origins of this collaboration.  Bariloche is a sister city of Aspen. For some time the surgeons at Aspen Orthopedics had an exchange  with surgeons from Bariloche. And thus I met Paula Fisher, from Bariloche, who came to the valley with  her surgeon husband in March 2014 wishing to start some type of art exchange. I was not able to do  anything then and in the meantime Missy Prudden was able to go to Bariloche as "our" exchange artist.  This summer Valeria Fiala was "their" exchange artist to come to the Roaring Fork Valley. Valeria is a  veritable dynamo and October I finally had art from both Paula (naif) and Valeria (charcoal and  pastel) to hang for the October show. It is my fervent wish to go to Bariloche spring 2017!! In the  meantime herewith photos of their art.

*In early 2009, a friend shared with me this cheerful thought - "you know Lynne, it took 10 years for Japan to recover from their recession?"  At the time I thought - well I can either shoot myself or soldier on.  As we Maces are fond of swimming upstream, I soldiered on - with  some help from two dear friends - and here I still am to tell the tale, as Toklat enters its 67th year!


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Valeria Fiala

   The charcoal and pastel flies are in hand painted frames made by Valeria and measure 19 by 19 inches.  $325 each. The charcoal trout measure 18 ½  by 26 inches.  $420 each   

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Paula Fisher

  "naif paintings"  

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Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road  at Riverside Plaza
(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)