Alumni Spotlight: Kendall Gardiner Moore
 Peabody is pleased to feature Kendall Gardiner Moore as our 2019 Fall Alumni Spotlight!  Kendall graduated in the Peabody Class of 2006, after attending from 3rd through 8th grades. She finished Monticello High School in 2010 and Elon University in 2014, graduating Summa Cum Laude as part of the Isabella Cannon Leadership fellows program. While at Elon, she majored in Strategic Communications and minored in Leadership and Italian studies.
Kendall reports that she originally came to Peabody partially for health reasons, as “I had recently been diagnosed with Childhood Epilepsy Disorder, and wasn’t getting the type of individualized instruction that was necessary for my academic success at the public school I was attending.” She added, “I needed a lot of flexibility, kindness, and support to reach my potential, and if I hadn’t had that support, I don’t believe I would be where I am.”  Read more about Kendall's experience at Peabody...
Original Works

The deadline to submit orders for the Original Works program is this upcoming Tuesday, November 12th. This is a wonderful opportunity to support your child and Peabody School’s art program! Please reach out to Ms. Parr if you have any questions. 
School Photos

School picture prints are coming home with your child TODAY . Please check their backpacks. If you have any questions about your order, please contact  Susan Parmar . Thank you!
Boston Massacre Trial

This week, the sixth grade social studies class re-enacted the famous Boston Massacre trial. Replete with attorneys, defendants, witnesses and agitators, the room was filled with plenty of objections, cross-examinations and conflicting testimony. Such was the world of 1770, when the colonists were fed up with the Redcoats. For those counting, John Adams' defense team narrowly won the case, setting the Lobsterbacks free.
2019-2020 Annual Fund 

The 2019-20 Annual Fund is now officially underway! Thank you in advance for your consideration of a gift to Peabody School for the 2019-20 year. Everyone should have received our Annual Report in the mail last week. Thank you for being such strong supporters of Peabody School!
Snow Club 

Winter is fast approaching and Peabody School would like to offer discounted season lift passes to Wintergreen to all interested lower school families. Please contact Coach Fargo for more information.
For middle school students and families, we will offer the Peabody Snow Club again this year. Please be on the lookout for an email from Coach Fargo with Snow Club details today!
K-5 Talent Show

Happy fall! The K-5 talent show is approaching and we wanted to make you aware of all of the details surrounding it. The talent show itself will take place on Friday, November 22nd at 6:30pm at the IX Art Park stage. Students who are performing in the talent show must arrive at 6:00pm. Although it is K-5, if students have an act they would like to perform with a sibling not in that age range, that is fine as long as they audition together. 
To participate in the talent show, students must audition for Ms. Colleen and Mr. Wyatt during lunch or recess in the week before the talent show. We do this to ensure that every student has something prepared, and no one will be walking onstage without a firm act in mind. We have been announcing this to the students so they should be aware of the auditions. 
Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
Yay Lunch

Peabody School has partnered with Yay Lunch to provide a secure, fast, and easy way for parents to order, prepay, and manage hot lunches online. All meals are nutritious, allergen-friendly, and delivered fresh daily. Lunches are delivered to Peabody Monday through Friday.The cut-off for placing orders is always 6 PM Saturday for the upcoming week. Parents may order weekly, up to four weeks in advance. 

Our vendors and schedule:
Monday - Pearl Island 
Tuesday - Zoe’s Kitchen 
Wednesday - Tilman’s
Thursday - Keevil and Keevil 
Friday - Brixx Pizza 

If you miss the ordering window or have any questions about the menu, billing or the program, please contact Yay Lunch directly as they are fully managing the program for Peabody and are very responsive.   

Create an account on (bookmark this page!)
Add your children as “Lunchers”
Choose Peabody as the school. Add grade and teacher’s name. 
Choose lunches on your Lunch Calendar for your child. 
NOTE: If you are registering more than one luncher, please note that the children’s initials will be on the LEFT side of the order screen when placing orders.
Each luncher will be listed in a separate row by week.
Add a credit or debit card. Orders are billed on Saturday at 6 PM before lunch week.

Need to change an order last minute? Cancel by noon the day before lunch is to be delivered by email.
Pricing varies based on vendor, size (Daily Deal, Standard, Big, Premium) and any add-ons or options. Most options are listed at $5.99 but there are plenty of ways to customize and it’s all very transparent on the website. In many cases, there are options to increase food portions for older students. 
All lunches come with a fruit or a side as noted.
25th Anniversary Celebration!

We are so excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary on an auction year! We hope you will join us on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Jefferson starting at 6:30 p.m. We have a wonderful evening planned, and hope that you are willing to help by either serving on our committee or procuring auction items (or both!) See our sign-ups below:

To submit an auction donation form, click AUCTION DONATION FORM by November 22. Thank you!
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  • Quarter One Middle School Grades close Monday, November 11th.

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