All Saints' Church Weekly E-News
Friday, November 8
Construction Update:
Work on the Clark Street Entrance continues.
Please use the Common Street entrance (the red doors)
if you can, or the side entrance.

The Lift will be operating as of this Sunday and we encourage those who need it to begin using it!
Bristol Lodge Meal Volunteers needed THIS Sunday, November 10!
Volunteers needed to help with the Bristol Lodge Meal THIS Sunday, November 10. Volunteers will gather in the kitchen after the 10 am service to prepare the meal. A second team is needed at about 4:00 pm to load up the cars and deliver / serve the meal in Waltham. Speak to Brad Lehman if you have any questions!

Dedication of the new entryway & lift tentatively scheduled for Sunday, November 24 at the 10 am service.
If everything goes as planned we will be able to celebrate the completion of the construction project that has been in process since June, and dedicate the new entryway and lift on Sunday, November 24.

We are excited to announce that we received a substantial gift toward the cost of the entryway from Betty Johnson Reny in memory of her father, Francis Durfee Johnson. F.D. Johnson (as he was known) was the architect that designed and built the extension to the All Saints' nave in 1957. With our thanks for this generous gift we will be naming the entryway, "The Francis Durfee Johnson Entryway." We hope some of the Reny family will be able to join us Sunday, November 24, for the dedication.
Stewardship - Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
As of today 38 families have pledged a total of $210,966 dollars toward the 2020 operating budget. 25 families pledged $17,322 dollars toward the loan re-payment. This means will can manage the loan used to do the renovations in 2019, without using operating funds, or funds from our investments! Thank you to everyone who made such generous pledges to both the operating fund and the loan re-payment. Another thank you goes out to those of you willing to give electronic giving a try! Let us know if you run into any difficulty setting up your gift with or with your bank.

We hope that those who were unable to pledge last week, but intend to make a financial commitment for 2020, will let us know as soon as possible. The Vestry is already at work on a budget for 2020 and we can only make good decisions if we know what your commitment will be. If you need a pledge card, you will find extra ones on the table just outside the parish office (opposite the new Lift). 
Stop! Look! Pay Attention!
Something incredible is going to happen in Bethlehem!
This year All Saints’ is planning a Christmas Pageant for Sunday, December 15. We need EVERY child/youth in the parish to sign-up! Sign-up sheets are available in the Clark Street Vestibule. Each child/youth should choose three roles they are willing to fill. Note: There are no speaking parts (no lines to learn), and only two brief rehearsals scheduled (November 17 and December 8).
Problem of Pain Book Study continues Sunday, November 17
After the 10:00 am service.
This fall we are reading and discussing C.S. Lewis’ classic work, The Problem of Pain . In  The Problem of Pain , Lewis examines a universally applicable question within the human condition: “If God is good and all-powerful, why does he allow his creatures to suffer pain?” The study, facilitated by Judi Nichols, will meet after the 10 am service on: November 17, Dec. 8, and Dec. 15. Please read chapters 6 for next week. Study questions and summaries of each chapter are now available on the website:
Conversations with the past - Telling family stories at Thanksgiving
Sunday, November 24 after the 10 am service
Robert Wuthnow conducted a very important study, published in 1999 in his book, Growing up Religious . In the introduction he talks about the importance of having conversations with the past. He speaks of how our understanding of the present is conceived in relation to the past....and we would argue our stories.

Wuthnow uses the term "anamnesis" which we often use in relation to the Eucharist. The idea is that as we remember important events from the past they are made present to us now. Wuthnow writes, "Anamnesis is facilitated by family gatherings, such as holiday celebrations, when people sit for long hours with parents and siblings and with members of their congregations, retelling and reinterpreting the stories of their past. Such occasions are themselves memorable, serving as crucibles in which to reconsider the stories told by previous generations. (Wuthnow,  Growing up Religious , p. xxxix)."  

Read the rest here: Conversations with the past

AND - Join our Co-Rector Cheryl Minor for a Workshop on using the Godly Play Creation story at home on Sunday, November 24 after the 10 am service. Each participant will go home with the Creation story to use over the Thanksgiving Holiday and tips about how to use it!