Newsletter- November 9, 2015

This August two friends and I formed the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing (RISFF). Our mission is to be the highest quality fly fishing school in New England, with primary geographical presence in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. It is our intent to deliver the very best fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying instruction at reasonable and affordable pricing structures without "filler" material common in the larger retail-based schools.  Our schools will deliver instruction that is specific to techniques, water and weather conditions for the types of fishing each of us are expert in, both freshwater (cold and warm) and saltwater.
Our instruction programs will be organized into four divisions:
  • freshwater fly fishing (cold and warm water)
  • saltwater fly fishing
  • fly casting
  • fly tying
We are a small group with nearly ninety years of fly fishing experience between us, both as recreational anglers and fresh and saltwater fishing guides. Each of us is retired having had successful careers in business and law enforcement.  Although retired, we are fully "charged-up" about our school and have the ability to spend a lot of our leisure time fishing, instructing and having fun.
Since August we have been busy assembling the basics of organizing our company, with the goal of having the framework for the school in place by year-end 2015.
Organizational steps have included:
- establishing our website:, and stocking it with descriptions of the main components of the school 
- establishing a Facebook page:  and
 adding information about the school as it's developing.
- creating our company logo, that was designed by our very talented friend and fellow fly angler, Peter Nilsen
- developing business cards and advertising brochures
- seeking location partners where we will hold our schools in 2016
- developing training curricula
- acquiring training shirts and having them embroidered with our logo (gotta look coordinated and sharp!)
- developing a training schedule for the first half of 2016
This our first newsletter, will fill you in on some of the details of RISFF:
- Owner/Instructor Biographies
- RISFF programs
- Rates
- Class content
- Partners
Captains Bob Hines, John Lemont and I are very excited about the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to others that you feel would find our story and offerings of interest.
Our Mission: 
"The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing will deliver the highest quality fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying instruction in the industry".
Jim Barr
         Capt Jim Barr
Capt. Jim Barr
Capt. Bob Hines
Capt. John Lemont
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Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing Overview
The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing (RISFF) is brand new having been formed in August 2015. 
Beginning in 2016 RISFF will be providing a full array of fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying instruction services, along with professional and licensed fresh and saltwater guide services. Most of our classes will be held at  Addieville East Farm in Mapleville, RI and  Bass Pro Shop in Foxboro, MA.
The school is owned and operated by three partners, Jim Barr, Bob Hines (both U.S. Coast Guard Captains), and John Lemont, Esq. We provide individual and group instruction for beginner, intermediate and advanced fly anglers, and those who have never fly fished but who are interested in learning the sport. We provide a full range of classroom and field training in fly fishing, fly casting and fly tying in fresh and saltwater environments. 
We are based in Newport, Smithfield and Cumberland, RI and deliver our services in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. On staff are two International Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructors.  Staff members have extensive fly fishing experience in North, Central and South America and in other parts of the world. Each of us are officially retired from business and law enforcement. Captains Barr and Hines are licensed professional fresh and saltwater fishing guides operating our own guide services, and John Lemont is an attorney in private practice.
RISFF is a unique fly fishing training company because not only do we possess extensive fly fishing experience in numerous and varied venues, but we also have significant experience training anglers as well as professionals in business and law enforcement.
To our knowledge there is no other fly fishing school in the country (independent or owned by fly fishing retailers) that offers the depth of fishing experience, training program diversity, attention to detail and instructor experience than what will be provided at RISFF. Our programs are packed with valuable information with no "filler". We deliver powerful training programs at very reasonable prices that provide a very strong value proposition for our customers.
RISFF Staff Biographies
Capt. Bob Hines is the owner of FlyFishRI ( He is a professional fresh and saltwater fly fishing guide who specializes in shallow water estuary charters for striped bass. Bob and his clients fish from a 23 foot Skeeter V series powered by a 225 Yamaha 4-stroke. This is a platform that works well when fishing the shallow water estuaries and also when chasing the False Albacore and Bonito in our near-shore waters. Bob's passion for fly fishing is not just limited to the New England. He is an addicted tarpon and bonefish angler who has spent time pursuing these fish in Belize, the Bahamas, Key West, Islamorada, and the Gulf of Mexico. His sweet-water adventures include many trips to Montana and Wyoming to fish the spring creeks along with the Big Horn, Madison, and Yellowstone river systems. He has also fished for over thirty-five years on the Salmon River and it's tributaries in pursuit of steelhead. In 2008 Bob hosted a trip to the Alagnak River in Alaska for huge rainbows and silver salmon. Bob's sponsors include Skeeter Boats, Tibor, Sage, Redington, Rio and many others.
In 2008 & 2009 Bob in conjunction with Providence Channel 6 producer Don Coyne, hosted his own television show, "Flyfishing Rhode Island with Capt. Bob Hines"- 26 episodes each year. Bob also designed a series of fly patterns are currently marketed through Umpqua Feather Merchants, one of the country's largest fly distributors.
Bob has written numerous articles that have appeared in national magazines such as On the Water magazine, Fly Rod and Reel and other publications. Bob also conducts seminars and speaking engagements on all aspects of fly fishing.

Capt. John Lemont   is a native Rhode Islander with Bachelors degrees from the University of Rhode Island and Roger Williams University, and a J.D. from Roger Williams University, School of Law.  
John served 22 years with the Rhode Island State Police, ultimately retiring in 2012 as a Captain in charge of Professional Standards. John now has his own law office and is a general practitioner serving all of Rhode Island.
John grew up with Narragansett Bay in his back yard and learned to fish at an early age. He received his first fly rod as a childhood Christmas present and was immediately hooked. John began fly fishing for trout and soon thereafter started chasing saltwater species.  
Since the mid 90s, John has traveled to Montana twice a year to chase big rainbows and browns on dry flies. John also enjoys annual steelhead fishing trips to New York, and Bone and Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys. He has also fished for everything from big brook trout and salmon in the Arctic Circle to Bonefish in the Caribbean, but still enjoys chasing local fish during the annual migration. 
John ties all his flies and is particularly focused on tying small dry flies for selective western trout. 
He is a IFFF Certified Casting Instructor and is currently pursuing his Masters Certification.

Capt. Jim Barr  is the owner of Skinny Water Charters ( based in Newport, RI. Jim has been fishing Rhode Island, Massachusetts and nearby Connecticut salt and fresh waters most of his life. He received his Bachelors degree from The University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA and holds several professional insurance and risk management degrees. He is retired from the Risk Management and Insurance business. He is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain who guides anglers in fresh and saltwater from boats and shore with fly rods and light spinning tackle. He has extensive experience skippering a Mako 2201 Inshore Bay Boat, Proline 23 Walk, Lund 16 SSV, and he also guides in ultra-thin water with Heritage Redfish sit-on-top kayaks. He is a Pro Guide with Far Bank Enterprises (the manufacturer of Sage and Redington fly rods & RIO fly lines), and is on the Bass Pro Shops-Foxboro, MA Pro Staff. He is also one of only two International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) Certified Fly Casting Instructors in Rhode Island. Jim's experience includes being the first Rhode Island Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide, a custom fly rod builder and fly tying instructor. He is one of the founding members of United Fly Tyers of RI (UFTRI) and served as the club's President, Director of Education and is currently involved in UFTRI's saltwater fly tying program. Additionally Jim is a long-time member of Trout Unlimited 225, Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association, RI Canoe & Kayak Association, Stripers Forever & the Appalachian Mountain Club. He has fished extensively throughout the New England States, Pennsylvania, New York, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, California and Argentina's Patagonia region. Visit Jim at , and his Fly Fishing in Rhode Island Facebook page

RISFF Services
  Our services are grouped into four distinct areas:
  • Fly Casting School- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced- Our staff are IFFF Certified Fly Casting Instructors
  • Fly Fishing SchoolsFreshwater and Saltwater- Classroom and Water- Equipment, Tactics, Knots and much more
  • Fly Tying SchoolFresh and Saltwater Patterns- Professional Tying Instructors
  • Seminars- extensive inventory of topics for retail and club seminars on a full range of fresh and saltwater fly fishing topics
  • Consulting- equipment, destinations and guides
The following is a sampling of the topics we have presented at fishing trade shows, retail locations and angling clubs. These can be presented as is or recombined as necessary to fit your organization's interest. They also contain tons of information that are contained in our fly fishing school training modules.
- Warm Water Fly Fishing
- Introductory and Advanced Fly Casting Techniques
- Local Freshwater Fishing Tips
- Local Saltwater Fishing Tips
- Organizing Your Boat
- Spring Saltwater Fly Fishing in Rhode Island
- Fly Fishing Basics
- Fly Equipment for Stripers, Bluefish and Tunoids
- False Albacore by Land and by Sea
- How to Establish a Fishing Plan
- How to Read, Interpret and Develop a Fishing Plan from Tide Tables
- Fly Fishing Rhode Island's 3 Major Hotspots
- Fishing the Rhode Island Cinder Worm Hatch
- Fishing Newport Harbor and Area Waters
- Sand Eel Fly Fishing
- Fly Fishing the Fall Run
- Fly Fishing the Watch Hill Reefs
- Fly Fishing Rhode Island's Salt Waters
- Maximizing Your Charter with a Guide
- Greater Little Narragansett Bay & Special Operations Fly Fishing
- Fly Fishing Rhode Island's Top 20 Locations
- Fly Fishing for Steelhead in the Salmon River and other New York Tributaries
- Fly Fishing for Salmon in Alaska's Alagnak River
The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing has a separate division specifically offering fly casting lessons. These lessons range from beginner to expert, and are held on grass and water.
Fly casting demonstration and light instruction will be integrated into our fresh and saltwater fly fishing schools, but more significantly, be provided in our stand-alone fly casting school. Fly casting is not difficult, but it can be time consuming in progressing a new or novice caster to a level where anglers are confident and in varying degrees proficient enough to accurately cast 40-80 feet and to do it quickly and without excessive false casting that wastes time and energy.
We utilize iPhone video resources in our casting lessons and slow motion playback for each student. This enables the student and instructor to track progress and to assist in the process of identifying casting faults and implementing solutions. We don't show movies of actors casting or use still pictures embedded into PowerPoint presentations. We put fly rods in student's hands and we spend the time necessary to get them casting with confidence. We also purposely mismatch rods and lines enabling students to experience the difference between combinations that are incorrect, and those that are perfectly matched and how fluid and effortless the casting stroke becomes. We provide students with the time and innovative teaching methodologies to flatten their learning curve and path to becoming good fly casters. This approach to instruction is unique to RISFF.
Capt. Jim Barr was one of three founding members of The United Fly Tyers of Rhode Island (UFTRI) . UFTRI is an educational organization, dedicated to teaching fresh and salt water fly tying. Jim has served in a number of Officer and Board positions with UFTRI including the Director of Education, and he remains on UFTRI's educational staff. UFTRI was founded in 1995 and is a satellite club of United Fly Tyers, a fly tying organization founded in 1959 in the Boston area. United Fly Tyers is the oldest continuously active fly tying organization in the United States. The organization is dedicated to the development and promotion of the art and science of designing and producing artificial fishing flies.
Capt. Bob Hines is one of the charter members of UFTRI and has developed a number of fly patterns, the rights to which, have been purchased by UMPQUA Feather Merchants, one of the largest and most successful commercial retailers of artificial fly patterns used throughout the world.
Each of us at RISFF tie all of the flies we use in our fresh and saltwater recreational and professional fly fishing.

Fly Casting School Agendas (types of casts)
It only stands to reason, that if  you can REACH more fish, you can CATCH more fish. One might argue that this may not be the case when fishing in freshwater for trout or bass or northern pike, however when flyfishing in saltwater- the elements of distance, speed and accuracy of your casts will have a direct bearing on your catch rate. As Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructors we can, in short order, significantly improve your flycasting abilities, enabling you to be more successful whether you are casting from shore or from a boat, in saltwater or fresh. 

Introduction to Fly Casting
  • Rod/ Reel/ Line Overview
  • Different rods for different fish and fishing conditions           
  • Different lines for different fishing conditions
  • Theory and Mechanics of Fly Casting
  • Grip and Rod position
  • Stretching line
  • Managing loop size
  • Pick Up and Lay down cast (The Overhead Cast)
  • Roll Cast
  • Shooting and Managing line
  • False Casting
  • Utilizing Stripping Baskets
Intermediate Fly Casting
  • Dynamic Roll Cast
  • Off-shoulder Roll Cast
  • Casting in windy conditions
  • Casting heavy flies into the wind
  • Casting to fast moving fish
  • Slipping line
  • Fixing Tailing Loops                                           
  • Steeple Cast
  • Parachute and Pile Casts                        
  • Bow and Arrow Cast
  • Single Haul
  • Double Haul
  • Triple Haul
  • Roll Cast Pickup
  • Reach
  • Forward and Backward Water Haul
  • Long Line Pick Up
  • Barnegat Bay
  • Oval
  • Off Shoulder and Cross Shoulder
  • Change of Direction
Advanced Fly Casting & Tactics
  • Casting Shooting Heads
  • Saltwater Quick
  • Casting to the Unfavored Side
  • Minimizing False Casting
  • Tuck
  • Adding Distance
  • Snake Roll
  • Curve
  • Aerial Mends
  • Sighting the gun for casting into Hula Hoops
  • Slack Line
  • River, Current, Ocean Tactics
Fly Fishing School Agendas
Saltwater Fly Fishing School Agenda
  • Basic Equipment Review (non rod/reel)
  • Rod/ Reel/ Line Overview
  • Different rods for different fish and fishing conditions
  • Different lines for different fishing conditions
  • Forage that saltwater fish eat
  • "Matching the Hatch" with fly patterns
  • Matching lines and flies to various saltwater fish at varying depths
  • Tides and why they are critical
  • How to interpret a tide table
  • Reading water
  • Seasonal and daily timing for intercepting various saltwater fish
  • Constructing a fishing plan
  • Commonly used knots for the line and leader system
  • Commonly used knots for tying on flies
  • Retrieval methodologies
  • Hook setting
  • Playing small to large fish
  • Taking photos
  • Releasing fish
  • Essential casts to know
    Freshwater Fly Fishing School Agenda
  • Stream and Still Water Entomology
  • Fly Selection/ "Matching the Hatch"
  • Stream and Stillwater Fishing Techniques
  • Matching and Choosing Equipment
  • Reading Water
  • Fly Casting- Essential Casts to Know
  • Knot Tying Seminar- Essential Knots
  • Playing and Landing Fish
  • Leaders/Tippets- Tying Your Own Leaders
  • Essential Equipment and "Stuff You Don't Need"
  • "Fishing with Guides"- Do's and Don'ts
  • Waders/Boots/Sling Pack/Vest- Essential tools
  • Wading and Drift Boat Safety
  • Locating and Choosing a Guide
Other Fly Fishing Schools  
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Bonefish
  • Tarpon
  • Cinder Worm Emergence for Striped Bass- Rhode Island 
  • Sand Eel Emergence- Rhode Island 
  • Fishing the Brenton Reef- Newport, RI 
  • Fishing the Watch Hill Reefs- Westerly, RI 
  • False Albacore & Bonito- Rhode Island 
  • Steelhead- New York & Pennsylvania tributaries
  • Atlantic Salmon- New Brunswick
  • Hex Hatch- Rhode Island

Fly Fishing Schools
For 2016 the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing will run a series of one-day (8 hour) fresh and saltwater fly fishing schools. Our freshwater schools will be conducted at the facilities of Addieville East Farms located in Mapleville, RI. Our saltwater schools will be held at Bass Pro Shops in Foxboro, MA and other locations. 
Classes will be limited to twenty students and will offer a very full day of classroom and field/water instruction. Our freshwater classes will include fly casting instruction in a private stocked trout pond. All schools include lunch and refreshment service. Please refer to the class outline on the Fly Fishing Schools Agenda for details of what will be covered.
  Freshwater Fishing School- $295/ student 
  Saltwater Fishing School- $195/ student
Fly Casting Schools
Our 8-hour fly casting schools will be taught by International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) Certified Fly Casting Instructors. Casting instruction will be held on grass and on water at a variety of locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our schools are classified as Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. Please refer to the Fly Casting School Agendas headline of this newsletter for details of what will be covered. The Advanced school will also include fresh and saltwater strategy and tactics. Classes will be limited to 15 students, allowing for a 5 student to 1 instructor ratio.
  Fly Casting Schools (Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced)- $195/ student
Fly Tying Schools  
The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing provides individual and group fly tying instruction in Freshwater and Saltwater fly patterns. Group instruction can be arranged at your facility or club or at Bass Pro Shops and Addieville East Farms. 
Rates vary depending upon number of students, whether we supply equipment and materials, types of fly patterns tied and location. Please contact us for further information on pricing.

The Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing was invited by Bass Pro Shop and Toyota of New England to participate in Toyota's 2016 Tacoma Truck Breakout Conference on October 27-29, 2015 at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA . We conducted fly casting demonstrations and a fly casting contest for roughly 400 Toyota employees who were in attendance. This was a great opportunity for us to meet and greet a wonderful group of people and to market our school. The photos below depict part of a really fun three days.   
The New England Patriots mascot "Pat Patriot" joined the fun.
 Capt. Bob Hines sums up the RISFF/Toyota Tacoma Truck Breakout Conference
   John Lemont demonstrating the Roll Cast            Bob Hines teaching the Pick Up/ Lay Down

"Great place here! Best of luck to you guys and I'm positive fly fishermen, new or seasoned, will enjoy the pages that follow. You guys have long been dedicated to the sport and know HOW to teach it. Keep it informative, entertaining, and FUN!"

    Bob Popovics

"Anybody who wants to get going in Fly Fishing and the experienced Fly Fisher who wants to get better -get up a level, so to speak, will enjoy and profit from sessions with the gang at the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing. These three Casting Instructors have got the expertise and experience to help you to learn to do the right things and do them better each time out. You will benefit from their time and thoughtful attention."
Rod McGarry is an IFFF Board Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor, a Registered Professional Master Maine Guide, and was awarded the Harger Lifetime Achievement for his work in Fly Fishing education and training
                                                                                                                                          Rod McGarry

"Picture a guide who has the patience of Job, the wit of Andy Rooney, the skills of a Tom Brady, can cast a country mile, and ties an awesome worm. That's right, we said a worm, and it's not just any worm, it's a Bob Hines worm. Bob is more than just an accomplished fly fisherman, he lives and breathes the sport. We can't imagine a better instructor to get someone started in the right direction than Bob"

                                                                                                                                     Cathy & Barry Beck

          "My father was very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe. To him, all good things- trout as well as eternal salvation- come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy."
Norman Maclean
A River Runs Through It (1976)        

I hope that we have whetted your appetite about the Rhode Island School of Fly Fishing. We have big plans and are very excited about our new venture. We will be publishing follow-on newsletters updating our progress and new course offerings. We fully expect to announce our 2016 training schedules before year-end 2015. 
Please feel free to forward this newsletter to friends who you believe will find it interesting.
Our best,


Capt. Jim Barr
Capt. Bob Hines
Capt. John Lemont