November 9, 2017




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"A Growing community making disciples who love
and serve Christ and His world"
                                 Brian Baker

This Sunday is our first of two pledge ingathering Sundays. During each of our services, there will be a time when people can bring their completed pledge cards forward to be blessed. This is an important time of vitality for the church. As the world becomes scarier and more chaotic, people are coming to Trinity for community and compassion. Parents are drawn to our ministries that help them raise their children with faith and love.  It is important that you support these ministries with a pledge. If you haven't pledged in the past, please consider making a first time pledge, even if it is for a small amount. If you have pledged in the past, please consider an increase. If you would like to pledge right now, you can simply email me your intention at

I'm happy to report that the cement was poured in the Great Hall yesterday. YAY!!! The cement in the outside trenches will be poured next week. After the interior cement cures, we can polish the floor of the Great Hall and install a floor in the kitchen. This Sunday we will have coffee hour in the unfinished Great Hall. It won't be pretty but we can get out of the cold/rain.  Depending on what is happening with the floor, we may not be able to do this every Sunday, but we can this Sunday.

Finally, I had the honor of attending the service at Faith Presbyterian Church where the Rev. Dr. Pamela Anderson was installed as the moderator of the Sacramento Presbytery. As Moderator she will facilitate the meetings as well as preside at ordinations. It was a joyous occasion and was great to see how much Pamela is loved and respected by her Presbyterian colleagues.  
The Very Rev. Dr. Brian Baker
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento

Work is progressing nicely on the repairs of the Great Hall and Kitchen.  Kevin Donohue is going to paint the kitchen Friday morning at 10:00.  He could use some help!

If you are able to help, come on by!
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Calling for Volunteers!
Trinity Cathedral has been a supporter of the Family Promise program for many years. We help by hosting 2-4 families for one week four times a year. We provide dinner, overnight shelter, and breakfast.
Because of the demolition of our Great Hall, we have been unable to host families. Family Promise has had to find alternative churches to take our weeks.
We were scheduled to host families the week starting Nov. 12. St. John's Lutheran has graciously offered their facility. But we are being asked to support them by providing volunteers. They need Evening Hosts, Overnight Hosts, and meals.
Please contact Deacon Donna at if you are interested.
Front Desk Volunteer Needed

If you would like to help in the Church office for 4 hours a day, answering phones and doing other clerical assignments please contact Jerry Paré or Randie Strike at 916-446-2513 between  9 AM and 5 PM weeks days or email Jerry at or Randie at

We have a job description and we do training.    
Floyd School logo
Floyd School Back Snack Volunteers Needed
Each Friday we provide a bag of food for 15 families to help them through the weekend when their food is limited. We are looking for some volunteers who could help pack the food on a Friday (1.5hours) once a month and distribute it to the children.
Sign-up at the Floyd School table on Sunday or contact Nancy Tennyson at
Back Snack foods are always needed: Please place your donations of the following foods in the barrels upstairs above the office: oatmeal packets, canned tuna, peanut butter 15 oz. jars, Top Ramon soup, boxed macaroni and cheese, granola bars, fruit and pudding cups.  


The Clothes Closet at Floyd School is in need of plastic shopping bags. Since grocery stores do not hand them out any more, they are very hard to find. Grocery store size and larger are the best sizes. Please put them in the Floyd School bins at the top of the stairs.
+++++++++++++++Christmas Garland
Floyd School Christmas Shop for Families

This year we will have a Christmas Gift Shop at Floyd School on Friday, December 15. The gift shop will give the parents a time to choose gifts for their children instead of the children receiving gifts directly from a Trinity Cathedral parishioner.
We still need your help to provide the toys and gift cards for the families. We are asking that you buy toys or $10 gift cards for all ages of children, infant to teenager, both boys and girls.
You may drop off the gifts to Trinity anytime before Tuesday, December 12. DO NOT wrap the gifts.
THANK YOU for your generosity.

Help for my school...


I'm teaching PE at Mark Twain Elementary school serving mainly underprivileged children. The school's equipment is lacking and I've purchased supplies on my own, but can't afford to meet the children's needs. Can I ask my Trinity family for donations?


Here are links to some items I need as seen on Amazon.

Standard Hoops,36-Inch (1 Pack of 12)
Skip Ball Set (4 sets)
Scoop Ball Set (4 sets)
7-Feet Jump Rope with Plastic Beaded Segmentation (2 sets)

Anything would help. Thank you very much. 
Cathedral Bookshop  
  Bookshop Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu:
11:00am - 5:00pm
Sun: 8:30am - 1:00pm
Phone: 916-442-9194 

The Reading Corner...

In the...
Trinity Cathedral Library

There's always something new in our library, which you can check out on the SECOND and FOURTH Sundays of the month.     ~~Phyllis Ehlert

The Christian Speaker's Treasury: a Sourcebook of Anecdotes and Quotes is a book that does serve a useful purpose but it is much more. It is 383 pages of miscellanea in mostly in one-page segments, easy to read, and perfect for an illuminating, amusing or relaxing moment before bed. Have you heard about the Grimké sisters, Quakers in South Carolina? They spoke strongly against slavery but they were physically menaced and described as "promiscuous" because they spoke before audiences of men and women. Ironically that initiated their interest in and speaking about women's rights! (251 C)
The Heart of Henri Nouwen: His Words of Blessing is sort of episodic. You can drop in anywhere you want. Nouwen has been described as one of the greatest spiritual writers of our time, having written forty books. He taught at Notre Dame, Harvard and Yale but sort of retreated to L'Arche Daybreak community in Toronto. I always wondered how he found his way to L'Arche, which is a shelter for people with mental handicaps; recently I read that he had a son of such needs and he served that community for ten years until his own death. (248.4 N)


Tuesday Morning Group (TMG)
Meets every Tuesday at 10:00am in the
Conference Room
We have begin our study of Karen Armstrong's Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.  The Cathedral Bookshop has the book and you are encouraged to read it to enhance our discussions. 
If you have any questions contact Susan Hotchkiss.
Lunch Bunch...
Is taking a break until November 30.
  If you have any questions, contact the Rev. Pamela Anderson at
Writing Group...
Meets on Thursdays from 
3:00-4:30pm in the
Conference Room

Anyone can write and everyone is welcome. Come check us out.
For information, contact June Gillam at
or Bruce Roy at
The Trinity Icon
  Centering Prayer
Tuesday's, 6-7pm,
Thursday's, 12:10pm-1:00pm
Cathedral East Transept
Centering Prayer is a method of meditation that helps quiet the mind and participate in God's presence.  Read more...
Praying Hands
Prayer and Healing 
We meet the 1st Saturday of the month in the Conference Room at 10:00am.  We will refer to Agnes Sanford's The Healing Light available online and The Order of St Luke the Physician's study guide The Healing Miracles of Jesus  
available at
Contact is Elba White at
Trivia at Track 7 
When: 1st & 3rd Sundays at 5pm
Where:  826 Professor Ln #100, Sacramento 95834
Hosted by:  Pamela & Marc Anderson

Bring the family and friends to this kid and dog family event. Picnic tables abound so bring a sack dinner or snacks or pick up a bite to eat with the local food truck.  If you plan to come, please RSVP with Pastor Pamela at


Sunday's epistle was presented by Chris Tzimenatos; he talked about the importance of family and the transformative quality of our Family and Children's Ministry.
After visiting many churches in the Sacramento area, Chris and his wife Leah decided to attend Trinity because of the music, sermons and our mission and ministry. He spoke to the transformation that began after the birth of their two sons Jack and Noah.
Through the leadership of Kathy Hopner and Megan Anderson, Chris talked about how the church helps build a strong relationship between children and God and provides many ways for families to connect. He is confident that our church has provided his children with a solid foundation to choose what is right and to know they will be forgiven and loved when they don't. Our Family Service on the first Sunday of the month is specifically designed for the Christian enrichment of Trinity's youth and their families and provides an opportunity for the children to directly participate in worship.
When you make your pledge this year, close your eyes and visualize all the special moments that make Trinity your church . Reflect on the teen pilgrimages, the summer youth programs, enrichment classes, Sunday School, special performances, and hundreds of small contributions to your spiritual foundation and growth. None of these would be possible without your generosity. This Sunday, November 12 th is our Ingathering Sunday when we gather as a congregation to offer our annual pledges to the glory of God. Please join us.  
Thank You,
The Stewardship Committee 
The Search for Our Next Bishop Begins

Bishop Beisner has announced his intention to retire  after many years of prayerful service to the Diocese of Northern California. Information about the process for seeking and electing our next bishop can be found here, and nomination forms to serve on the Search Committee can be found here. Nominations are open until November 12th, 2017.

Please stay tuned on the Diocesan website for additional details throughout this whole process:

If you have initial questions regarding this information, please contact Charis Hill,

We offer this prayer as our Diocese enters this discernment process: 

Almighty God, giver of every good gift, look graciously upon your church and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a bishop for this diocese, and those who offer themselves as candidates, that we may receive a faithful pastor who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Christmas Market-Not, and
Carpet Recycling-Yes.
by Ann Rothschild
TREE is sorry to say that we have cancelled our Annual Christmas Market for Nov 26 this year because we couldn't count on the Great Hall being completely finished by that date. We will, however, invite some of the environmentally-themed vendors to our Earth Day Fair in April 2018, so keep an eye out for them. And we will, of course, be holding the Market next year, 2018.
In the Bee recently, I learned that in our quest to cut down on fossil fuels, which are the source of much climate change and its ensuing hurricanes, floods, and fires, we must think about carpets! Carpets are 99 percent plastic-derived from fossil fuels.   More than four billion pounds of carpets are dumped in landfills or burned in incinerators each year in the U.S.   Recently signed Assembly Bill 1158 requires carpet manufacturers to increase carpet recycling from 11 percent to 24 percent by 2020, and ends consumer subsidies for carpet incineration.
Since Carpets are made from virgin fossil fuel, and recycled carpets can make many products that usually use virgin fossil fuel, the recycling prevents the use of virgin fossil fuel to make these products, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  And of course, it reduces the incineration that generates greenhouse gases.  To more easily understand the numbers, if the industry in California had recycled all carpet discards since 2010, California would have reduced emissions by the equivalent of 500,000 cars annually.
So what to do?   If you are getting rid of an old carpet, Google "Carpet Recycling Sacramento" and several sites show up, such as, and .
Source: Magavern, Bill. "Don't forget about carpets in climate fight." Sacramento Bee 10-17-17.
Thursday Night At the Cathedral
Compline at 6:00pm
Fellowship: Bring Your Own Dinner at 6:15pm
TNAC classes at 7:00pm

The Protestants are Revolting!
Facilitated by Morey Lloyd in the Bookshop
Protestants are Revolting, or Reforming, or Protesting, or Evolving. Looking back to 1517 and Luther's dynamic use of the written word and the unsettling influence of conscience to see the power of searching for the truth that sets all free, we reflect on our own struggles to advance the Gospel for a new age.
From "The 95 Theses" to a Diet of Worms we will look at the seeds of contention and the fruit of resistance. From "Here I stand" to where are we standing today? We will write a new Thesis for a better witness to the truth of a New Heaven and a New Earth. All are welcome to celebrate and re-create a New Covenant with all of God's people.

This Sunday - November 12


Children's Chapel:  This Sunday we'll explore the gospel reading, Matthew 25:1-13, The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids.


Sunday School:

Godly Play:   The Ten Best Ways

Faith Builders:  The Prophets

Junior and Senior High:  We'll work on our interviewing skills


Episcopal Youth Fundraiser

Thank you for your orders of Christmas Greens!!

If you haven't paid yet, please do so after the services on Sunday, or drop a check or cash off at the church office during the week.  Pick up will be after Thanksgiving.


Episcopal Youth Fellowship


Calendar for November

  • Friday - Saturday, Nov. 3-4: Convention Overnight at Trinity
  • Sunday, Nov. 12: EYF meeting at Trinity from 12:30 - 2:30 upstairs in the Assembly Area; lunch will be provided
  • Saturday, Nov. 18: Service project at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
  • Sunday, Nov. 26: EYF meeting at Trinity from 12:30 - 2:30 upstairs in the Assembly Area; lunch will be provided.

EYF Welcomes all youth in grades 6th through 12th!

We meet at Trinity on Sunday afternoons during the school year from 12:30 to 2:30 on the second and fourth Sundays of the month in the Assembly Area for lunch, program and activities.  On the third Sunday of the month, we work at River City Food Bank.  Sunday School is held every Sunday for junior and senior high in the Assembly Area.  For more information, please contact Rev. Megan Anderson, or Rev. Kathy Hopner,

Music for this Sunday

9:00 am - The Celebration Choir sings "We shall rise again" by Jeremy Young.

11:15 am - The Cathedral Choir sings "O How Glorious" by Healey Willan.
Guest organist Barry Moenter will play music by Cesar Franck
Newcomers' Group
Meets at 10:15am in the Conference Room.
A new group will begin with Introductions on Sunday, November 12.

Contact is Randie Strike: ;  916-446-2513
Free Yoga in the Cathedral
Sundays 2-3pm

Come explore the link between the body-mind connection through the practice of yoga, meditation, and journaling. Classes will start with either light journaling and/or meditation and be directly followed by a gentle yoga flow. Please bring a mat, towel, and journal. Classes will be taught by Yoga Instructor Judi Moreno .

Click here for a flyer. Please feel free to print it and post it on community bulletin boards and share it with your friends!

Next Week and Beyond... 

Annual Transgender Day

of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil


6:30 pm on Saturday, November 18

at Trinity Cathedral.

The International Transgender Day of Remembrance memorializes those killed due to their actual or perceived gender identity and expression. The first memorial was a candlelight vigil in November 1999 to honor Rita Hester, murdered in 1998. Since then, annual memorials have been observed around the world around November 20.

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, t he Sutter Gender Identity Support Group, the Gender Health Center, and PFLAG Sacramento  are pleased to co-sponsor the Annual Candlelight Vigil in observance of the International Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 18. This event features guest speakers and is open to the Sacramento community and to all.  Please join us for refreshments after the memorial. 

More information and media at &
Nadia Bolz-Weber
Speaking at Trinity Cathedral
Friday, February 23, 2018 at 7:00pm

Come see this sleeve tattooed, salty ELCA pastor speak authentic truths to the broken places in our lives.

Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber is the founding pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colorado. She is the author of Salvation on the Small Screen? 24 Hours of Christian Television (Seabury 2008) and the New York Times Bestselling theological memoir, Pastrix: The Cranky Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint (Jericho 2013). Her writings can be found in the Christian Century, The Lutheran Magazine and Nadia has been fea- tured in The Washington Post, Bitch Magazine, NPR's Morning Edition, More Magazine, The Daily Beast and on CNN.
Nobody really believes she's an ordained pastor in the ELCA. Maybe it's the sleeve tattoos or the fact that she swears like a truck driver. Either way...she's fine with it. Nadia lives in Denver with her family of 4 where she can be found writing bios in the third person, lifting weights and walking her Great Dane, Zacchaeus.
Tickets are $25 and are available on Eventbrite.

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