November 2016 - Volume 96
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LAST CHANCE! Five Scholarships Available
LAST CHANCE! Is Your AACA Region Growing?
2017 AACA Annual Meeting Registration Open
1966 Ford Mustang Coupe
Membership Recruitment Tools Available
Order Your Holiday Cards TODAY
AACA Library Update Webcast Episode 5
Steve Rossi's Old Car Quiz
AACA Membership Renewals Due by December 31
Great Gifts for Your Favorite Antique Car Fan!
Do You Know a Military Veteran Who Would Like to be an AACA Member?
Museum Welcomes AACA "Most Awarded" & "Most Traveled"
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By Stacy Zimmerman, Speedster editor,
We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. On my return to the office, many of the staff shared stories about their visits to their hometowns, hosting the big dinner for their family and recalling the things they are most thankful for in their lives.
We hope you know how thankful we are for all of you. You have made us the largest and best (we're a little partial) antique car club in the world, and we can't thank you enough!! 

We are 60,000 strong and growing every year. AACA only exists because of you and your dedication to this hobby. You represent AACA everywhere you go and your enthusiasm for our club shines every time you show, tour or simply talk about your cars.
We want to make sure you stay a part of our family, so please be sure to renew your AACA membership for 2017 before the end of the year. 

Also, please consider giving a gift membership to a friend or family member who enjoys the hobby as much as you do. Do you have kids or grandkids that are just starting to get interested in antique cars? Student and Junior memberships make great gifts and give you something to bond over.
An AACA membership is a unique gift 
that gives all year long!

LAST CHANCE! Five Scholarships Available - Apply Before December 1!

John and Janet Ricketts Leadership Scholarship
A $1,500 cash award to any AACA member, child or grandchild of an AACA member in good standing for at least 5 years, who has been accepted to an institution of higher learning or is now enrolled in such institution. This award is granted by the family of John and Janet Ricketts in recognition of their love for AACA and their belief in service to the club.  It is also in recognition of our first female National President, Janet Ricketts in 1999.  Region or chapter membership is encouraged but not required. Click here for more information and to download the application. 

Susquehannock Region Automotive Technology Scholarship
Formerly known as AACA Student Scholarship, this award is granted by the AACA National Board of Directors to encourage adults to further their education and stimulate interest in AACA and automotive history. One or more awards may be presented each year. Click here for more information and to download the application. 

AACA Young People's Award
The AACA Young People's Award is a cash award to an AACA member, child or grandchild of an active AACA member in good standing for at least five years, who has been accepted into an accredited institution of higher learning or is now enrolled in such institution, i.e. a four-year college leading to a bachelor's degree or a two-year vocational education program leading to a degree. Applicants MUST be nominated by a Region or Chapter of AACA and must be no more than 25 years old. This award is merit based, and while financial need may be considered, it is not a deciding factor. One or more of these awards may be presented each year. Click here for more information and to download the application. 

AACA Scholarship
The AACA Scholarship is granted by the AACA National Board of Directors. All applicants must be current AACA members for a minimum of 5 continuous years. The children or grandchildren of these AACA members are also eligible. Applicants must be accepted to a recognized accredited institution, or currently enrolled in such an institution leading to a four-year college Bachelor's degree or completion of a two-year vocational education program. They must be 25 years old or less by December 31 of the year when applying for the scholarship. AACA region or chapter membership is encouraged, but not required. One or more of these awards may be presented each year. Click here for more information and to download the application. 

Louise Bianchi Chiotti Memorial Scholarship Award
Louise (Bianchi) Chiotti was born on June 11, 1914 in San Jose California. The Family's first automobile was a 1926 Dodge Sedan. Her two younger brothers purchased a 1939 Studebaker and took delivery in January 1939. They wanted to give it to Louise's son Dave in 1956. His mother thought it too big of a car for a fifteen year old in San Francisco and talked him into buying a 1930 Model "A" Ford Coupe. In 1959 the little Ford was a bit slow, so Dave purchased a 1959 Ford convertible. As Dave sat on the running board of the Ford waiting for the new owner to arrive his mom came and sat next to him. "You really don't want to sell it do you?" she asked. "No, I don't was my reply."  "Then don't," Mom said.
Dave and Marilyn Chiotti still own the Model "A"; it is a Senior and First Place Grand National Award Winner. The 1939 Studebaker came to the Chiottis after spending 40 years under a walnut tree. It is now a Senior and First Place Grand National Award Winner. The 1926 Dodge was cut into a truck for ranch use in the 1940's. Dave brought it home in 1976 and built a Woodie. In 2000, they donated it to Luther Burbank Home & Gardens in Santa Rosa. After Dave and Marilyn's uncle's passing, they acquired their 1968 Cadillac El Dorado. It now lives in the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA. This $1,500 scholarship is based upon the same rules as the AACA Automotive Technology Award and is awarded as funds are available. It was instituted and funded by Dave and Marilyn Chiotti as a way to honor Louise and a way to continue to support youth in the hobby. Click here for more information and to download the application. 

How to Apply:
  1. Send a quick email to Earl Mowrey, Chairman of the AACA Young Peoples Award, to let him know which scholarship you are applying for:
  2. Click and download the scholarship application form(s) from above and mail them ASAP to: Earl Mowrey, AACA Scholarships, 423 N Montour St, Montoursville, PA 17754 .
All scholarship applications are due by December 1 
and will be awarded at the AACA Annual Meeting in February.
LAST CHANCE! Is Your AACA Region Growing?  

Recognize the hard work of your region or chapter and apply this year for the I.C. Kirkham Award. We suggest that you complete and mail this form immediately following your last meeting in 2016 at which you would accept new members. 
Remember, small regions can compete with big regions as it is a weighted formula. Take home the big award at the National AACA Annual Meeting in February for proving to other clubs that you can increase membership with a little hard work and determination.
Click here for the application. 
Completed forms must be at AACA Headquarters by December 10, 2016.
2017 AACA Annual Meeting Registration Now Open

The 81st AACA Annual Meeting will take place February 9-11, 2017, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you have never been to an AACA Annual Meeting in the City of Brotherly Love you are missing a great time. The trade show, car exhibit, educational seminars and the awards banquet are just a few of the highlights you'll experience during the meeting. We look forward to seeing each of you in Philly! 

Registration is now open, so click here to download your registration form.

The seminar schedule is currently being finalized and will be available soon.
Member Submitted Story

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe
BBill & JoAnn Samson, Clarence, NY,

Here's the unique story of our 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe...
The day my wife and I were married (June 22, 1968), we loaded my wife's 1966 Mustang up as it was the newest car we owned at the time and headed for a 10-day trip to Florida for our honeymoon. The Mustang was the anniversary edition model called the Sprint 200 with all the options - wire wheels, red bucket seats, shifter on the console, etc. From what I understand, Ford offered this special edition to commemorate the sale of the one-millionth Mustang. I further understand that the Sprint 200 straight six-cylinder engine complete with the chrome air cleaner was offered as there was a shortage of the 289 V8s.
At any rate, we loved that car and drove it for a few years until we had two children at which time we traded it in on a station wagon. We were both so very sorry to see that car go, but with two children it wasn't very practical. Sometime later I purchased a '67 Mustang as a second car, but it wasn't in great shape and, in fact, started to become a money pit.
Seven years ago at Christmas my wife got the surprise of her life when her brother, who is an antique car collector, handed her a set of keys to a Wilmington White 1966 Mustang Coupe which was exactly like the one we started out our married lives in. The car was certified original and had 26,000 miles on it at the time. It had spent more time stored, obviously, than driven. There was not a mark on this car anywhere.
We have had an absolute ball with this car and feel so blessed to have it. Everywhere we take this car we draw a crowd of Mustang-lovers who can't believe it hasn't been restored. We have entered it in four Lake Erie Region car shows and have taken a first in class, a second in class and then last year we were awarded HPOF class at the AACA National show. We again participated in HPOF this year at the Lake Erie Region show in Elma, New York.
I have pictures of the car in the summer time, but this being Buffalo, I thought a little snow in the background would be appropriate. 

Membership Recruitment Tools Available
We now have TWO cool car cutouts available from AACA Headquarters to use in membership recruitment.
The 1957 Chevy car cutouts list membership benefits and contact information on the front and talk about why someone should join today's AACA on the back. These cutouts are available to all current AACA members.
The NEW 1964 Mustang car cutouts were especially designed for AACA Regions and Chapters. While they also list membership benefits on the front, the back has a shorter message and has plenty of space for Regions and Chapters to put their local contact information and website. These cutouts are only available to Regions and Chapters. (Available starting December 15.)
Keep some in your glove box and when you see someone with an AACA eligible car, talk to them about joining! Leave one on their windshield or seat! Help us get the word out about the best value in the car club kingdom!
Just contact AACA Headquarters at 717-534-1910 and we will send some out to you right away. Thank you to all of our members for continually promoting AACA!  

Order Your Holiday Cards TODAY to Get Them in Time to Send Out This Year
AACA Christmas and holiday cards are an annual tradition for many members. These beautiful 5x7 cards feature artwork from renowned artist Ken Eberts, whose paintings have graced Antique Automobile magazine covers. This year, we have two new designs... 

 "Holiday Lights"
1931 Packard 833 5-passenger coupe
Inside: Season's Greetings  
"Christmas 1949"
1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Town Sedan
Inside: Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year

The cards come in packs of 12 and include envelopes. Each pack is only $12 (plus shipping). An order form was included with your last issue of Antique Automobile magazine or you can always call AACA Headquarters to place your order (717-534-1910).

Guess what?! We have a supply of past holiday cards taking up space in the storage area here at Headquarters, so we are having a SALE! These cards below are available for the discounted price of $8 per pack (plus shipping). Call us to place your order ASAP - these will go fast!

Present Card
"Christmas In My Chevrolet"
1965 Chevrolet Impala
Inside: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
"The Best Present of All"
1937 Chevrolet Yellow Cab
Inside: Season's Greetings

"A Spritely St. Nick"
1959 Austin Healey Sprite
Inside: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
"Top Down Christmas"
1957 Ford Sunliner 
1954 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
Inside: Season's Greetings
2017 AACA National Meets & Tours Activity Request Card
A 2017 Activity Request Card was included with your November/December issue of  Antique Automobile magazine. If you are interested in attending or would like more information about any of the meets and tours listed on the card, please fill it out and send it to: AACA Activity Request, 501 W. Governor Road, Hershey, PA 17033. Make sure to include your name, address and membership number on the card.
Online registration is now open for the following meet: Winter Meet (Ocala, FL). To register online, click here and log in with your member number and pin.
Please remember that your 2017 membership dues MUST BE PAID in order to receive information for 2017 events.
Correction: There is an error in the information for the Founders Tour listed on the Activity Request Card. Eligible cars for the Founders Tour are from 1932-1992.

Florida in February? Count Me In!
Winter Meet - February 23-25, 2017 - Ocala, FL - Click here for the brochure

From the AACA Library & Research Center

AACA Library Update Webcast Episode 5:

For the latest library news, check out our most recent webcast video! In this episode, we discuss The Elegance at Hershey car show and our latest article in Antique Automobile magazine. We also showcase some unique and recent additions to our collection and the Dodge Brothers Club's collection.

Click here to watch now.
Click  here to watch 
previous episodes.

Visit Our Blog
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 Interested in doing research with the AACA Library?
More information is available on our website.  Visit AACA Library   or  contact our head librarian, 
Chris Ritter, at  or 717-534-2082.

This Would Be a Great Gift (hint, hint)
Trivia Question

What car had the distinction of being casually referred to, even though it was admittedly tongue-in-cheek, as: "Wooden Body, Wooden Axles, Wooden Wheels, Wooden Run?"

or scroll all the way to the end of the
Speedster to find the answer.

The New Year Will Be Here Before You Know It, 
So Order Your Official 2017 AACA Calendar TODAY
The AACA Calendar is always a hot item this time of year, so make sure to order yours before they are gone! This 13-month calendar runs from January 2017 to January 2018 and highlights National Meets and Tours in addition to moon phases, all Federal Holidays and many other observances. The best part of the annual calendar is getting to see the fabulous member cars showcased each time you flip the month. At a cost of $12 postpaid, these calendars also make great, inexpensive gifts for all of the car-lovers in your life!
To order, just call AACA Headquarters at 717-534-1910.

AACA Membership Renewals Due by December 31!

Your AACA membership runs on a calendar year from January 1 through December 31. That means you only have one month left to renew for 2017! If you have already renewed your membership for 2017, thank you!! If you have not renewed your membership yet, please take a few minutes to do it now. Renewing your membership only takes 5 minutes and can be done one of three ways...
  • Renew online - fill out the secure online form and pay with your credit card
  • Renew by mail - fill out the form that came with your November/December issue of Antique Automobile magazine, provide payment in the form of a check made out to AACA or your credit card information (VISA, MasterCard & Discover) and then mail it to AACA, 501 W. Governor Rd., Hershey, PA 17033
  • Renew by phone - call AACA Headquarters (717-534-1910) and any of the staff here would be happy to take your renewal over the phone with a credit card payment (office hours: M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time)
Do You Know a Military Veteran Who Would Like to be an AACA Member?

The Military Sponsorship Program is available to all of the Military Veterans that have proudly served to protect our homeland and freedoms. With this program, AACA is extending a limited number of complimentary 2017 memberships for first-time AACA applicants. More information on this program and an application can be found on the AACA home page under member information and drop down to Military, or simply click here.
These complimentary 2017 memberships are for first-time AACA applicants and are limited by the funds available for this program. These complimentary applications for membership are intended for individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique car hobby

Great Gifts for Your Favorite Antique Car Fan!

Looking for that unique gift for the antique car fan in your family? Well, look no further than the AACA merchandise store. Shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. We've got a great variety of AACA-branded items, so you are sure to find something they will love!

Click here to visit the AACA merchandise store.

Can't find something in the online store? You can always call AACA Headquarters to place your order as well (717-534-1910, M-F 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

AACA Museum Announces New Executive Director

Jeffrey E. Bliemeister has been named the new Executive Director of the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA. He was selected for this position by the AACA Museum Board Search Committee following an extensive search.
Jeff is no stranger to the AACA Museum as he was part of the staff here who opened the Museum as its Curator. Jeff was the Curator here at the AACA Museum from February 2003 through November 2011. Jeff has a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from the Cooperstown Graduate Program co-sponsored by the State University of New York and the New York State Historical Association. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in history with a minor in Political Science and concentration in Anthropology from the State University of New York.
Jeff will be returning to the AACA Museum from his current role as the Site Administrator for the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania located in Strasburg, PA. Jeff has a strong background of prior work experience in a variety of other Museum settings including: Site Administrator for the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum in Potter County, PA, Curator for the Renfrew Museum and Park in Waynesboro, PA and Director of Hyde Hall in Springfield, NY, and a Curatorial Consultant for the National Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta, NY.
"On behalf of the AACA Museum Board of Directors, we're extremely happy to welcome Jeff back to the AACA Museum" stated Henry W. "Hank" Hallowell, III, President of the AACA Museum Board of Directors. "Jeff's prior affiliation with the AACA Museum, his relationships in the automotive hobby, along with his years of experience in the Museum field make him the perfect candidate to step into this role."
Jeff currently resides in Palmyra, PA, with his wife Jennifer who is a nurse at the Penn Station Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and his two children Max and Emily who are currently pursuing college studies. Jeff will officially begin as Executive Director at the AACA Museum on December 12, 2016.

Museum Welcomes AACA "Most Awarded" & "Most Traveled"

We're excited to welcome two significant and historic automobiles to our main level gallery - the "Most Awarded" and the "Most Traveled" cars of the AACA.
The 1924 Ford Model T has the distinction of being the "Most Awarded" car in the history of the AACA. It is currently owned by Marshal Van Winkle of New Bern, NC, since November 1951. Mr. Van Winkle has been an AACA member since October 23, 1953. This vehicle has received an unbelievable 165 Preservation Awards as of 2016, including a 50th Preservation award in Plantation, Florida, in 1992. It has also received a total of 9 Senior Grand Nationals as of 2016.
The 1911 Stevens Duryea Model AA Tourer was recently donated to the AACA Museum by AACA Members Jim & Arlene Adams of Jupiter, Florida. Prior to Jim & Arlene Adams, this vehicle was owned by Morris Kunkle for 50 years - Mr. Kunkle was also an avid AACA Member. This car has participated in the following tours: 36 AACA Glidden Tours, 7 Red Rock Tours and almost every Reliability Tour since 1970. In the summer of 2004, the Adams' reportedly drove the Stevens Duryea over 2,000 miles that season without incident.
These vehicles will be on display together through November 1, 2017. We're excited to recognize the commitment of these owners to the automotive hobby and are honored to share these vehicles and their stories with our visitors through the next year.
These two vehicles are 'living' embodiments of the AACA Museum mission statement. As we strive to deliver a world class automotive experience and illustrate the historical evolution of the automobile, these vehicles and their owners reflect that commitment and continue to show the early automobile's relevance in today's world. Click here to view the exhibit information.

Holiday Shopping Online + AmazonSmile = $$$ for AACA!

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the Antique Automobile 
Club of America whenever you shop on  AmazonSmile
What is AmazonSmile?
AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at , you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization.
How do I shop at AmazonSmile?
To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to   from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to   to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile. Once you are signed into your account, search for Antique Automobile Club of America and choose it as your charity. Now, you are ready to shop & support AACA at the same time!
How much of my purchase does Amazon donate?
The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. The purchase price is the amount paid for the item minus any rebates and excluding shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges.
Click here to learn more about AmazonSmile.

News From the AACA Museum

The AACA Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and is FREE for all AACA Members - just show your membership card at the ticket counter when you arrive! 

'Tis the season for new exhibits at the AACA Museum!
Our annual Cars & Christmas display has dozens of sparkling lights and decorated trees along with all your favorites - The Grinch Scavenger Hunt, Sammy the Snowplow and the Hess Truck display. We also have a bit of an Italian flair this year as we open our next featured exhibit Amore della Strada: Italian Cars. Amore della Strada translates to "Love of the Road." This exhibit showcases 24 cars and 8 motorcycles - arguably Italian cars are some of the most beautiful in the world, so plan a visit between now and April 22. We will again be collecting non-perishable food items for the Central PA Food Bank and toys for Toys for Tots, so consider donating to those less fortunate this holiday season.

View these special vehicles:

1940 Mercury Custom - Rob Ida Build

Check out these exhibits:

November 18 - April 22, 2017
The AACA Museum presents this array of 8 cars that were built for one purpose and one purpose only - to go fast in a straight line with no frills or gadgets - just lightweight, plain-jane rockets. 

November 18 - April 22, 2017
Turn back time to the iconic 1950s and your mind conjures up the nostalgic scenes of the neighborhood diner surrounded by those fantastically futuristic finned cars of days gone by.This mini-exhibit will feature a 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy.   
Upcoming Events:

Polar Express PJ Party - Back by popular demand!
December 2
We've had lots of inquiries about bringing back our annual tradition of the Polar Express PJ Party, so plans are underway and we look forward to having you join us on December 2nd! Advance tickets are required - sign up now!

December 17 
This is a two-hour workshop that allows children, between the ages of 8-12 years, the opportunity to build a wood Model T Pickup Truck under the supervision of an educator. The program will be offered from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. A fun, interactive activity that might also make the perfect holiday gift! Program pricing includes AACA Museum admission for the child and one guardian, who is required to remain onsite, and the Model T model. Additional guests may enjoy the AACA Museum at regular admission prices. Advance registration is required. 

January 13, 2017
We're transporting you back to the 1920s with this spirited event... It's sure to be the Cat's Meow! Psssst... the code word is Spirits 161.

May 13, 2017 to October 8, 2017
It's only original once - explore a captivating collection of unrestored vehicles that have survived the test of time.We're looking for some of these hidden gems with some interesting stories to tell - if you have one and would consider having it on loan with us during the dates of this exhibit please connect with us!  Criteria: Cars must be mostly original. Submissions for consideration can emailed to or mailed to: AACA Museum, Attn: Stan Sipko, 161 Museum Drive, Hershey, PA 17033.

Keep up to Speed  with information on additional exhibits and  events 
specifically at the AACA Museum - register today !    
The AACA Museum will be CLOSED on 
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Year's Day.

AACA Library eBay Store: 20% Off Sale!

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite motor head?
If so, now's the time to swing by the AACA Library's eBay store. From now through December 18, we're slashing prices by 20% on over 2,000 items! Items on sale include automotive books, sales literature, shop manuals and reproductions of factory-issued photographs.

Check back often, as we will continue to add new items throughout the year!
For more information, contact our Assistant Librarian, 
Matthew Hocker, at or 717-534-2082.

The Entire AACA Family is on Facebook!


The entire AACA Family is on Facebook. Make sure to like all of our pages to stay up-to-date on everything going on with the Club, Library and Museum. Did you know that AACA also has a Facebook Group you can join to discuss cars and hobby hot topics? Request to join the group by clicking here.


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AACA Calendar Spotlight
Desk Calendar

February 9-11, 2017 
AACA Annual Meeting - Philadelphia, PA
Click here for the registration form

February 23-25, 2017
Winter Meet - Ocala, FL
Click here for the brochure

March 23-26, 2017
Western Spring Meet - Palm Springs, CA

April 6-9, 2017
Southeastern Spring Meet - Charlotte, NC

April 25-28, 2017
Western Divisional Tour - Sonora, CA

May 11-13, 2017
Central Spring Meet - Auburn, IN

May 26-27, 2017
Eastern Spring Meet - Huntington, WV

June 4-9, 2017
Founders Tour - Gettysburg, PA

June 15-17, 2017
Annual Grand National - Independence, MO

August 17-19, 2017
Central Fall Meet - Bettendorf, IA

September 17-22, 2017
Revival AAA Glidden TourĀ® - Hastings, NE

October 4-7, 2017
Eastern Fall Meet - Hershey, PA

Visit the  calendar on our website  for a complete listing of AACA national events and much more!

Who Do You Contact at AACA Headquarters for What?

Have you ever wondered who to contact for what when you call or email AACA Headquarters? Here is a list of the current staff and their responsibilities. By clicking on someone's name below, you can email them directly.


Executive Director

Steve Moskowitz


Membership & Merchandise

Karen White


Regions, Judging & Awards

Lynn Gawel


Accounting, IT & Website

Pat Buckley


Advertising & Marketing

Speedster Editor

Stacy Zimmerman

Office Administration

Kathy Skiles

Rick Gawel


Antique Automobile Magazine Editor

West Peterson


Library, Research & Cataloging

Chris Ritter

Matthew Hocker

Michael Reilly


Naturally, many of the staff have the capability of answering questions in each other's area as we try to cross train as much as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime for assistance.


Trivia Answer TriviaAnswer

Detroit's Brush Runabout. 

It was created by automotive pioneer Alanson P. Brush, who previously designed the first, single-cylinder Cadillac engine while working for Leland & Faulconer, and who would go on to become Chief Engineer of Oakland. The Brush Runabout is most commonly recognized by its wooden axles.
The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is the country's premier resource for the collectible vehicle community. Since its formation in 1935, the Club, through its national office, publications, and membership, aids individuals, museums, libraries, historians and collectors dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of automotive history.