We will also be closed for Veteran's Day on Monday, November 12. 

ISSS will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23. 

Thanksgiving originally represented a gathering between the indigenous Wampanoag people and recently-arrived English colonists in 1621 in the Plymouth Rock region of what is now known as the state of Massachusetts. Although the origins and true meaning of Thanksgiving is contentious and disputed in our modern era, it is generally accepted that there was a feast enjoyed by the Wampanoag people and Plymouth colonists (also known as Pilgrims or Puritans due to their religious convictions), celebrating the English colony's first successful harvest as a result of specific guidance from the Wampanoag people. Unlike popular belief, the items on the proverbial Thanksgiving menu were not exclusively what we typically consume today on Thanksgiving, rather, there were also fish, deer and other regional game and crops served. 

Thanksgiving did not become an official American holiday until 1863 during the Civil War, in which President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving an official holiday to "heal the wounds of the nation" torn asunder by civil warfare. Thanksgiving was scheduled for the final Thursday in November from then on. 

                                 IMPORTANT REMINDERS

Winter 2018 Travel Signatures

Are you planning on traveling back home for the holidays?? Is your I-20 travel endorsement older than 12 months (or 6 months if you're currently on post-completion OPT or STEM OPT)? Please visit the following link to request your Winter travel signature if you would like to receive it before the Thanksgiving holiday:  Winter Travel Signature

Insurance Enrollment for Spring 2019

Do not forget to enroll for health insurance!  Please note that medical insurance is a requirement for F-1 students. Namely, F-1 students must enroll in SJSU's medical insurance plan which is administered through JCB, unless students have adequate alternate insurance coverage.* JCB manages the financial and enrollment aspects of your health insurance, but the actual health insurance provider (in which you select doctors) is currently Aetna. If you only enrolled in insurance for fall 2018, you will need to re-enroll for spring 2019. If you do not enroll, there will be a registration hold placed on your student record for the following semester.

To enroll for health insurance, please click on the following link:  SJSU Health Insurance Enrollment. Please read the follow steps carefully on how to enroll for health insurance:

1. Click on the link above
2. Type and select "San Jose State University" in the JCB search engine
3. Go to "select your plan year", choose "2018-2019"
4. Go to "what type of student are you?" and select "ISSS International Student"
5. Follow JCB's instructions from here on

* Please reach out to us via email or come in to see us should you have questions regarding alternative health insurance plans. There are strict criteria for alternative international student  health insurance plans. 

                                           OPT & CPT UPDATES

OPT Packet Review Sessions

Please keep a vigilant eye out for your emails from ISSS, as we will be hosting OPT Packet Review Sessions periodically throughout the semester. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to bring your completed OPT application packet so we can review them as a group prior to your shipment of the OPT application to USCIS. Our first OPT Packet Review Session is Friday, November 2. 

Changing OPT Start & End Dates

In general, upon submitting your OPT application, we strongly advise that you should be certain of your requested OPT start date and end dates. However, if you choose to change your start and end dates for OPT AFTER you submit your OPT application to our office and before you send it off to the government (USCIS), you will need to contact us immediately and you will have to wait an additional 1 to 15 business days for the new I-20 reflecting your updated start/end dates for OPT. 

New End Dates for CPT and OPT

To ensure compliance with federal regulations, we are now more closely aligning your program end dates with the academic semester. Therefore, beginning in spring 2019, students who would like to apply for CPT will have a standardized end date of 05/22/2019 (last day of make-up exams) for their spring 2019 CPT authorization. Also, should students be graduating and applying for post-OPT in spring 2019, the program end date on their I-20s will be shortened to 05/22/2019 to ensure consistency. 

CPT Extensions for the Same Semester

We no longer allow students to change employers during the same semester for CPT. However, if you will be extending the length of your job offer for the same employer while on your current CPT authorization, this will be possible. Please click on the following form if you would like to apply for a CPT extension:  CPT Extension Form. Please keep in mind that you have to submit the CPT extension form during advising hours. 

PowerPoint Guidance for New I-765 Form

If you will be applying for OPT this fall, please note that there is a new version of the I-765 form, which is now 7 pages long. However, in order to make this easier to complete for students, ISSS has developed a step-by-step instructional guide on how to fill out the new version of the  I-765 properly. 

Please click on the following link to access the PowerPoint presentation on pre- and post-completion OPT from ISSS:  I-765 PowerPoint Guidelines

Click on the following link for guidance on the STEM-OPT I-765:  STEM I-76 5

Drop-In Career Advising at ISSS!

Walk-in between 1-3 p.m. any Friday for a chance to talk to career counselor, Judi Garcia. She will help students create a job search strategy, review resumes, and advise on the interview process. No appointment necessary! Please see flyer below. 


                          WINTER 2018 TRAVEL SIGNATURES


                            HOW TO SELECT IN-NETWORK DOCTORS

What does it mean to "stay in network?" Great question!
  • A "network" is a group of doctors, specialists, hospitals, clinics, etc. who have a contract with Aetna. 
  • The network of health care providers offer services for Aetna members just like you at a certain rate. 
  • This rate is usually lower than an "out-of-network" rate because you are an Aetna member. 

How do I stay in network?
  • Use DocFind to locate your in-network health care providers:
  • Remember that this is the most cost-effective way to provide yourself the health care you need!
  • Aetna Student Health Customer Service line: (866)-378-8885
How do I use DocFind? Here's a real-world example:
  1. Click on DocFind
  2. In the search tool, type "acupuncture" and your zip code and/or city name
  3. Click "search"
  4. In the "Select a Plan" menu, select "Student Health Plans"
  5. Choose your doctor and you're done.

                           STEPS TO TAKE IF YOU GET SICK


Don't forget to check out our exciting events during International Education Week! For a detailed list of events, please click here


Come learn about different countries' cultures and languages from CIES staff and students. Learn how to say a new phrase, try a traditional dance or recipe and discover unique places around the world!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library staff will be on hand collecting images and creating a collage representing SJSU students' international education. This collage will then be on display at the MLK library the rest of the week.

                                        STUDY IN JAPAN







MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The 15th annual SVIC is scheduled for Wednesday, November 28, 2018. 

Please register HERE by November 8. 

                   MOBILE FOOD PANTRY: TUESDAY, 11/13


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