Armin Amirian, A'ar 09, 2015, Digital C Print, 70 x 100 cm
About Armin Amirian
Iran is a rich depository of contributions in the field of art, architecture, music, literature and cinema. The city of Isfahan, in particular, of opulent architectural structures and is the birthing ground of many prominent Iranian artists and prominent figures. It is also the home of Armin Amirian, a 20-year-old photographer and artist who, inspired by the work of many before him and the plight of his country, has chosen to create dynamic interpretations of the collective experiences of boasts his people.  A Read full biography

Analogy 02
A'ar 03
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Armin Amirian, Sufficiency, 2015, Digital C Print,  70 x 100 cm
Please tell us about your early creative influences. Were they restricted only to photography? 

" First, we should see what the purpose and meaning of creativity is. Does creativity simply mean creating work or perhaps the use of different techniques and merging them? Maybe the nature of this word has another and unique concept and root? I don't know...." Read full interview
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Finalists from Siena International Photography Awards
Moscow Foto Awards
In a world where just a fragile flower is able to crack and explode a stone and burst out to the care of the sun, breeze and rain, it is a sacred temple. We are not weaker than that little flower. We are great and sacred; because we are an undeniable truth....
Ahmad Shamloo (The Iranian Contemporary Poet)
Latest Exhibitions
Armin Amirian , Analogy 01, 2013, 70 x 100 cm

In September 2016, MOP Foundation held a group exhibition and auction in Los Angeles in partnership with Sotheby's. The exhibition consisted of more than twenty established and emerging Iranian artistsArmin Amirian was one of the participant artists.
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