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Nov. 5, 2020

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I know I've sent this to you before, but I love Robert Browning's poem, By the Fire-side, and I think it's worth sending again. I've included one stanza for you here, or you can click the link below  to read the whole poem.  
The current turmoil surrounding us is causing stress, anxiety and worry for many.  But if we take the time to look, we may see things that we often take for granted, yet they possess a quiet beauty that can remind us that there are things that will always remain the normal and there is a more stable reality. One simple thing we can all do is take a drive through the foliage and experience Spiritual Awe.  
The poem beautifully captures the onset of New England's autumnal season, with the cool days and nights reminding me of what a special time of year this is for me. November is not only my birth month (Happy Birthday to all you Nov babies), but it's also a transitional month mentally, spiritually and physically.

Spiritually, this is a time to enjoy the warmth of family and friends, and give thanks for all the things we have, even when not readily apparent. I'll be sending out my annual Thanksgiving Newsletter, The Benefits Of Gratitude, I know you will enjoy it. 
Physically, the colder air means we need to modify our skin care regimen. The dry heat we're exposed to inside and the cold air outside will severely reduce the moisture in your skin. What to do? First make sure you are professionally exfoliating on a regular basis through the season. Nothing will penetrate a thick layer of dead cells. Additionally and simply, just as we layer our clothes with the changing season we'll want to layer our skin care products. Adding Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C Serums to your daily regimen is a good start. Let the experts at LeDerm teach you how to adjust your daily skin care needs for the changing season.  
   By the Fire-side
Robert Browning
Oh the sense of the yellow mountain-flowers, 
And thorny balls, each three in one, 
The chestnuts throw on our path in showers! 
For the drop of the woodland fruit's begun, 
These early November hours,

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Lip Filler - Everything you Wanted to Know 
Benefits of Gratitude A Thanksgiving Tribute
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As always, call me if you have any questions. 
Warm Regards,
LeDerm operates under the license of a board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Richard Peinert
LeDerm's Fast Treatments 
Your In and Out in 30 Minutes of Less
Xeomin - Botox - Dysport
LeDerm Client - Less than 30 min
New Client - 30 min  
Upper Face Treatments - Forehead - Crowsfeet - Frown lines 
Mask remains on at all times 
Vitamin Injections
Boosts Immune System  
LeDerm Highly Recommends Getting These Injections 
B12 Injection - Less than 30 min
Glutathione Injection - Less than 30 Min   
Facial Treatments 
Microdermabrasion - 30 min
Enzyme Mask - 30 min
VI Peel Levels 1 - 2 - 3 - 30 min  
Laser and Radio Frequency Treatments
15 min Laser Vein removal with prep - 30 min
Laser Hair Removal  
Chin - Upper Lip - Side Burns - Under Arms - Bikini - 30 min
RF Venus Freeze Skin tightening  - 30 min some areas 
Skin Tags and Cherry Hemangiomas (Red Moles) - 30 min 
 New Clients - All treatment paperwork will be emailed to you.
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Remove all make up before your appointment
Veni Vidi Viva  ®
I Came I Saw I Got Younger

  Our Clients Love their Results
Venus Viva

Venus Viva™ is a non-surgical solution for skin resurfacing powered by advanced radio frequency.  VIVA corrects signs of skin damage and improves the appearance of acne scars and other scars, stretch marks, Rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation. With just a few sessions, you'll notice a naturally smoother, more radiant, and healthier-looking complexion that lasts.

$600 per Treatment
3 Treatments for $1650
4 Treatments for $2100
Reg. $700 Each

Viva Movie Click Image

Dr.'s Viva Movie Click Image

Expires Nov. 30, 2020

Book your treatment call today!

Venus Legacy for Cellulite
Best Cellulite Treatment on the Market

The Venus Legacy™offers you skin tightening, circumferential reduction, less wrinkles, cellulite reduction and body contouring without surgery. The procedure is similar to a warm massage and no side effects have been reported. 

 Click Image for Movie

8 Treatments
Permanent Fat Reduction at It's Best

Let Us Help You with That!

Body Treatment 
1 Treatment of 4 segment2
Reg. $3000
1 Treatment of 2 segments
Reg. $1500
Neck Treatments
3 Treatments for $1600  
These prices expire Nov 30th      
Start Now Be Holiday Ready
(Takes 12 weeks for optimal results)
 You can finally, and permanently, treat those problem "spot" areas that you always wished you could change but no amount of dieting or exercise could eliminate.
truSculpt 3D is new and unlike any other  procedure or device on the market today; it not only can permanently slim and sculpt your (arms, abdomen, thighs, neck, etc.) in about an hour with NO downtime,  
 What our clients are saying:
"I now have a waist!" AMP
"I can't believe  my arm crepiness is gone" MAF
Permanent Fat Reduction
But it also  
Tightens the Skin 
You won't end up with loose skin and laxity problems like other popular procedures leave you with because truSculpt3D also tightens loose skin!
For more reading on the benefits of fat reduction:

Sometimes you just can't move that fat
despite doing everything right!

But Now We Can Do it For You!
The Beach

Laser Genesis
We call it
"The Beach"

A combination of
Microdermabrasion  Exfoliation
(Hypoallergenic Crystals "Sand")
Infra-Red Laser Collagen Stimulation
(Gently warms the skin"Sun" Not UV but Healing Infra Red)
"The Beach" 
Best Collagen Stimulation and Facial Resurfacing 
Reg $585

Known in Hollywood as the  
"Red Carpet Treatment"
For firmer and younger looking skin
Look Hollywood Dewy  with no down time.
Treatment that day - Oscars that night 
Long lasting results,  
better then other popular treatments on the market!  
Full Series of Genesis also Available - Ask Us 
6 treatments - One every 2 weeks
Be Holiday Ready!  
Link to article 

Expires Nov. 30th
November Beauty Tune Up
Reg. $150

Hydrating Micro-Facial
Combination microdermabrasion
and Ultrasonic Facial
Reg. $385
Combo Treatment 
Face or Decollete  
Microdermabrasion & VI Peel Level 2 
 Reg. $400  
 "Leave it to Cleavage"  
A Decollete Lift Treatment  
Reg. $185 
LeDerm's perfect treatment for the most sensitive, age telling part of our bodies, the décolletage (Includs the neck).  
Microdermabrasion and Lightening Lift 
The physician-formulated treatment will lighten and diminish sun spots while achieving tighter, firmer looking skin with a smooth, hydrated surface.    
Buy a Level 3 VI Peel
Package of 3  
Click the image the below to watch the VI Peel movie  
VI Peel Before and After

 VI Derm Product Sale
25% off Select Products 
All Specials Expire Nov. 30 
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Lip Filler - Everything you Wanted to Know 
The Benefits of Gratitude  
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