November 2018 
Board of Directors Update
Naramata Centre Societ
Photo: Dennis Hixson

The Naramata Centre Society Board of Directors met on the weekend of October 26-28 at the Centre. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, enhanced by the fall colors displaying their full glory. It reminded us that the Centre is a gift for all who spend time here. We began our days in Sacred Pause -  
Saturday morning in the chapel and Sunday on the beach - and worked on many issues during our formal meeting time.

2019 Program Calendar in the Works
Jenne and Charmaine     Photo: Barb Green
It was a real joy to have Program Manager Charmaine Pearce report that the first draft of the 2019 program calendar is nearly complete! (Over the past few years when board members  did this work as volunteers, it took longer to get to this stage.) Thanks to Board Vice-Chair and Program Development Committee member Jenne Newman   and Program Development Committee member Barb Hatfield for their assistance in consulting with and orienting Charmaine to the program      manager role.
Land Sales
Photo: Barb Green
We are making progress on our plans to sell some of the Centre land, but there is more work to be done before we are able to announce which parcels of land will be sold.

Cannabis and Tobacco Smoking on Site
The board discussed the impact of the legalization of cannabis and the challenges associated with smoking cannabis and tobacco on site. We made the decision to ban all tobacco and cannabis smoking on Centre property. As it is difficult to separate children from smoke on site, we determined the ban was the best way to go.
Centre Management and Governance
With staff now in place at the Centre, the board is working to transition from managing the Centre to governing it, with staff assuming the management functions. Over the last few months we have been gradually transferring functions such as program planning from the board volunteers to staff. We had an excellent discussion about the governance process with the assistance of John Talbot, who has years of experience working with Boards and is a long-time Naramata attendee and supporter.

Dock Replacement
Progress continues on replacing our dock, which you may recall was washed out last year in the spring storms. Much of the environmental work has been completed and we are hopeful installation of the new dock will occur in the Spring. Insurance is covering nearly all of the cost of the replacement.

Under-30 Board Members
We welcomed Nathan Surkan as a board-appointed member to fill the second under-30 position on the Board until our AGM next Spring. We appreciated his perspective and comments during our discussions. Welcome Nathan! 
We will be seeking at least one additional board member who is under 30 years old at the time of our Spring AGM. Watch this space and our newsletter for more information on how to apply. In the meantime, please spread the word about this opportunity.

IT and Network Consultant
Photo: Barb Green
The board extends our appreciation to James Clendenan for his volunteer work as the Centre's IT and network consultant. Since 2016, James has made over 10 trips to the Centre to upgrade our Wi-Fi network, maintain our computers and servers, and ensure that our IT infrastructure supports changing needs. He has extended our Wi-Fi network to the campgrounds, Alberta Hall, Orchard Court, and part of East Court.
James responds to calls from our staff team and donates countless hours ensuring our IT systems stay up. During our meeting, James pulled cable in Alberta Hall to support our office relocation and ensure our staff has access to their phones, email and files.
Thank you, James, for all you have done for Naramata Centre!

AGM 2018     Photo: Keri Wehlander

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Thank you for your continued support as we work to achieve a sustainable future for Naramata Centre.
Doug Woollard
Board Chair, Naramata Centre Society
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