November 2019 Bulletin
This Months Schedule:

11/3     Morning Service - 10:00 AM
11/10   Morning Service - 10:00 AM
11/17   Morning Service - 10:00 AM
11/24   Morning Service - 10:00 AM


Bible Study - 11:00 AM

Evening Glory in  our Home Church - 7:00 PM
Upcoming Events  

Sunday November 3rd - A Night to Honor Israel

Thursday November 28th - Thanksgiving

Wednesday November 13th- Phase 1
Christmas Decorating Fellowship  
Following Bible Study - Lunch will be provided
More details in weekly reminder

Sunday December 8th - Christmas Around the World
Pot Luck Fellowship
Let's plan a fun menu with recipes from around the world!
Roster will be in your in-box by end of the month
Prophetic Words 10/27/2019

Fullness, walk in My fullness says the Lord, receive My fullness
You receive that fullness by letting My word dwell richly in you and you receive My fullness by yielding your tongue to the language I have given you. As you yield your tongue and even your songs too, there will be a fullness and My word will be alive in you. The word will be real, and the word will be present because the word that became flesh dwells in you. Christ and the anointing and the anointed One who abides in you His word is ever present and you will know what words to speak and what words to do. Rely and lean totally in Him and you will yield to the Master and His perfection will be seen and you will minister with the mastery of the anointed One because He has led the way and He is perfecting what He has begun.
You go to a spirit filled church so make sure you live a spirit filled life. Praying with your heavenly language and God interpreting too, giving you direction and giving you confidence because you know He is abiding in you. So draw upon His strength and allow His revelation knowledge to be revealed and there will be an awakening and the fire will begin to rise up, that holy fire, not a fire of destruction but a fire of blessing, a great understanding of My love that will compel you to minister powerfully to others.

So, know My goodness and My mercy, yes, declare and proclaim all that I have said to you. I will bring to remembrance things I have showed you in My word and I will bring to remembrance prophecy spoken over you. You will be brought to remembrance so that in the war you will win walking in victory too. As Paul told Timothy war a good warfare according to the prophesies that were spoken over you. When you allow those things that were spoken to resonate in your heart, they will come from a place of power and you will see the victory. You will be able to bring others into that draft of the wind that I have put upon you

  • If we get distracted when we are praying in the spirit or singing in the spirit it is because we are not allowing the word to lighten what we are doing
  • We are in a transition of the ages, transition is graced by transformation
  • Stay full, mediate on the word, listen to the word praying 
  • The majority of your time is not in petition and supplication, the majority of your time is praying in the spirit and on top of that is thanksgiving
  • See what the bible says about thanksgiving, see if we are as thankful as it encourages us to be
 Overflow Confession

As I tithe and give offerings I am believing God for:

Jobs and better jobs
Raises and bonuses
Sales and commissions
Favorable settlements
Estates and inheritances
Interests and income
Rebates and returns
Checks in the mail
Gifts and surprises
Finding money
Debts paid off
Expenses decrease
Blessing and increase

Thank You, Lord, for meeting all of my financial needs that I may have more than enough to give into the Kingdom of God and promote the Gospel of  Jesus Christ.
  Pastors Richard &
Corrine Cardoza




Youth Ministry 

(Wednesday nights) 

7th  to 12th grades



 Super Kids Church 

(Sunday & 

Wednesday nights)

1st  to 6th grades



 up to kindergarten

Mothers Room available



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