A message from CECMP Director, Neva Bandelow
The month of November, for many, is a time of reflection and gratitude. Reflecting on our lives may be very personal, requiring bravery and solitude – or it may come natural to some and shared with great joy. I chose this month to focus my gratitude on the Mentor who greatly impacted my life – Joan Hottinger. 
Joan was a Director Mentor for the California Early Childhood Mentor Program for many years. When I first started teaching, she was the Director of the Program where I taught. There, she was an “unofficial” mentor to me, as I learned how to be a teacher who might make a difference in a child’s life. Later, with her encouragement, I moved on to my first Director position. I was excited and nervous, all at the same time. Joan met with me utilizing the CECMP’s Director Mentor contract hours. She guided me through the licensing policies and procedures, prompted me to reflect and strengthen my leadership capabilities, and encouraged me to believe in myself. Joan planted seeds that supported my professional growth and development for three decades. I will always be grateful to her, she was not only a mentor, but became a dear friend. I would not be in the role I am today without her mentorship and guidance.  

I encourage you to reflect on who has been an “official” or “unofficial” mentor in your life. Write it down or record your thoughts. If you are so driven, we would love you to share your stories with us. 

In gratitude to each of you, 
Letters of Agreement!
Letters of Agreement &
Designation of Coordinator
due as soon as possible.

All Letters of Agreement, Attachment A, and Designation of Coordinator documents have been successfully sent out via DocuSign. If you have trouble finding it, please search your inbox for "CA Early Childhood Mentor Program" or "DocuSign."

Each Coordinator has received the documents through DocuSign and will be responsible to assign it to the appropriate person at their College. In many cases this is a VP, or a Dean. It is typically not the CECMP Coordinator. Please do not forward the email. It must be assigned to someone else using the directions
provided to you.

Must be received by March 15th.

Click below to view our previous communication sent out last week that outlines specific details regarding the process.
A Visit to Columbia College!
Pedagogical Documentation is a powerful learning tool not only for children, but also for teachers. CECMP put together a “learning story” of our visit to Columbia College. We encourage you to explore pedagogical documentation for your own learning as well as your students (children or adults), and/or mentees/proteges. HERE are TWO resources to learn more. 
To view in more detail about our trip to Columbia College, click HERE
Santa Monica Community College's
ECE Lab Visit!
The CECMP Leadership Team visited the Santa Monica College as they unveiled their new state of the art ECE Lab! Be sure to check out our December Newsletter for our “learning story” of our visit!
Visioning for the Future!
With new staff comes new learning opportunities. This month, the CECMP team took some time away from the office to connect and learn about each other, including a discussion of our ideal work environment. We reviewed CECMP's mission, vision, program goals and even started to plan our 2023 Institutes!
With guidance and approval from the California Department of Social Services, we are excited to share with you that we have updated our Mission, Vision and Goals for the
California Early Childhood Mentor Program!
CECMP Application Workgroup
We have been hearing that you all feel that there are barriers within our application and application process to become a Mentor or Director Mentor. We would love your input and support to address and remove these barriers.

We would like to meet in November, January, March, and May this Fiscal Year to review, discuss and make recommendations so that by August 2023 we have any approved edits applied and a new application ready to be used by the Selection Committees for the Fiscal Year 2023-2024.
2023 CECMP Institutes!

CECMP will be holding 3 Institutes for
Mentor Teachers,
Director Mentors, and Coordinators!

MARCH: Central CA
APRIL: Northern CA
(All content will be replicated at each Institute.)

The March Institute will also incorporate an Advanced Director Mentor Institute as an additional day.

We would like your input on what you would like to discuss as a group, what you might want to learn more about, or brainstorming you'd like to do together.
Updated Website
📅 Calendar of Events! 📅
Our website has been updated to allow you to view dates of upcoming events! Our calendar will have available upcoming survey and report due dates, upcoming training, CECMP meetings and Institutes, and more!

Each event will allow you to view additional information including applicable links and documents connected to the event.

Everything at the click of a button!
Click below to check it out!
Stories of Impact!
We know the Mentor Program is making an impact in each of your communities. WE WANT

We would like to start highlighting stories of impact in not only our monthly newsletter, but our monthly reports to the California Department of Social Services! Stories, pictures, videos and more...we want to see it!
Looking for some more Learning?
Native Land
As we enter November, Indigenous People's Heritage Month, also known as Native American Heritage Month, we invite you to familiarize yourself with who’s native land you are on? You can learn that HERE.

You can also learn more HERE about creating a respectful and inclusive classroom centering Indigenous people and experiences.
Order Mentor T-Shirts/Hoodies!
Black T-shirt (front)
Black T-shirt (back)
Grey Hoodie (front)
Grey Hoodie (back)
The CECMP team is very excited to share our new line of apparel! Share your passion for mentoring with others by purchasing one of our shirts and/or zip up hoodies!

Sizes are limited and will be provided
on a first come, first served basis. Order soon!

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Coordinator "Buddy" System
Are you a "seasoned" Coordinator willing to support a new Coordinator? Or are you a new Coordinator seeking some support?

If so, fill out the below. If you complete this form, you are providing permission for CECMP to share your contact information for these purposes.

Thank you to the 7 Coordinators
who completed the form already!
Reimbursement Site Entries
Due November 4th!
Please save the below dates to have all entries completed in the reimbursement site!

Reimbursement Site
  • November 4th - this Friday!
  • December 9th
Check Run Date
  • November 17th
  • December 20th
A reminder, when placing a Mentor Teacher with a student/mentee for practicum/supervised field experience mentoring - in order for the Mentor to be paid their stipend the student/mentee is required to complete an evaluation of their experience. Please share the evaluation link with your Mentors to remind them of this expectation.