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November, 2021
Letter From Our President
Cheri Jolivette
Now is the time to renew your CFG membership!

You will want to be renewed by December when we will sign up for this year’s workshops. I believe that we have a great list of speakers this year. I am excited about all of our workshop openings! Two of the workshops will be live. Kerr Grabowski will do a zoom workshop. All members of live workshops will be masked and vaccinated.

Our Dec. meeting will be a zoom meeting. David Owen Hastings preferred it that way. Also December sometimes has weather issues.

We hope to return to live meetings in March… we will show our vaccination card and wear masks. I am looking forward to see all of you in person!

I am so proud of all the work that the Board does for the Guild. We just finished looking at our year end report, where we had a positive finance year. Thank you to the members for signing up for the workshops, so that we had enough income this past year.

I hope to see you all at the December zoom meeting!
Reports For Members
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Report From Our OutReach Committee
Exquisite Gorge 2 (EG2) Update – ROAD TRIP!!

Community connection with the fiber arts is one of the primary goals for the Maryhill Museum of Art’s EG2 project. We are excited to announce that plans are underway after a positive membership response to creating a group road trip to view the sculptural display in Goldendale Washington during August 2022. We are looking in to renting a bus or car-pooling to view the sculptures and will keep you apprised of details as the plans begin to unfold.
CFG is in good company in showing support for the fiber arts as there are thirteen other regional partners with Maryhill Museum of Art’s Exquisite Gorge 2 project including:

  • American Romanian Cultural Society
  • Art in Education of the Gorge
  • Art in Oregon
  • Columbia Center for the Arts
  • Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde
  • Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
  • Dalles Art Center
  • Dalles-Wasco County Library
  • Fort Vancouver/Goldendale Library & White Salmon Library
  • Lewis and Clark College
  • White Salmon Arts Council
  • Desert Fiber Arts
  • Art Walla

If you have other ideas and suggestions as to how we can continue to develop community connections in conjunction with this project on behalf of CFG, please contact 2022 Outreach Coordinator Katie Walwyn at ktwalwyn@comcast.net


The New Year for CFG is here! - Time to renew your membership
We have an exciting year of programs planned for 2021-2022

Renew your membership by going to our website: https://www.columbiafiberartsguild.org/
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News From Our Program Chairperson
Karen Miller

The Year Ahead for Our Programs

December 8, 2021
David Owen Hastings - Zoom lecture, 'Exploring Nature with Paper and Stitch'
David Owen Hastings does not permit Zoom recordings as per his contract so please attend the live Zoom meeting to hear him talk as this will be the only opportunity.

Some background from his website: Since 1999, he has been a professional print and collage artist as well as a graphic designer. In his artwork he explores patterns, shapes, colors and textures he finds in nature. He loves working abstractly, and that is calling his pieces “organic abstractions.” Plants and leaves, microorganisms, and weathered surfaces are all inspiring to him. His paper-based artwork often incorporates monotype printing, sometimes mixed with his photography, and is stitched with a sewing machine. His finished artwork has rich layers and patterns with a very tactile quality that is reminiscent of encaustic painting.
March 9, 2022
Diane Ericson - live lecture, 'Inspired Design and Making'
Workshop March 10-11 $250 up to 18 students 'Garment Design and Draping'
Diane is a garment designer, teacher and surface designer, especially with her use of stencils. She lives in Ashland, OR and hosts wonderful retreats several times a year. Having participated several times I (Karen ed.) can attest that she is wildly supportive of the creativity of the individual participants and she has a wonderful approach to design, creative details and repurposing garments. 
June 8, 2022 evening
Kerr Grabowski - Zoom lecture, 'The Challenge of Making Work “just for me”'
Live/Virtual Workshops June 9-11 & possibly also 13-15 $160 10-12 students,
'Deconstructed Screen Printing'
We all know how totally fun Kerr's deconstructed silkscreen process is. She is figuring out how to teach this in a way that lets us work in our own studios and still benefit from her wonderful personal touch (and sense of humor).
Kerr is making time to teach two classes so nobody will be left out. We will take signups for the first and add the second a week later if we get enough enrollments.

Sept 7, 2022
Susan Brandeis live lecture, 'Finding My Way: A Creative Journey'
Workshop Sept 8-10 (and possibly also Sept 15-16) $230 10-16 students
'Stitching as Drawing'
Some of us are already inspired by her book, The Intentional THREAD!
But did you realize how very celebrated she is? Check the website for details on her career.
Susan is coming from South Carolina and is willing to teach a second class if the first fills. 

See our website: https://www.columbiafiberartsguild.org/ for further details.
Online Exhibit

It is time to submit your entries for the
"Holiday Color" CFG Online Exhibit.

You are welcome to enter up to 3 pieces of your interpretations of the theme.
The works will be curated by the Exhibition Committee and will be on the website approximately December 15.

In order to complete your submission form(s) you will need an excellent photo of each piece, a 250 character artist statement, title, materials and techniques and dimensions. 
The deadline is November 20. Please use this opportunity to share your work with other members and the public. We want a strong exhibit to showcase what we do in Columbia FiberArts Guild. 
The submission form can be found by clicking the box below: 
If you have questions, please contact Jill Hoddick at  hoddick@up.edu
The Committee looks forward to seeing your work.

Members' Work

Judith Quinn Garnett’s work, Syncopation No.1, has received the Sebastian Family Award for Color Artistry from Visions Art Museum. This work is now appearing in the Visions show Interpretations 2021. Syncopation No.1 was purchased at the show by a collector of art quilts.
Syncopation No.1 (detail right)
 52" x 35.5”
Photo credit: Sam Q. Garnett
Judith writes: "Art, and life, gain energy when the unexpected happens. While music wasn’t my intent, as I worked I became aware of musicality emerging. Syncopation started with a fundamental triangular rhythm in the initial layers of paint. Later I returned to the work to paint big fluid movements. Gestural stitch bridges the pattern to the movement."

To see more of Judith's work go to her website: www.blackdogdesignPDX.com

The Visions Art Museum Interpretations 2021 show can be seen here: 
The award winning work from Interpretations can be seen here:
Oh No!

No more photos of members' work were sent in this month.....

Is everyone busy but not quite ready to go public?
High Fiber Diet Group
Upcoming Tightwire Challenge

From Leotie Richards, exhibit committee for Tightwire
Here is a short related video called The Secret to Balancing on a Tightrope:
Wearables Group

Our speaker this month, November 15th, is Beverly Shoger.

She will discuss the use of Transperse Transfer Printing Dyes and the use of Infusible Ink Transfer Papers on synthetic fabrics.

She finds this type of fabric "printing" a fun step back from digital printing. Large areas can be printed without piecing. Printing fabric with the combination of these two can support our best skill set.

She is fond of using all types of fonts, but hand painting each letter is not in her wheelhouse. Using a cutting program and hand painting the rest of the fabric gives her freedom to have both.

Meetings will again be held virtually at Zoom café. Call in on November 15th at 9:45-10:00 am and be ready to share the projects you've been working on for the last few months. Reminders with the address will be sent out the weekend before (same address as last month).
If you aren't already on the mailing list, contact Jane Wolfe at: jwolfe@quantumleaders.com
Everyone is invited to stay in touch and share projects on our Facebook page at Creative Wearables Group.
Surface Design Group
Surface Design "Refresh" 2022
Surface Design is one of CFG's long standing small groups like Creative Wearables and High Fiber Diet. Topics include embroidery, natural dyeing, felting, drawing, beading, Japanese boro, pleating - anything that changes a surface. Members share their own work and choose presenters and topics for more instruction.  

Jill Hoddick's photo (right) shows Judith Quinn Garnett's canvas mounting presentation - one of many workshops offered.

Meetings are free to all CFG members.

If you would like this diverse hands on group to stay active in 2022, please email your name to 
Linda Hansen ---- lindap_hansen@yahoo.com

Announcements of Local Fiber Events
SAQA Valley South Whisper Quilt Project

All photography by Angelia Peterson

8 CFG artists who are also members of the SAQA Valley South Local Connection:
Deb Sorem, Diane English, Georgia French, Judy Peterson, Karen Miller, Lynn Czaban, Sarah Williams, and Sue Redhead,
have quilts in the Whisper Quilt Project on display at the Eugene Textile Center, 2750 Roosevelt Blvd, Eugene until January 5, 2022.

This 5 month long project was made up of 3 groups of 5 artists. Both individual creativity and a sense of community run through the quilts.

The first member of each group created an 18" x 30" quilt in the first month and handed it off to the next in the group who was inspired by it to create her own 18" x 30" quilt the following month, and so on through the group. No discussion or revealing of quilts was allowed during the 5 months of the project.

To see all the quilts larger and to read about them, Angelia Peterson, our photographer, and daughter of CFG member, Judy Peterson, has provided this link to her professional site*:

*Password: ValleyGirlsCreate2021 which you will need to enter twice:
once to open the folder and once to open the gallery.
Mending the Social Fabric

Please go see this incredibly creative and timely fiber installation by our good friend fiber artist Bonnie Meltzer. And take the opportunity to participate yourself in "mending the social fabric."

Click the button below to read a good article explaining the inception, process, and experience Bonnie had in producing this work of art. "A sewing bee that can help mend our society".
You will also see photos of textile artist Bonnie Meltzer and a lot of helpers transform a giant parachute into a symbol of hope at the Jewish Museum:
  • Tikkun Olam: Mending the Social Fabric is on view at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education through January 22, 2022. Museum admission is $8 adults, $5 students & seniors, free for members & children younger than 12; there is no extra charge to see the installation. The museum, at 724 NW Davis Street, on Portland’s North Park Blocks, is open from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays. Masks are required.
  • Join artist Bonnie Meltzer in the exhibition on Thursday, November 11, Friday, November 26, and Saturday, November 27. In addition, you can schedule a mending bee for up to five people by contacting Meltzer directly at: bonnieemeltzer@gmail.com
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2020-2021Executive Board & Committee Chairs
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CFG Board Meetings 
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Committees are: Exhibits, Membership, Newsletter, Outreach, Programs, Publicity and Webmaster
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