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In This Time
of Turning

A Meditation for
Advent 2018 from
Bexley Seabury
President Micah Jackson

Advent is a strange time. It comes just as the darkest part of the year starts to turn toward the coming of the light. No wonder that it’s also the time that our lectionary turns from stories about the end of all things, through the prophecies of the Messiah’s birth, and on toward the coming of Jesus, the ultimate, undimmable, unconquerable, Light. For me, that’s the best part of Advent, the reminder that the darkness never gets the last word.
In this time of increased division, especially in our political life, I am clinging to this Advent promise. No matter how dark it may look, or even how dark it may actually be, the Light of Christ is always the way to dispel it. Here at Bexley Seabury, that Light shines brightly. Our graduates, our friends, our faculty and staff, and of course our students, are out there right now showing the world what it looks like from the perspective of God’s love for the good creation.
Friends, be that light that casts out the darkness of the world this Advent, and every season. May God bless you, your ministry, and all those you love in this time of turning.
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A "Lifesaver"
Says MDiv Student
and Emergency Medicine Physician Michelle Dayton
"Spiritual practices have saved my sanity, and maybe my life, especially the Welcoming Prayer, which I learned about this through Cynthia Bourgeault’s book,  Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening.

The Welcoming Prayer is a pressing into places of discomfort, and welcoming, and being present to those feelings and experiences...The four movements of this prayer have been transformational for me:
  • I let go of the desire for esteem and affection;
  • I let go the desire for safety and security;
  • I let go the desire for power and control; and
  • I let go the desire to change the situation.
Even if it is only for the five or 25 minutes of prayer, relinquishing these desires has been a practice that floods me with peace."

–Excerpted from a reflection by Michelle Dayton on her journey to seminary

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JOIN US Thursday, Dec. 13 at Noon CT
with Bexley Seabury President Micah Jackson
  • WONDERING what our students and faculty have been exploring this semester?
  • CURIOUS about new courses in development?
  • INTERESTED in how your classmates and other alums are taking the Gospel beyond walls?

FIND OUT in our ONLINE TOWN HALL MEETING, Thursday, Dec. 13 at Noon CT. Bexley Seabury President Micah Jackson will share the latest news and answer questions.

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What Are You Up To—and Where?

PLEASE SHARE A PHOTO (or two or three) of you engaged in your ministry or with your local community that we can share here or through other seminary communications. Classmates, alums, current students and staff/faculty want to know what you're up to!
Email your photos with a brief description to: Br. Ron Fox at . THANK YOU!
CLOCKWISE: Kara Wagner-Sherer (Seabury-Western '03) with 2017 communicants at St. John's Episcopal Church, Chicago; John F. Floberg (Bexley Hall Colgate '91, Bexley Seabury '17) baptizing a new member of the congregation and of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, Bismarck, N.D.; Erin Hougland (Bexley Seabury '18), pictured at her ordination to the priesthood in December 2017 by Indianapolis Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows at Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in Brownsburg, Ind.
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Any Financial Gurus in Your Circle?
Full-time CFO Position Open
We will soon bid farewell to Bexley Seabury CFO Bob Doak, pictured at left, who is preparing to begin a new chapter. We are seeking a skilled strategist who is ready to lead in accounting, investments, business planning, budgeting, human resources and administration. 

We encourage applications from a broad range of applicants, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or disability.

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LAST CALL to Register for January Intensives
5 Innovative Courses for Lay and Ordained Leaders Led by Distinguished Scholar-Practitioners— GROW WITH US!
This course provides a perspective on the development of leadership and belief systems through the lens of Bowen family systems theory and adaptive change. Particular attention will be paid to experiences in family settings as they relate to contexts of leadership in faith communities, nonprofits, workplace, and community organizations. MORE

This course focuses on the needs of lay and clergy leaders in the midst of rapid change and uncertainty by presenting concepts and tools to manage congregations, and even help them thrive. Participants will consider how to identify capacities and engage neighbors and local partners to be catalysts for renewal and change. MORE

This course helps students increase intercultural competency, a needed skill for success in congregational development in a diverse and dynamic world. MORE

JAN 14-18...THE ART OF PREACHING | John Dally
What if preachers thought of themselves as creative artists who employ many artistic disciplines to craft and deliver their sermons? This course is open to beginning, intermediate, and advanced preachers who would like to draw both their preparation and execution from the right sides of their brains. MORE

This course explores inherited assumptions and patterns of Christian congregational life in light of new apostolic environments. Perspectives on missional ecclesiology offer a framework for renewing congregational identity and practice. Students engage insights from organizational, leadership, and innovation theory. MORE

We Flex With Your Learning Goals
These 5-day intensives are OPEN TO ALL — enrollment in a degree/diploma program is not required. Study for enrichment ($498), continuing education credit ($523), or masters/doctoral credit ($1,860).
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Alumni News

Michael Buerkel Hunn (Seabury-Western '97) was ordained and consecrated bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rio Grande on November 3.  Micah T.J. Jackson, president of Bexley Seabury, attended the consecration in Albuquerque, N.M.  Lynn Bowers represented Bexley Seabury at the Rio Grande diocesan convention earlier in the week. 
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In Memoriam
Funeral services were held Saturday, Nov. 24, at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Pickering, Ohio for Glenn M. Fout , the father of Bexley Seabury Professor Jason A. Fout (Seabury-Western '01). Mr. Fout died on Nov. 16 at his home. Professor Emlyn Ott, director of the DMin program, represented the seminary at the funeral; Director Bruce Smith represented the board, and James Pashturo represented alumni/alumnae. OBITUARY HERE

We recently learned of the death in Arlington Heights, Ill. of  Jan Skogen , who was secretary in the academic affairs office of Seabury-Western for a number of years, serving under Deans Mark Sisk and James Lemler. 
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