Registration Opens Soon! SBCA's Networking Breakfast Returns to Las Vegas
Registration is now open for our annual networking breakfast on Thursday January 6th 2022 from 8-10:30 a.m.

“After a one year hiatus due to the pandemic we are looking forward to welcoming our members and guests to this fun event," said Steve Hill, president of SBCA. He goes on to say, “with many of our member companies coming to Las Vegas for CES, this is the perfect time to enjoy some fellowship."

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Board Member Profile: Erin McIlvain
This month, we feature Erin Mcllvain, who currently serves as the Chief Officer, Distribution and Content Strategy for GAC Media. Mcllvain began her career in the satellite industry in 2005. In this interview, Mcllvain opens up about her career, being an SBCA board member and what the future looks like for GAC Media.

Can you start by talking about your new role?

Yes, last summer, I joined GAC Media where I oversee the company’s multi-platform distribution strategy for our flagship networks, GAC Family “Stories Well Told” and GAC Living “Life Well Lived.” After being with larger corporations for the majority of my career, it’s incredibly exciting to be at a smaller, independent company where we can really be nimble and creative with developing partnerships and tapping into new distribution opportunities that will be critical as we grow our brands.

What new business venture are you working on?

In June, GAC Media acquired Great American Country channel from Discovery and Ride TV, which we rebranded as GAC Family and GAC Living on September 27. Rebranding a single network is no small feat, but launching new brand identities of two networks at once is a massive undertaking and something that I have never been a part of in my career. With the successful launch behind us, my top priority is negotiating new and expanded distribution contracts that will ensure our networks are in as many households as possible.
USDA Opens Applications for $1.15B Rural Broadband Funds
Article via SmartBrief

The USDA is now taking applications for as much as $1.15 billion to improve rural broadband access. Grants and loans are available through the department's ReConnect Program, and the initiative will soon get almost $2 billion more from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that President Joe Biden recently signed into law.