November Cougar Chronicle
Dear Corpus Christi School Community,
Happy November! It is hard to believe how quickly we are approaching the Thanksgiving holiday and winter season! I write this message with the first snow occurring outside my window—snow before Halloween, 2020 still has its surprises!
As we enter this time of Thanksgiving, I urge our community to take time to reflect and give thanks to some of the positive events of 2020. I know I have said numerous times; this year is unlike any other and sometimes feels like there are more challenges we face every day. However, despite many hardships, there have been plenty of moments of gratitude.
It brings me such joy to come to Corpus Christi School everyday where there are loving, bright children and a loving, supportive Community of parents, teachers, and staff all around! I am grateful for the continued cooperation and flexibility as our Community continues to juggle a hybrid learning environment, paired with mask wearing, hand sanitizing, and digital teaching.
I cannot thank the parents, guardians, teachers, and staff enough for their dedication to the children. Corpus Christi School continues to provide an outstanding education and memorable experiences to all of its students despite the many speed bumps along the way. I hope everyone will take time to just enjoy each other this Thanksgiving season and reflect on all of the hurdles we have overcome!
This Thanksgiving, I encourage us all to be more obvious in expressing our thanks to one another and be more outwardly grateful for what God has given us. Our children will emulate what they see! For me, I hope that the children of Corpus Christi School will not only hear about my thankfulness, but also see it lived out through my attitudes and actions. We can never be too thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Ann T. Sarpu
November Dates
11/5  Picture Retake Day
11/11 Veteran’s Day; No School
11/12 Thanksgiving Food Drive Begins
11/20 Dress Down for those who donate 2 or more food items
11/20 Early Dismissal
11/24 Birthday Dress Down Day
11/25 Early Dismissal          
11/26-27 Thanksgiving Recess; No School    
All Remote Learners picture retake day is
November 5th between 8:30 am and 11:30 am

VIRTUS is the brand name that identifies best practices programs designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote "rightdoing" within religious organizations. The VIRTUS programs empower organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church.

Any parent who would like to volunteer for any event or activity at Corpus Christi School needs to attend VIRTUS training. Certificate of Completion needs to be forwarded to

The Archdiocese of Hartford is providing the training online.

Directions for online training:
Click "First Time Registrant"
Click "Begin the Registration Process".  
Registration should be completed under “Hartford” as in the Archdiocese. 

The program is about 1 ½ hours long. It is a series of 10 videos and questions after each video.

Certificate of Completion needs to be forwarded to
Dear Parents/Guardians;

I hope you all are safe and I commend you all for practicing good infection control measures while at home and in the community. We are watching the numbers rise in area towns and now more than ever we must all continue to do these things to keep our children and families safe.

Governor Lamont and the Department of Public Health have commended the School System and currently believe it's one of the safest places for the students and staff to be at this time. We will continue to monitor for compliance and plan to keep it that way. Your children have all continued to put in the effort and I am so proud of them all. I thank you all for making my job easier! Currently contact tracing from the DPH has found that the majority of COVID cases are occurring from small gatherings and family events. Please be safe and make sure you are following the guidelines if you do choose to do this. We all are craving human contact and it's easy to let your guard down when among family and friends, but please keep your mask on, keep your hands sanitized and keep your distance.

Here are a few points for this week:
      Continue to call or email me if your child is ill.
      If your child is quarantining and your child develops symptoms, please let me know for tracking purposes.
      If your child must go into quarantine; it must be for the full 14 days per DPH, no COVID tests will be accepted for an earlier return to school. If your child was tested also, let me know as well for documentation. ***If a family member tests positive for COVID and then an additional family member tests positive, the clock stops and your child will have to quarantine an additional 14 days to make sure he doesn’t develop symptoms from that family member. So say he was quarantined for 5 days and another family member becomes positive, he will have to start back to day 1 per DPH guidelines.
      If your child is having symptoms and gets tested for COVID, please keep your child home until the results are back.
      Please make sure your child’s mask fits properly and does not slip off your child’s nose. If the nose is exposed, your child is not fully protected. The Paper Store and Kohls have a wide range of children’s masks for reasonable prices.
      New DPH Guidelines now list a close contact as someone exposed to a positive case for a cumulative of 15 minutes not just 15 minutes all at once. So if you were in contact with another person on and off over a 24 hour period that adds up to a total of 15 minutes, you are to quarantine for 14 days.
      Thank you to all who continue to send in their children’s Flu shot documentation.
      Watch the Area States for Travel Advisories if you plan to travel in the coming weeks. If you do go to a high risk State, you must either quarantine for 14 days on return or acquire a PCR COVID test on your return. is up to date on the latest travel advisories.
I have included a flyer from Yale New Haven for a free clinical trial if your child is currently suffering from the effects of anxiety. This is a great resource and can do wonders if you suspect your child is having symptoms. Symptoms include:
      Difficulty concentrating
      Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
      Change in appetite-eating too much or too little
      Lack of enthusiasm
      Difficulty paying attention or completing tasks
      Feeling down, or sad.
      Poor memory

Please call the Center if you think your child may benefit from this trial. Current studies have shown up to 80% of people have been suffering from some form of anxiety since the pandemic began. Seeking help will give your child the tools to cope and feel better through this crisis.

If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns please contact me.
Thank you for all that you do both for your families and for the School.
Be safe, Be healthy!

Sue Cowan RN BS
Corpus Christi School Nurse
Phone: 860-52907261
Additional Updates

On Friday I met with Charles Brown from the Public Health Department, Wethersfield Superintendent; Michael Emmett, My Nursing Supervisor; Chlo Bobrowski, Various members of the Wethersfield School System and Nursing colleagues from Wethersfield Board of Education to discuss rising COVID-19 cases in Hartford County. It is of extreme importance that we all continue to practice social distancing, washing of hands for 20 seconds and the wearing of masks. While we are doing everything we can to keep the School environment safe, we also greatly rely on all of you to continue these practices while at home and out in the community. Your children will role model after you. Practice the 3 W’s.

2.  WASH YOUR HANDS for 20 seconds
3.  WATCH YOUR DISTANCE-Maintain at least 6 feet from others.

We all need to work together to keep safe and healthy, and with the weather turning colder, we also run the risk of spreading illness while indoors. We need to remain vigilant and keep the numbers low. Thank you for all you do to keep yourselves, your children and your community safe.

We have recently learned that it is not just 15 minutes of close contact with an individual that is positive for COVID to risk infection, but now Health Officials are finding it can also be 15 combined minutes for risk of infection to occur. This is where 6 feet of distance is so vital for us all. Masks or no masks we can infect one another if we do not keep a safe distance from one another. Contact tracing has identified small groups and family gatherings for spreading much of the present Covid cases.

Remember Per School and Health Department Guidelines:

1.  Keep your children home if they are unwell.
2.  A negative COVID test will not allow your child back into school if there was close contact with a COVID positive individual. They must quarantine for 14 days.
3.  Call the Nurse for all absences. Your child’s teacher may not have the chance to alert me of an absence.
4.  If your child has several symptoms that are listed in the COVID school guidelines such as fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, loss of taste or smell please follow up with your child’s doctor for clearance to return to school or have your child tested for COVID-19 to allow your child return to school healthy and ready to learn and prevent possible spread of illness to others.
5.  If your child is sent home by the nurse, you must follow up with your child’s doctor or obtain a COVID 19 test to return to school, otherwise your child must stay home for 10 days to prevent possible spread of COVID in the school. COVID can resemble the Flu as well as the Common Cold.
Attention Corpus Christi Families - Thanksgiving Food Drive

The annual Corpus Christi Thanksgiving Food Drive will soon begin. All donations benefit the local Food Banks in the area, which are facing a high demand this holiday season. We are asking that students in the following grades donate the following items:

Pre-School - pudding and Jell-O mixes
Kindergarten - canned turkey gravy
1st Grade - canned cranberry sauce
2nd Grade - quick bread mixes (banana, cranberry, etc.)
3rd Grade - boxed stuffing mix
4th Grade - brownie mixes, cake mixes, or canned frosting
5th Grade - canned vegetables
6th Grade - canned soups
7th Grade - canned or bottled juice
8th Grade - boxed potatoes (white or sweet)

Please, no glass containers! The food drive will begin on
Thursday, November 12th.Thanks in advance for your support!

Thank you to all of our families, friends, and supporters who participated in our online auction. We are delighted to share that we raised a little over $4,000 for our SMART board initiative!! A special congratulations to the Spinella and Lalllier families who won the reserved parking spaces for this school year.