November 2018
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Georgia Offers Best Business Climate
"Georgia was rated No. 1 by executives surveyed by the magazine and also rated tops among the 50 states for per capita new plant investments announced so far this year."

"In Dalton's new, 70-acre industrial park, Healthier Choice Flooring is planning a $12 million plant that will employ 25 more workers and Reagent Chemical and White Flyer Targets plan to build a 150,000-square-foot plant. The jobs numbers and financial investment by that investment have not yet been announced."

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Dalton's COLI Quarterly Update
Dalton's Third Quarter Cost of Living Index report has been released! Visit our website to see how our city compares to others across the country.
Walnut Square Mall Remodel
Demolition and remodel has begun at Walnut Square Mall. We are excited to see the the finished product!
Hanwha Q CELLS
Hanwha Q Cells has immediate openings for the following positions. Visit our website for more information.

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November 27 : QuickBooks Overview

This class is a general overview of QuickBooks Online (QBO). You will learn the capabilities and features of the software as well as the difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-employed. This particular class will not dig deep into how to use each function of the software, but you will learn the functionality of the software.

November 30 : How to Create A Winning Business Plan

Know the Importance of a Business Plan --- Gets You Organized, Basis to Attract Necessary Capital Know the Key Business Plan Components and How They Fit Together You'll be Able to Write a Winning Business Plan to Successfully Launch and Operate Your Company (NO ONE WAY TO DO IT!!!)

Classes in Your Area...
Sponsored by the Small Business Development Center through UGA.
November 28: What is a Capabilities Statement? | Columbus
November 28: How to Create a Great Elevator Speech | Columbus
December 05: Starting a Business | Gainesville
December 06: Business Plan Essentials | Augusta
December 07: Writing a Business Plan | Lawrenceville
December 12: Getting Lender Ready | Columbus

Financial Figures You Should Monitor

As a business consultant, I get to help people grow their businesses. The first meeting I have with clients typically starts with them telling me about their business. I watch them light up as they talk about their mission and vision and how far they have come. When I shift the conversation over to their financials, that energy and excitement often fades. For many, it is not that their financials are in trouble, but rather, they don’t know how they are doing financially. They run their business based off of how much cash is in the bank at a given moment and leave it at that.

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