Volume 5, Issue 11, November/December 2012
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Thanks for checking out another edition of the Boston Showcase newsletter. We are proud to announce that we have replaced every single light at Boston Showcase with new, energy efficient lamps, ballasts and bulbs with the help of Lime Energy and a great program from NSTAR, see below for more details.

Have you ever had a delicious bowl of mussels and wondered what that unidentifiable sauce was made up of? Well take a look at our Recipe of the Month to find out the ingredients to Chef Aaron's famous Mussel Sauce; if you like what you see, be sure to check them out, along with Chef Aaron's other specialties at the Five Horse Tavern in Somerville.

BSC has just wrapped up construction on a new project with the Northbridge Companies: Stonebridge at Burlington is slated to open at the end of the year. You can learn more about Stonebridge and BSC's relationship with the Northbridge Companies below.

Be sure to take a look at our brand new Build-A-Sink and Build-A-Table programs from Advance Tabco that will be featured on our website and are this month's Product of the Month.

New flyers - like our Holiday Sales Event - are always updated on our facebook page and website, be sure to stay up-to-date for the latest and greatest promotions. Happy holidays to you and your families from all of us here at Boston Showcase!
Boston Showcase Helps to Build Stonebridge at Burlington

Stonebridge at Burlington
- a new flagship facility of the Northbridge Companies - will open its doors in January 2013. Like most senior living facilities, Stonebridge at Burlington has many unique requirements in order to meet their residents' food-service wants and needs. Boston Showcase was happy to work with the Northbridge Companies and Callahan Construction to meet all of those requirements throughout the entire process. "Working with Boston Showcase has lead to a smooth and on-time turnover of the dining facility," said Pat Riordan, the Project Superintendent with Callahan Construction, "Showcase understands the team concept and the flexibility that goes into a successful project, from the ground up."
Boston Showcase is proud to have partnered with the Northbridge Companies on the design and build-out of Stonebridge at Burlington and looks forward to continuing our partnership at upcoming locations in Easton, Hanover, Wayland and Newburyport, all slated for the upcoming year.  

Boston Showcase Goes Green With All New Energy Efficient Lighting  


With the support of Lime Energy and a wonderful program sponsored by NSTAR, Boston Showcase recently underwent a major transformation towards energy efficiency. With 2 floors of warehouse space and an additional floor - which is home to our beautiful showroom and our office space - we have hundreds and hundreds of fluorescent lights in our building. All of our lamps and ballasts were recently replaced with energy efficient options, greatly shrinking our electrical usage and reducing our carbon footprint tremendously. Not only were all of the overhead lights replaced, but also all of the lights in our display cases were swapped out as well. Maureen, with Lime Energy said her company "prides itself on discovering ways to dramatically reduce (their) customers' energy cost and improve quality of light in the workplace." NSTAR is able to greatly subsidize the program to cover a majority of the installation cost. With savings in energy cost, the entire installation will pay for itself after only two years. Lime Energy estimates that the implementation of our project at BSC is the equivalent of taking 2 cars off the road, not to mention the improvement and consistency of the light in our office. If you think your business might be interested in this program, contact Maureen with Lime Energy today!

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Recipe of the Month 

Chef Aaron's Famous Mussel Sauce

Courtesy of Chef Aaron at the Five Horse Tavern 

Product of the Month



Advance Tabco 

Build-A-Sink & Build-A-Table  



The new Build-A-Sink and Build-A-Table mini-sites from Advance Tabco give customers the opportunity to custom make their own work tables and sinks, selecting from a wide-range of options offered by Advance Tabco. Just click on one of the above links to get started. Your custom sink or table will be automatically submitted to BSC and you will be contacted ASAP with a quote for exactly the piece you are looking for. Try it out here.

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