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we are pleased to present your November-December 2017 First Presbyterian Church of Green Bay newsletter! 
"Food for Thought" by Pastor Randy

Discerning Our Values 5

What a month our congregation has just come through! After the Session approved the Values Statement, October was designated "Values Month." Each Sunday we emphasized one of our shared values. A member of the "Guiding Coalition" or discernment team gave a "Shared Values Minute" during worship. I preached a sermon on each value, which you can access online if you happened to be away on a particular Sunday.

Note: You can access previous, current, and upcoming blogs at the link below. You can also now access the Pastor's sermons in an audio version here

Welcome to New Members!

It is our privilege and delight to welcome new members. Joining our church family are: John and Beverly Wood, Michelle Erickson and daughter Alaina, Ashley McCormick, and Patti Mancheski. We rejoice in their presence and the talents they bring to us. Please join us in making them feel right at home!

P resbyterian Pantry

For November, the Pantry volunteers are requesting donations of peas a
nd corn, and for December , peanut butter. You can place them in the shopping cart in the narthex at your convenience. 

Don't forget, the Pantry can always use monetary donations as well!
Christmas Toy Shop Collection

Remember that we are collecting new (or very, very gently used) toys for any age for the Christmas Toy Shop. Last year we had 573 kids, so we need lots of donations! You can drop them off in the Toy Chest in the corner of the hallway from November 1-30

Or, you can donate money and Jane Bies will shop. If you have any questions, contact Jane at (920) 621-6400 or email her at
Esther Circle

The upcoming meetings of the Esther Circle group will be as follows:
  • November 9 - Lesson 3, Hostess Ann Argall
  • December 14 - Lesson 4, Hostesses Joan Reynolds & Nancy Kwaterski
  • January 11 - Lesson 5, Hostess Shirley Schoffelman
  • February 8 - Lesson 6, Hostess Nancy Siewert
Congregational Meeting

The Special Congregational Meeting to approve the Pastor's Terms of Call will be on Sunday,  November 12, after worship.
Prayer Baskets Collection

The Outreach Committee hopes you can help with the Prayer Basket Mission! This Ministry provides a complete Christmas for 3 families from Tank School, and we collect the items needed from November 12 - December 15.

Each family receives a fleece blanket (which we already have) for every person, as well as a complete Christmas dinner. We will have 3 trees in the back of the sanctuary with many tags identifying special gifts. They will be labeled Baby Jesus family, Star family, and Angel family.

Please feel free to take as many tags as you'd like - just put the tag on an UNWRAPPED gift and return it to the church. The Youth Group will wrap all the gifts during their sleepover in December.

We will need 3 family coordinators - each of whom will be in charge of one of the trees - please let Stephanie Fahringer know if you can help. Specific information will be posted on the Outreach Committee bulletin board below the steps. Thank you for your help!
Church Chix

Church Chix will meet on Tuesday, November 14 at Sammy's Pizza at 6:00. On Tuesday, December 12 we will meet at Gippers at 6:00. Please join us for food, fun and fellowship. 
Thanksgiving Eve Service

You are invited to a joint Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service on Wednesday, November 22, at 7:00 p.m. The service this year will be held at First Presbyterian Church, Green Bay, with the Rev. Luke Farwell (pictured) from First United Presbyterian Church in De Pere doing the preaching. A combined choir will be singing "Thanks Be To God," by Stanley Dickson. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the offering will go to the Presbyterian Food Pantry. You may also bring non-perishable food items. The Worship Committee will provide refreshments after the service.
Advent Workshop on 11/26

Join us for an Advent Workshop on Sunday, November 26 following service. We'll again have a craft, wreath-making, and cookie decorating, as well as music and a sandwich bar for those who attend. Don't miss it!
Choir Christmas Cantata

During the worship service on Sunday, December 17th, the choir will sing its annual Christmas cantata. The cantata is titled "The Wondrous Story," by Don Besig. Our narrator will be Shirley Schoffelman.
Christmas Eve Day Pageant

Be sure to join us at the Christmas Eve (December 24) morning service at 10:00 a.m. for a performance by the young people of "The Christmas Carol Special Report", to get the scoop on Christmas carols with a "live" news report from KMAS studios. Join the reporters stationed across the globe and see Christmas carolers broadcast live and learn the story behind some of the most beloved songs. 

The pageant will again be organized and produced by Mary Steeno, Jill Stenson, and Amy Wittman.  Parents, please watch for a rehearsal schedule.
Christmas Eve Celebration

Our Christmas Eve worship service will be based on the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. The story of the fall of humanity, the promise of the Messiah, and the birth of Jesus is told in nine short Bible readings from Genesis, the prophetic books, and the Gospels, interspersed with the singing of Christmas carols, hymns and special music. An extended prelude will begin at 6:30 p.m. with the service itself beginning at 7:00 p.m. Music throughout the evening will include congregational singing, organ, brass quartet, harpsichord, flute, and a vocal quartet.
Welcome Lynne Nelson

We sincerely welcome Lynne Nelson as our Financial Secretary, as Carol Houston vacates the position for health reasons.

Lynne is new to First Pres as of October, 2017. She takes on the role of Financial Secretary here in addition to keeping the books at three other ministries in Green Bay. Lynne's faithful and dedicated service to God and His people allow her to encourage and support those she serves with. Lynne has been married to her husband Chris for the past 19 years and together they have four children. She is active in her church, loves cheering on her kids in their sports activities, and enjoys taking family trips and serving the community.
From Carol Houston

"I am so grateful for how wonderful you all have been to me. I owe you a great debt and look forward to the other side of this whole thing, when I can worship with you and visit frequently.

Special thanks to Beth who gave me a chance to get a good grasp on the job."

The Session, Finance Committee, Church, and staff all thank Carol for her years of dedicated work for First Pres. We wish you all the best!
From Ken Sann

"I have enjoyed my three years in this position and have always looked at this as more of a calling than a job, with the time being right for me to move onto the next step in my call to ministry. 

I have appreciated the support that First Presbyterian Church has provided me and will continue to be involved to the best of my ability."

From the Session, Christian Education Committee, Church, & staff - thank you Ken for your years of dedicated work for First Pres. We wish you all the best!
CE Corner with Ken

Congratulations to Phil Mikulsky and Ann Argall for being crowned Casserole King and Queen of First Presbyterian Church. Share the Silver Spatula with pride!

October was the kickoff to Sunday School and Confirmation and what a great start it was. I understand that the twelve youth involved in Confirmation are enjoying the lessons and that Sunday School is going very well. Bobbi Holl and Loni McCormick are starting plans for a Confirmation Mission Trip to Montana next Summer. Brenda Hubbard will be the Sunday School teacher in November, and Nancy Siewert will be teaching in December.

2018 Confirmation Class

Blessings on our young people as they prepare themselves to be confirmed.

Our Young Adult Volunteer

Lacy Schimmel told us she was "taking a leap of faith," and we pray for the safety of our Young Adult Volunteer as she continues her year-long mission for the Presbyterian Church in Chinook, Montana. 

If you would like to send Lacy mail, her address is PO Box 231, Chinook, MT 59523 - we know she'd love to hear from you.

If you would like to help Lacy with a financial gift, c
lick here to reach her fundraising page. (You can alternatively write a check to First Pres or use our online giving portal and designate it for Lacy. We will forward.)

We look forward to hearing from you Lacy - we hope you are having a wonderful and fulfilling year! May God guide your footsteps.
FMSC 2017 Recap

The Feed My Starving Children Mobilepack was a great success, and we packed a total of 552,096 meals in four days. This is a new record for the Green Bay Mobilepack! The food we packed will feed 1,512 children a meal a day for an entire year!! This year, the meals packed were sent to feed children in Liberia, Honduras, Cuba, and Haiti.

Congratulations and blessings to all involved. And thank you to all of the organizers, the 12 churches involved, and of course, all of the wonderful volunteers. Check out more photos on our Facebook page!
Hamayun Mian Muslim Speaker

Dr. Hamayun Mian, of the Islamic Society of Wisconsin, and from the Green Bay Mosque, graciously took time out of his day to attend a Pres Folk meeting to speak with us. Dr. Mian explained to more than 20 people who attended, that Islam is a faith and a way of life that literally means "peace through submission to God." Worship in Islam urges people to be conscious of God throughout their daily lives and helps people live a balanced and virtuous life.

Dr. Mian explained the five pillars of worship in Islam as: Testimony of Faith; Prayer; Charity; Fasting; and Pilgrimage. He also noted that spreading compassion in the world; the sanctity of family; the kind treatment of orphans, widows, travelers, and neighbors; and professional and philanthropic contributions are all part of their holistic approach to worship. 

Dr. Mian was also kind enough to take questions, and we thank him sincerely for his time and for sharing his faith. To learn more about Islam, go to

Scouting for Food Update
On Saturday, October 21 volunteers helped load/unload, sort, and shelve the wonderful donations the Pantry received through the Scouting for Food drive. 

Thank you to everyone who donated food, the Scouts and parents for collecting it, and our wonderful volunteers for hauling, sorting, and shelving it all!
Casserole Cookoff Winners

Congratulations Phil Mikulsky and Ann Argall, own very own Casserole Cookoff King and Queen. Your Sauerkraut and YAKAME Casseroles were a fan favorite tie, and they were both delicious! 

And, $240 was raised for FMSC! Thank you to the winners for sharing their recipes!

Bulletins now on Website

Did you know you can now find Sunday bulletins on our website? Check it out under "I'm New" - find them here!

Podcast Sermons

If you have iTunes, you can podcast (or sign up for) the Pastor's sermons. Go to Sermons under "I'm New", and click Subscribe.
Has Anything Changed for You?

We would really like to make sure that you get your mail, email, etc. and would like you to let us know if you've had any changes. Please take a look at your listing in the Membership Directory, and call the office at (920) 437-8121 or email

Demonstrate your Thankfulness

First Presbyterian Church relies on end-of-year contributions every fall starting around Thanksgiving. These contributions help support the work of the church now and throughout the year. Please review your giving in 2017 and prayerfully consider demonstrating appreciation for your many blessings or good health by making an additional contribution.

If you have not done so already, you may want to commit to a consistent giving plan by using our convenient online giving option. To sign up for online giving, or to change your current pledge, go to Giving History & Profile at the top of our website page. To sign up, you must create a login. If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact our Financial Secretary at (920) 437-8121, extension 114.

Financial Report

Redesigned Website!

Have you had a chance to check out our new website yet? We have worked to represent all of our church stakeholders - with channels specifically for our Youth Group, newbies, and adults & small groups, as well as pages that highlight our faith in action / our ministries - including our pantry, FMSC, music and Stephen ministries, and our local and world missions.

You'll also find a Google calendar, committee charges/lists, a member login, and much more. Also on the site is a "Communications Suggestions" form that committee chairs can use to submit information for sharing through our communications channels. Hope you enjoy!

Please "like" our Facebook page and invite your friends to like it: . Let Connie Greenawald know if you need assistance.

Th ank you again to those of you who have asked your youth to consider signing up for our e-newsletter! And if you haven't yet, would you please suggest that your teens might want to sign up at:; or  text FIRSTPRESGB to 22828 and include your email address; or go to our Facebook page: . Questions, contact Connie at  or (920) 621-3382.
Stained Glass Windows Facts

We continue our series of information about the very beautiful stained glass windows at our church...

The Good Shepherd
The Arch Krueger Family Memorial Window

The inspiration for 'The Good Shepherd' window is the 23rd psalm. Key visual references were taken directly from it, so Christ is seen as a shepherd, or guardian. The window seeks to communicate the idea of God's presence with us here on earth. He is seen as one of us here in our physical world, humbly dressed as a middle class worker and wearing sandals like the commoner. It is significant that He is shown to be human. He is not dressed in robes of royalty, or has any other sign of deity.

The scene behind Him depicts the green pastures, with the river in the distance representing 'still waters'. Christ is seen holding the 'lost lamb' from Matthew 18:10. This symbolizes Him caring and reaching out for each of us. The sheep, which are a ram, ewe and lambs, represent the family which is the basis of society. Motherhood is specifically depicted by the ewe in the foreground tenderly caring for her young.

Creation is shown through the 3 elements of nature, which are land, water and air. The clouds and sky are seen glowing with the rich light and color of sunrise. The gift of light connects God with our world, God being associated with light and life. The lilies of the flower garden are from Luke 12:27. The wild day lily which grows freely in Wisconsin is used in the lower left area. All of the flowers depicted are wild varieties, referring to Psalm 103, Isaiah 40:7 and 40:8, James 1:10 and 1:11, and First Peter 1:24 and 1:25. The wild rose was chosen for several reasons. It bears thorns, signifying that things of true beauty and value are usually not obtained without some pain. The thorns also relate to Christ's passion. The entire garden, especially the roses, each with a dew drop, are a visual image of a favorite hymn, "In The Garden."
November Birthdays

3rd - Delores Nelson, 
        Robert Nickel, Eli Solper
14th - Connie Early, 
          James Jansen

4th - Christian Gehri,  Nancy
        Kwaterski,  Sandra Siewert
17th - Alyssa Thomas  

8th - Leah Joslyn, Donald Krueger,
        Taylor Wittman
18th - Andrea Christensen

9th - Dorothy Renard
20th - Floyd Bucher, 
          Alexander Leicht

10th - William Price
21st - Anthony Young

12th - John Jansen
23rd - Matt Gehri

13th - Floyd Meyer,
          Scott Zernicke
26th - Virginia Nixon

December Birthdays

1st - Deb Shober
11th - Kelly Charapata, 
          Debbie Gauthier

2nd - Joshua Kabacinski,
         Samantha Phillips
12th - Russ Christensen,
          Beth Ryder

3rd - Ruth King, 
        Ruby Korver
15th - Gary McNitt,
          Thongdy Sisavath

5th - John Early, Eleanor Gauthier,
        Kathyrine Gauthier
21st - Jessica Gauthier,
          Ashley McCormick

6th - Patcee Bucher, Russell Hansen,
        Sue Mattison
22nd - Kirke Ryder

7th - Tracie Davis
24th - Barbara Leicht, David Nero,
          Ted Schimmel

8th - Jay Rietz
26th - Peggy Wolfe

10th - Pat Piaskowski, Jim Weise
29th - Kenneth Solper

30th - Wyatt Laughrin