November/December 2018     

"Defining wabi sabi in physical terms is like explaining the taste of a piece of chocolate by its shape and color to someone who has never tasted chocolate." - Wong & Hirano

Each year at this time I begin to feel a sense of urgency. The stores are laden with holiday decorations before Halloween and Christmas carols begin playing in elevators and on playlists in early November. Can you feel your internal stress engine revving up? This year I invite you to try something different...acknowledge the revving up of our stress engines, but also insert some intentional countermeasures...such as wabi sabi. Those of you who have been following my newsletters for some time will be familiar with the term wabi sabi. Wabi sabi, (Japanese term) in its simplest form is recognizing and relishing in the wholeness and beauty of imperfection. It is often the opposite of what we feel during the season of "perfection" and anticipated "Hallmark card moments". Embracing the wholeness and beauty with wabi sabi intention helps us look more deeply and more mindfully especially when we are feeling rushed, distracted, and overwhelmed. In a deeper sense, wabi sabi is a state of aesthetic consciousness that transcends the physical appearance and includes all our senses. I love the statement by authors, Wong and Hirano, in describing wabi sabi..."defining wabi sabi in physical terms is like explaining the taste of a piece of chocolate by its shape and color to someone who has never tasted chocolate". Practicing wabi sabi allows us go deeper, to look beyond the apparent, the visible, and experience more fully the experience.  How will you practice wabi sabi this season? I would love to hear your ideas.

Wishing you many wabi sabi moments to savor,

Pamela Katz Ressler, MS, RN, HNB-BC  
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Meditation Maintenance

2018/19 Schedule

Meditation Maintenance Sessions  are a great way to give yourself a monthly self-care "tune-up" by joining with fellow meditators to discuss insights and challenges of your practice.

Our general schedule is the 2nd Wednesday (evening) and 2nd Friday (afternoon) of each month, but some months the schedule may be on a different week. Check the website for an up to date calendar. 

You are welcome to attend each month or simply on an occasional basis. You will find a supportive and welcoming respite in the midst of your busyness.

Any updates or changes to this schedule will be posted on the calendar in the events section of

2018 Schedule
Evening sessions 7-9 PM
Dec 12

Daytime sessions
12:30-2:30 PM   
Dec 14

2019 Schedule
Evening sessions 7-9 PM
Jan 9
Feb 13
Mar 13
Apr 10
May 8
Jun 12

Daytime sessions
12:30-2:30 PM
Jan 11
Feb 8
Mar 8
Apr 12
May 10
Jun 14

Both evening and daytime sessions are held at Stress Resources' office (97 Lowell Rd, Concord, MA). 
Please pre-register for sessions as space is limited. 

Meditation Maintenance sessions are $20 per session. Special events priced accordingly

Register by email



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Retreat Day 
Saturday November 17
(still a few spots available!)

Meditation is an individual practice and it can sometimes feel like you are the only one doing it! A powerful addition to any mediation practice is to join together every now and then in a group practice or retreat. Stress Resources' offers retreat days twice a year -- a nurturing day of silence and meditation practice to relax and refuel from the busyness of our day to day lives. 

The next Meditation Retreat Day will be held on  Saturday, November 17 from 
9 am-2 pm in beautiful historic Concord, MA at the First Parish Church.  Some prior mediation practice is recommended as there will be limited instruction during the retreat. 

To register for the retreat (enrollment is limited to 15 participants)  click here or email Pam for more information.
Tips for Holiday Mindfulness
Holiday Stress

One of my most requested tip sheets is Holiday Mindfulness Tips. Feel free to download a copy for simple yet effective ways to embrace the holiday season with less stress. 

Stress Resources' Bookshelf

"Jolabokaflod". new word of the month.   

Jolabokaflod is the Icelandic tradition of gifting a book to another on Christmas Eve and then settling in to read and eat chocolate. I was struck by the simple,  mindful beauty of the tradition and am inspired to start my own version of Jolabokaflod. Used book sales at local libraries or well loved books from my own library may lend themselves to my rendition of Jolabokaflod. 

I would love to hear how you may incorporate Jokabokaflod in your own life. 

Give YOURSELF a gift for the holidays

What could be better than a gift for YOURSELF this season? Mindfulness Training is a gift of resilience, self-care and relaxation all wrapped up into a lifelong gift for YOU. It's time to invest in YOU with Individual Mindfulness Training 

Do you have limited time for practice?

Do you want a personalized solution to build a  mindfulness meditation practice?

Do you prefer an individual learning environment? 

Do you travel frequently and need a virtual option? 

Then the flexible aspect of Stress Resources' Individual Mindfulness (Flexible) Training may be the perfect fit for you.

Stress Resources' Individual (Flexible) Mindfulness Training is a unique option offered only by Stress Resources that allows the individual to set the pace for training but maintains the essential framework of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in private or semi-private sessions. Either in my Greater Boston area office (Concord) or conveniently by Skype or Zoom. 

Stress Resources' Individual (Flexible) Mindfulness Training has been successfully taught to entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, healthcare professionals, management consultants, teachers, busy parents and students. We work together, mindfully, to meet your needs. What are you waiting for?

For more information about Stress Resources' Individual and Group Mindfulness Training, click here 

P.S. Gift certificates are also available!
Coming Soon...#HaikuChallenge19
wire-bound-pad.jpg Join me and many others in Stress Resources' annual mindfulness challenge 2019, #HaikuChallenge19. Start the new year with a renewed sense of mindfulness by challenging yourself to write a haiku a day for the month of January.  No pressure, no judgement, just noticing a bit of mindfulness each day in the form of a haiku (5-7-5 syllables or free form)

Take a look at last year's challenge by checking out my blog (Jan 1-31) or searching the hashtag #HaikuChallenge18 on Twitter or Facebook. I will post more info as we get closer to 2019.
 Stress Resources on Instagram
Have you checked out @stressresources on Instagram yet? 

I love to create visual stories. You may have noticed (and hopefully enjoy) the many photos I share on my blog and other social media platforms. . Looking deeply is one way to remain curious and mindful of the world around us. 

I have started playing in the creative sandbox of Instagram...sharing some of my favorite bits of beauty, words of wisdom, and just random moments on mindfulness and whimsy that make me observe, think and smile. 

Please join me on Instagram at @stressresources