Happy Holidays to you and yours from the entire Redfern Canines family.  It's been a pleasure and an honor getting to know you and your family, especially those four-legged wonders!  

Best Wishes for a Safe & Healthy Holiday.
We look forward to training together soon!

A Trainer's Biggest Challenge


As 2018 nears its end, I have been thinking about what I have learned this year and how I (as a trainer) can improve. It turns out that my most important learning is a skill that I have been working on for many years--PATIENCE! 


--PATIENCE in designing a training plan in small enough steps so that my pup can learn successfully. 

--PATIENCE in working with my pup in short training sessions that are not more than 15 minutes. (Even if I have to travel 20 minutes EACH WAY to get to the elevator that I need to teach the pup how to ride without fear!)

--PATIENCE to go back to the beginning when necessary.

--PATIENCE to end a training session on a successful note and not try for 'just ONE more.'

--PATIENCE to breathe when things are not going as well as I would like.

--PATIENCE to recognize how much progress my dog has made in a relatively short time, even though it has been a series of tiny steps.

--PATIENCE to take the time to CELEBRATE with my pup when she does well!


So, my resolution for 2019, is to practice, practice, practice PATIENCE!


My 2019 wish for every one of you is a year full of joy, love, and patience with your furry (and non-furry) family.                                           


And the Award Goes To... 
Our Students!

Congratulations to the Redfern teams that have worked so hard together.  We recognize the work and effort that goes into working together.  Nicely done! 
Alliance of Therapy Dogs
      Cheryl Daily has been named a Tester/Observer for therapy dog teams.
APDT C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator
      Cheryl Daily is now a C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator for all levels of C.L.A.S.S.
C.L.A.S.S.--B.A with Honors
       Emily Stence & Lola                           Kevin Zentmeyer & Coco
AKC Novice Tricks Title
       Karen Hamill & Dilah                          Eleaor Parker & Winnie
                                    Bonnie Roberts & Kalli
Canine Good Citizen
       Jean Edwards/Jeff Kaplan & Bear     Kerry Herling & Bailey
       Karen Johnston & Rosemary             Lori Knittel & Tucker
                                    Melitta McCully & Sophia
STAR Puppy
       Tracey Barbush & Junior                   Jenny Bean & Callie
       Brenda Beitzel & Cooper                   Logan, Michael, Michelle Bryner & Nala
       Joyce Campbell & Sadie                   A J Cecere & Maverick
       Cathy Dullen & Maui                         Terry Durbin & Mulligan
       Debra Farrington & Gracie                Sarah Fruchtl & Lily
       Cathy Hergenrother & Sadie             Andrew Hicklin & Lady
       Greg Holley & Barkley                       Cynthia Johnstonbaugh & Ozzie
       Natalye & Josh Knapp & Otto            Charles Maletich & Mocha
       Allie Mariano & Moe                           Ray Martin & Bentley
       Brian Mooney & Crosby                     Elizabeth Morgan & Graham
       Holly Scally & Ozzy                            Carol Smith & Toby
       Troy Thompson & Ruger                    Julie Weaver & Stihl
Portia's Piece

"All I Want for Christmas isn't a Puppy Under the Tree!"


At Redfern Canines, we love puppies.  There's nothing we like more than a pile of puppies, and I had my very first litter this year, so I know what I'm talking about.  


I think the PROMISE of a puppy for Christmas is a great idea.  An IOU card, a basket full of puppy toys and a brand new lead is the perfect gift.  Build up the anticipation, but wait until after Christmas Day, and let a new puppy have it's very own first day with a new family.  




Because Christmas Day is crazy and noisy and wonderfully distracting.  There's so much going on, it's hard to keep track of a new pup with all the other excitement of the day.  Do yourself, and your new pup a favor and wait a day or two.  Enjoy all that anticipation while you're puppy-proofing your home and setting yourself (and your pup) up for success.  


A little patience and planning beforehand can make the transition to a new home and lifestyle easier for everyone.  Oh, and don't forget to add one of our puppy classes to your basket.  We can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy!  





Class Title Beginning Date/Time # Class Sessions
Introduction to Training Seminar
12/6 (Thur) 7:30 pm
Beginners Class
12/27 (Thur) 6:15 pm
Puppy Class 12/29 (Sat) 9:00 am
Intro to Nosework I
12/29 (Sat) 12:45 pm
Introduction to Training Seminar
12/29 (Sat) 2:30 pm
Advanced Manners
1/2/19 (Wed) 6:00 pm
4 (1/2, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23)
Beginners Class
1/5/19 (Sat) 11:30 am
Outdoor Adventures
1/6/19 (Sun) 1:00 pm
Rally II
1/6/19 (Sun) 2:30 pm
Introduction to Training Seminar
1/6/19 (Sun) 4:00 pm
Beginners Class
1/7/19 (Mon) 10:30 am
Reactive Rover
1/7/19 (Mon) 6:00 pm
Puppy Class
1/10/19 (Thur) 7:45 pm
Intro to NoseWork I
1/12/19 (Sat) 10:15 am
Canine Good Citizen/
Therapy Dog Preparation
1/14/19 (Mon) 11:45 am
Beginners Class
1/16/19 (Wed) 7:45 pm
Advanced Manners
1/21/19 (Mon) 7:30 pm
4 (1/21, 1/28,  2/4, 2/11)
Introduction to Training Seminar
2/2/19 (Sat) 2:30 pm 
Puppy Class
2/5/19 (Tue) 6:30 pm 7*
Beginners Class
2/5/19 (Tue) 7:45 pm
C.L.A.S.S. - BA
2/6/19 (Wed) 6:30 pm 
Rally I
2/9/19 (Sat) 9:00 am 
Beginners Class
2/14/19 (Thur) 6:00 pm


All training classes denoted with an asterisk have a prerequisite of the
Introduction to Training Seminar.  This seminar is designed for trainers only, no dogs are permitted. For additional class information, visit www.redferncanines.com

Need a Great Party Space?  Look No Further.

Our Redfern Canine Center is available for party and meeting rentals.  We have a perfect open space for musical chairs and games of tag.  We also have an ADA restroom, lots of tables and chairs, and free parking.  We're conveniently located at 7540 Allentown Boulevard, with easy access to Route 81, and just minutes from Hershey, PA.  Rentals start at $50 for two hours. For further information, contact Betsy@redferncanines.com.
Make Plans to Celebrate a Healthy New Year 

Sponsored by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, our eighth annual event will focus on training and tips every family dog needs to be happy, healthy and well-behaved. It's never too early, or too late, to begin training your dog!

For 2019, move to the head of the C.L.A.S.S. with Canine Life And Social Skills.  Click here for a free webinar that can get you and your dog started in C.L.A.S.S.  For more hands-on training, check out our training schedule and make plans to join us soon.


       A Well-Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!
Chiron:  The Training of a Service Dog

Over the past few months, we've increased Chiron's training to prepare him for his forever service home.  We've had a few snags long the way, but better to iron out all the wrinkles now, before Chiron begins his service.  Thanks to the many volunteers that have helped and encouraged Chiron on his journey.  Thanks to their efforts, he's attended a live performance of Aladdin in Pittsburgh, been in regular attendance at church, eaten in the finest restaurants and mastered the fine art of walking up and down stairs.  Take a look at our boy; we're so proud of Chiron.

Take a look for yourself! Click the blue link below.


Give the Gift of Training

Redfern Canines gift cards are available for any of our classes.  Give the gift that truly lasts a lifetime.  For further details, or to purchase a gift certificate, contact betsy@redferncanines.com

Want to add a little extra something?  The Center has a great selection of dog toys and training aids.  Stop in and stuff your stocking!
Nosework Workshop

In February, Redfern Canines will be hosting a nosework workshop for dogs working through either the NACSW ORT (Odor Recognition Test) or the AKC Novice Scent Work program.  Keep your nose to the ground for further details in our next newsletter.  

Can't wait?  Contact  betsy@redferncanines.com

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