Aren’t we a community of seniors, wanting to remain independent and vital as we age? This used to be called “aging at home,” but isn’t it more than that?

Many Villagers believe this isn’t a broad-enough vision, and one California Village is showing us a new approach!

San Francisco Village is leading the way toward an “Inter-Generational Village … a pathway to a better future by partnering with younger generations.”
What do seniors have to offer to younger generations? And what do younger generations offer to seniors? And together, can such a partnership make a difference in our world and in our personal lives?

I invite you all to take an hour of your time to see what is being done in California. And then consider, is this an avenue for our Northeast Village to pursue?

Kate Hoepke, the executive director of the San Francisco Village, and chair of Village Movement California, presents a compelling story and vision of how this should and can work, with live examples of interactions with younger people who have a serious interest in working with seniors on issues that affect us all.

I encourage all to watch this compelling YouTube presentation at this link:
(and fast forward to 8:30 minutes to avoid the introductions and pitch by AARP, a sponsor)

After you have viewed and considered this, please let us know what you think and if you would like to become involved in this endeavor. Contact Us Link

--Todd Coward