November/December News

What a Year of Accomplishments! (Really!)
Congratulations! You made it to the last month of 2020. Instead of waxing poetic about the global pandemic, a tense election, Zoom meetings, murder hornets, and the increase in the number of pairs of sweatpants we own, we’ve decided to focus on the accomplishments of 2020. Yes, there was some good that came out of 2020.

Our safety and compliance training resource producers were hard at work creating new training content. We have over 150 new courses in the library, and more coming in early 2021! Keep these options in mind to round out your safety training program for the coming year.

Here are the highlights and be sure to view the full list of new and updated course releases.
SafetySkills– SafetySkills added over 100 new micro-learning online training courses, including a number of industry and Canadian specific titles. 

SafetySkills Empower Platform Update
Gain insight and prevent more incidents with an integrated safety technology suite that helps you easily identify potential risks, determine how to reduce or eliminate those risks and deliver targeted training based on those competencies.

Title IX 2020 Update for College and Universities 
Under the updated Department of Regulation Title IX regulations that went into effect in August of this year, colleges and universities are required to make all Title IX training materials visible to anyone associated to the school as well as the public.
Safety Source – In addition to a new Learning Management System, Safety Source produced over 20 new video training programs. 

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Free Download – Keep Safety Top of Mind

With social distancing, staggered work shifts, and remote work we don’t have the same level of contact with our employees. It’s harder to keep safety at the top of mind when don’t have as much personal interaction. Share this free download with your employees to remind them to put safety first.
Thanks for being a valued Evolved Safety customer. We look forward to continuing to support you in achieving your safety and compliance training goals.

Although it may look a bit different this year, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!
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