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As 2022 draws to a close, I have been reflecting on one of the most fulfilling parts of our year together—the chance, at least sometimes, to gather in person again. From the Big Give in June, to meet and greet events at members' homes, to our 11th Street Bridge Park tour, we've had many more opportunities this year to meet face to face. It's still a privilege to do so, and an option that doesn't make sense for everybody at any given time, but I'm grateful for the refreshing chance to come together and gather in different parts of the community.

I expect that each year of Impact100 DC's existence, there will be some change like this, some shift in the way that we do things. And the most important shift of all comes from one simple fact: the women who make up our membership. You are all different, and each year, new members bring new ideas, perspectives, and skills to the table.

We want to grow our membership for two critical reasons: 1) So that we can award multiple high-impact grants next June and 2) So that we have a diverse community of dynamic women who are committed to building bridges across wide demographic divides in our region. Our membership goal is a number, but it's also much more than that. It's a reflection of our mission and vision.

And logistically-speaking, now's not the time to procrastinate! Renew or join by December 31, our deadline for membership in the 2023 grant year. And if you want to make the pitch to someone, I highly recommend this one-minute video!

Happy holidays,


P.S. Want to gift a membership to someone you love this season? Use the "sponsor a member" option this month, and we'll mail a holiday card to your gift recipient on your behalf!


News for Nonprofits: Application Opens on 12/5!

Impact100 DC’s 2023 grant application opens on December 5th. Please visit our website for more information and click HERE to view the slides from our recent Nonprofit workshop. For questions, please email [email protected]

Please note that organizations that were finalists in 2022 but which did not receive the $100,000 grant are welcome to reapply this year.  

Coming right up! Dec. 6 Member-Guest Reception


It's your last chance to RSVP for a special member-guest reception for current and prospective members to learn more about how we can make an impact together.

Generously hosted by the law firm of Stein Sperling in their Rockville office, this is our biggest recruitment event of the year!

Members and non-members alike can sign up, and are encouraged to RSVP for a prospective member guest as well! (Or three!)


Spotlighting our 2023 Fellows!

Thanks to the generous contributions of Impact100 DC Members and Friends, we have awarded five fellowships for 2023. Congratulations to these accomplished young women -  Impact100 DC is fortunate to be able to add their voices to the work of this community:

Starsha Valentine, Partner + Managing Director, Mid Atlantic at Purpose Possible

Talia Curhan, Community Organizer at Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc.

Mayu Molina Lehmann, Playwright of “Monarch: A Mexican-American Musical”

Simone Webster, Manager at Education Forward, DC

Lavontte Chatmon, Executive Director at Nonprofit Montgomery

Please click HERE or below to learn more about our Fellowship program and to make a contribution!


Extending Our Impact

During this season of giving, we encourage you to remember the many terrific organizations that we’ve come to know through our grant process. This is what we're here for! 

These organizations include, but certainly are not limited to:  

* ANS has a new name: Nature Forward.

Member Profiles: Joan de Pontet,

Stephanie Brun de Pontet, and Analya Cespedes

Joan de Pontet is our Impact100 DC member profiler, and it was a treat for me (Ann) to learn more about her as well as her daughter Stephanie and daughter-in-law Analya in a recent zoom conversation with them all. 

These three very different women have much in common when it comes to the important things in life: a conviction that family is central, a strong appreciation for the fellowship of women, and a desire to make wider and deeper connections with the DC area and to participate in philanthropic efforts to create change. They really appreciate having the common experience of Impact100 DC. Joan joined first on the advice of Susan Crowley and Janelle Haskell and because she was so impressed with Impact’s commitment to building a diverse community of women addressing social justice. She sponsored Stephanie and Analya for membership and was thoroughly delighted when their experiences as members led them to join on their own for 2023. Her other daughter Julia is in NYC and is a pediatric oncologist.

Joan was born in Brooklyn, was attuned early on to social issues, and “fell” into social work after college with a first job in NYC. After young children, grad school, and years of clinical work, she worked at the Jewish Social Service Agency of Metropolitan Washington (JSSA), where she was COO for 11 years and Executive Director for 14 years. She says she preferred these roles on the administrative side of social services where, as she says, “policy meets the road.”

Stephanie nodded at that statement. Though on a different career path she shares her mother’s leadership and organizational skill bents. Stephanie is a consultant for family businesses, helping families navigate complex family dynamics and leadership transitions, and bringing both her MBA and PhD in Clinical Psychology to bear on her work. A mom with two adult children, Stephanie recently remarried and is thrilled to be back in DC living on Capitol Hill. She is happy to be reunited with old friends and looks forward to building new relationships within Impact100 DC.

Joan observed that Analya, who is from Chile, is perhaps the most “aware American” of them all. She is a keen observer, having covered politics and cultural beats as a journalist for many years. Analya moved to America when she was 24. She mentioned her experience living through the Pinochet regime as a teen. She is fully optimistic about the stability of American democracy. Family is front and center with Analya, who has a seven year old child, and she has made a career shift from journalist to jeweler, with her own studio downtown. She loves working with people one-on-one, and has found that jewelry making is a wonderful way of forging meaningful relationships. Impact100 DC has, says Analya, opened up a whole new world for her. As a resident of Columbia Heights, her eyes were opened by Impact100 DC finalist GALA Inc.’s Paso Nuevo program, which serves residents of her own community - a community with more dimensions to it than she knew and for which she now has a deeper appreciation.

Joan ended the conversation as she began it: musing about the world of philanthropy and her experience in Impact100 DC. She said that Impact100 DC has changed her approach to charitable giving. She has been “smitten” and “in awe” each year as she has gotten a close-up look at the many grassroots organizations who are working with boots on the ground to tackle seemingly intractable problems with patience, energy, resilience, and hope. They will have her support going forward. And again, she mentioned sharing the Impact experience with her girls – feels like a hug. 

Know an Impact100 DC member who is making waves in our community and beyond? Email [email protected] so we can feature them in the next newsletter!

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