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November & December 2019 | Eastern Currents e-Newsletter | Issue 43
Reduction of Acu-Waste now possible with Eco-Friendly Acupuncture needles!
Multiple studies on acupuncture have proven the use of a thin solid needle to be an effective technique for the reduction of pain and stimulation of the immune system. The increase in popularity of acupuncture has resulted in a corresponding increase in acu-waste. With more than 10 million acupuncture sessions being offered annually, the amount of acu-waste or acu-trash has been increasing proportionately to the popularity of the technique.

Traditionally, single-use acupuncture needles come individually tubed and packaged in boxes of one hundred needles. Often, the practitioner is required to open multiple single blister packs for the same size needle used in one session.  

Registration is coming soon! 
We have three exciting world class speakers taking you deep into powerful ways to improve health! 
March 20, 21, 22 Whitfield Reeves – Acupuncture Treatment of Common Injuries and Pain 

March 20 Jeffrey Yuen Day 1 – Acupuncture for Mental/Emotional transformation

March 21 Jeffrey Yuen Day 2 – Essential Oils for Mental Emotional transformation (Day One is pre-requisite) 

March 22, 23  Mazin Al-Khafaji – Eight Methods of Resolving Heat

Stay tuned for in-depth descriptions and registration! 
Sale prices are in effect from November 1 - January 02, 2020.
Effective, Light and Ergonomic
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This wireless infrared laser is ideal for both the consulting room and practitioners on the move. Designed for laser therapies including auricular therapy (features Nogier frequencies), physiotherapy, and sports medicine.
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Medistik offers topical pain relief of chronic and acute pain and inflammation: Stiff and sore muscles, strains, backache, shoulder and neck pains, muscle cramps, arthritis, tendonitis, and rheumatism.

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