November/ December Newsletter
Happy Holidays!
2019 CE Conference Registration Now Open
Registration for the 2019 NABCEP CE Conference, happening from March 25-28, 2019 in San Diego, is now open! This unique event is created  by solar professionals for solar professionals  and is intended to provide an  affordable continuing education option  for professionals who are interested in getting the skills and knowledge to stay ahead of their competition.
For information on exhibiting or sponsoring the event contact Sue McKeen at or 518-289-4859
New DOE Funding Will Support Solar Careers for Veterans and Underserved Communities
A partnership between NABCEP, The Solar Foundation, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce/Hiring Our Heroes, SEIA, and Cypress Creek Renewables was recently selected to receive a $2 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to support an advanced and highly qualified solar workforce.

This new program will include a groundbreaking effort to support solar industry apprenticeships for hundreds of transitioning military veterans, preparing them for leadership roles in a rapidly growing industry. The program will also provide expert assistance to help the solar industry leverage workforce development resources and hire more workers from underserved communities.
A Word From Our Platinum Sponsor- Baywa r.e.
BayWa r.e. Solar Systems has been a leading solar distribution company for over 10 years. One of the things we’ve learned in this business is that it’s the contracting companies that keep an eye to long term goals, quality work and business health that stick around. A key part of that is valuing the importance of NABCEP trainings and certifications for your crews, and we’re happy to support that objective again this year as the Platinum Sponsor for the 2019 NABCEP Continuing Education Conference.

We support programs like this as part of our ongoing commitment to providing a best-in-class order fulfillment solution that combines robust logistics and warehousing systems with expert customer service and industry knowledge. The BayWa r.e. seamless supply chain service optimizes product availability and delivery times to ensure you have what you need, when and where you need it. To reduce the amount of time you spend managing your materials supply, contact BayWa r.e. Solar Systems today.
The Ease of Computer-Based Testing
We've heard from a lot of people that they really like the convenience of taking NABCEP's Board Certification exams as computer-based tests. The decreased cost of travel, reduced paper consumption, and overall lower carbon footprint of offering the exam at over 500 testing sites around the US rather than just 30 also fits with NABCEP's mission and role within the renewable energy industry.

Although offering our Board Certification exams on a computer means that you can schedule to take them on virtually any day of the year, the truth is that, considering your busy schedule, you probably can't take it on just any day .

With January quickly approaching and fewer peak sunlight hours in the Northern Hemisphere, we encourage you to study and take our exams soon while you have some downtime. Summer will be back before you know it!
NABCEP Expands Into MENA Region
NABCEP recently launched its NABCEP MENA (Middle East North Africa) Program to further its expansion outside of the United States. The NABCEP MENA Program will advance uniform standards of practice in the MENA region’s renewable energy industry through partnerships which provide technical training opportunities for regional solar energy workers and job seekers.

NABCEP partnered with Excellent for Energy Consultancy (EEConsult), a US-based company represented by the CEO Mr. Khaled AlSarhan, to develop the NABCEP MENA Program. EEConsult provides consultation for energy services, power system studies, industrial solutions, and advanced training. The NABCEP MENA Program, led by EEConsult, developed partnerships with the Irbid Chamber of Commerce, with public universities and more entities are expecting to join soon. NABCEP expects that these partnerships will result in thousands of professionals in the region earning a NABCEP Board Certification. 
New Registered Training Provider in Colombia
NABCEP is excited to announce the first ever NABCEP Registered Training Provider in Colombia: Politecnico Industrial Nueva Colombia . As leaders for training in Colombia and Latin America, their goal is to teach and train young people and adults in a practical way while helping them find better job opportunities.
Walt Ratterman Award for Creative Community Energy
NABCEP is looking for nominees for the Walt Ratterman Award for Creative Community Energy. The Award will be presented to the NABCEP Board Certified Professional who does the most creative public service-oriented renewable energy project of the year. Installations can be domestic or off-shore but they must be performed at no charge for a not-for-profit or charitable organization. NABCEP will also donate $500 to the charity of the winner's choice . If you know someone deserving, please fill out this survey!
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Founded in 2002 as a nonprofit 501(c)(6), NABCEP delivers value for thousands of Board Certified Professionals, Associate credential holders, and renewable energy consumers & stakeholders. NABCEP's mission is “to support, and work with, the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries, professionals, and stakeholders to develop and implement quality credentialing and certification programs for practitioners.”
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