Keeping Handy Through Agrability

        If about 20% of our population has a disability, there has to be some businesses focused on keeping people active or working. Specifically, what about those people out in the fields and farms that cover the countryside and backyards? Agrability is the answer. www.agrability.org  They are not only for those that make their livings outdoors, but for any that enjoy gardening, yard work, or for those that dabble in any type of agriculture and land management. Continue reading..
2019 in Review
     Here at dis Ability Connections our pride comes from being a support for people with disabilities as they live as independently as possible. 2019 has brought many memories to us as we have been able to assist those with needs. While the 2019 calendar is closing quickly, join us in looking back on an eventful 2019 here at dis Ability Connections involving community, advocacy, events, and personnel. 
In March we held our inaugural Chuckles for Charity event. This event will be a yearly fundraiser to support our ramp, respite and loan closet programs. The event was held at the Commonwealth Commerce Center with a great dinner, silent auction, and lots of laughs from 2 great comedians. A fun time was had by all. We are in the works of planning the next Chuckles for Charity in the upcoming spring of 2020. Watch our newsletter for details.
      One of our programs is providing home access to those in need of ramps. Our ramp program in Jackson County was able to provide 6 ramps to those that qualified. And has a waiting list ready to go when weather cooperates in the Spring. Additionally, as part of the team of agencies involved with Project Ramp Lenawee, we were able to get home access for 8 more households there. Truly an incredible experience being able to return freedom and independence to people in our communities that household steps can take away.
      As a Center for Independent Living (CIL), we are always ready to advocate for the rights of people we serve. This year, one action we are very happy to be involved with is the statewide “ Go Logo ” advocacy and following along as the Bill has moved into voting stages. The 15 CIL’s across Michigan came together in support, taking it to the Capitol for an action day and advocating to our Representatives.  
    On October 10, 2019 our annual DisAbility Awareness Dinner (DAD) was held at the Country Club of Jackson. The dinner was a great success thanks to many supporters, friends, and an outstanding speaker, Brian Calley, President of the Michigan Small Business Association. Mr. Calley has been a longtime advocate promoting employment of people with disabilities. The response to Mr. Calley’s presentation inspired those who attended. We would like to thank all who made this event possible. In particular the Rotary Club of Jackson and the Jackson Breakfast Rotary Club for sponsoring the celebration. Thanks to the Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory, Klavon’s, the Lansing Lugnuts, Lloyd Ganton, Ron Ellison, and the many others who donated to our silent auction. The support of generous local donors like you make it possible for us to better serve our community. THANK YOU !
Another moment happened during the DAD. We were extremely proud to provide Ila Hendershot with the second half of the Jeannie D. Inman Scholarship. Ila has been a phenomenal volunteer and asset with us at dis Ability Connections. We wish Ila the best in her studies and know that she is primed for big things wherever she goes. Keep up the good work Ila!
      None of these, nor any other accomplishments in 2019, could have been done without the dynamic dis Ability Connections staff. To all of you and our Board Members, thank you for working hard and seeking to improve independence for people with disabilities. In 2019, we had a couple of long-term employees that ended their time with dC. Jim Cyphers, an IL Specialist and Social Security guru is moving on to his next great adventure in life, retirement. We want to thank Jim for his dedicated years of service to the Jackson community and wish him the best in whatever comes next. 
Sadly, Parrish (Perry) Stahl was another departure, but unfortunately was not foreseen. Perry unexpectedly passed away at the beginning of November. Leaving behind his family and uncountable friends that he had made over the years. Perry, you are missed daily. We will do our best to continue your legacy of work, striving towards equality and disability rights. Until next time friend, hope you have those blue suede shoes, hair is flowing, tunes are playing, and you check in from time to time to keep an eye on us.

  We hope that you have a great rest of 2019,
we look forward to doing it again & more in 2020!!
Santa's wishlist.
1. Salt for driveway
2. Copy paper
3.  USA Flag for pole
4. Monetary donations to use with programs like respite or ramp
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The Census is coming in 2020!!!

Ok, so maybe it's not that exciting. But it is VERY important and we are here to help any way we can. Check out our Census Resource Page .
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