Jesus is Risen!
Greetings! it's November and Thanksgiving is almost upon us.Though we continue to hunker down to keep each other safe during this time of the COVID pandemic, we know that God is good and we should give Him thanks for all things.
If you didn't know, we have a

One of the key ways to reach the those under fifty is to have a front porch in the virtual world of the internet. Without a website the potential of reaching the next generation for Christ is near zero. Because of that I dusted off some of my old website building skills, did a little online training, and built a simple but an effective means of inviting people into a relationship with Christ through the good people of Reliance and Ridings Chapel Charge.

So I invite you to visit the website at and see it for yourself. Also, feel welcome to make suggestions in order to make it a more attractive front porch for those who might visit.
As every one of you knows, we have suspended in-person worship for the present in the face of rising cases and deaths in our immediate area. Our first concern as Christians should always be to take care of each other, especially the most vulnerable among us. Thus: below are the available virtual worship venue and times:

Sunday Worship: Gather Around the Word 10:00 am
available on Facebook and YouTube Live.
Every Weekday Scripture and Prayer at 7:00 am available on Facebook Live
Pastor Andy's Desk
Friends, I need your help. In this time when the COVID-19 virus has limited all of us from coming together as we would like, we must be patient with each other. All of us are going through this pandemic for the first time, and none of us can forecast the results of our actions in this time when normal rules do not apply.

Here's what we know about the virus. Close contact with any who has the virus increases the possibility of becoming infected with the virus, especially if the contact is over a matter of minutes. Wearing masks, washing hands for 20 seconds, and practicing safe social distancing dramatically reduces the chance of becoming infected.

We also know that gatherings inside of buildings for an extended time greatly increases the risk of infection. Thus, some of the places where infections have shown to be greater than the average rate and deadly is in elderly care facilities and in churches. Churches are second only to care facilities in the spread of the virus. We have even had cases in the Winchester District where the virus has appeared. Thus the caution the Healthy Church Teams have taken in suspending in-person worship.

That still does not rid us of the desire of gathering again. I realize that this need is greater for some, especially for those where the Sunday gathering was the one place they could socialize with others. I know your pain and I would like to offer several possible solutions not solve the problem but to mitigate or reduce the pain. But I need your input to do this. So, I am asking anyone who is interested in discussing alternatives to meeting on Sunday in regular gatherings during this time of isolation, please call me at 540-336-3794.
Ways to Stay Connected
There are many porches and front doors to churches today. One of them is social media like Facebook. We invite you to visit it, Like it, and Share it with your family.Facebook page called:
Like with Facebook, we have created a new Google account for email and to establish a YouTube channel for the church. Consider this yet another porch and front door for the church. The email is

The YouTube Channel is
November News:
Did you know:

  • That every weekday we offer scripture reading and prayer on Facebook Live and YouTube Live at 7:00 am.
  • That every Sunday you can join us in Gathering Around the Word on Facebook Live and YouTube Live for a time of music, Scripture reading, a message, and prayer.
  • That on Thursday at 10:---11:00 you can join Pastor Andy at ZoomCafe on line. The link is
  • That from Sunday 10:00 pm - Sunday 4:59 pm, if you miss the message you can by phone listen to an audio of the reading of Scripture and the weekly message from Pastor Andy by dialing 540-225-1073. (This may be a toll number to some land lines. If so, I advise you use a cell phone to call the number if you do not have a long distance plan on your landline.)

This Month's Meetings:
  • November 12 - Healthy Church Team 7:00 pm at Reliance.
Reliance - Ridings Chapel Charge
Pastor Andy Brock