President's Message

Dear Kodiak Chamber Members,
My name is Lindsay Knight, and I am honored to have been selected to be the President of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce for this year. For longer time members, I have been the President before, but for newer members, it will be a pleasure to serve you all.

While I own the Kodiak Athletic club, above NAPA, I also wear lots of other hats throughout the community. I am the Rotary District Membership Chairman for both Alaska and Whitehorse. On a local level, I am the Program Chair for both the Noon Rotary Club and the Kodiak Morning Rotary Club. If any of you would like to present to the two clubs, please contact me (907) 539-7298.

I am also the Commissioner of Power lifting, for Special Olympics Alaska, and on a local level, I am part of the Kodiak management team. Our Special Olympics Annual Dinner is November 3 rd , at the Elks Club. Attendees have a chance to win 10,000.00 and you get a nice dinner, prepared by Darcy Blauert-Glagolich, and the Kodiak High School Culinary Club! The Annual Dinner and the Torch Run are our only local fund raisers.

I am the Vice President of the Board of Directors for Alaska Aerospace, and I am one of the two Kodiak resident representatives. I support the Arts Council, and have been involved in several productions. I am also a supporter of KMXT Public Radio and teach weight training at the Kodiak College. I am also a member and a greeter at Oceans Church. I try to stay involved and active with all I can in our community and I look forward to serving you as President of the Chamber.

I have been on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for 9 years, and a member since I arrived on the island in 2005. I am very excited to work with our new Executive Director, Frank Schiro, our new Community Relations Director, Sarah Phillips and with Anastasia Painter, our Administrative Assistant. We also have many new Board members, on an already dynamic Board of Directors. It should be a fun Chamber year!

I would like to thank everyone that came to our Annual Dinner at the Kodiak Convention Center on Oct 12 th . It was a sold out event! I think a high point for me, was Past President Stacey’s video that she had sent in her absence (you can find the link below)! I want to thank Stacey for her awesome year as President. She stays on the Board as Past President, and I will be relying on her quite a bit.

We had over 80 attend our Business After Hours at the Senior Center. Mayor & Director, Pat Branson, does an incredible job running the Center for Kodiak. She has a fine and able staff to assist her.

Please be sure to VOTE on November 6 th ! Every vote counts!

Have a great Thanksgiving later this month, and be thankful and appreciate this wonderful island where we all live and work!


Lindsay Knight
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Gubernatoria l Fisheries Debate - Why It Was Canceled & What's Been Done Since
By: Frank Schiro

Early in August work began on the debate. Governor Walker and Senator Begich were both contacted and their representatives almost immediately responded that they would be available and appear for the debate. The morning immediately following Senator Dunleavy’s win in the Republican primary, representatives were contacted as well. I was contacted by Dunleavy's representative who said they would look at his schedule and get back to us. Unfortunately, even with ongoing communications, there was no definitive attendance/absence commitment.

The Chamber Fish Committee, also the planning committee, did an outstanding job of setting the format, soliciting topics from various contributors and recommending panelists and a moderator. A debt of gratitude is due to the planning committee – Julie Bonney, Jeff Stephan, Laine Welch, Theresa Peterson, Julie Matweyou and Linda Kozak. Panelists selected were Maggie Wall (KMXT), Alistair Gardiner (Kodiak Daily Mirror), Peggy Parker (SeaFood out or Washington) and Laine Welch (Alaska Fish Radio/Fish Factor). Rhonda McBride from KTVA 11/Frontiers was invited and agreed to be the moderator. Thanks to all involved!

Things were moving forward, but until October 16 th , there was no word from Senator Dunleavy. The planning committee had all agreed that the Debate would go on, even if it was only the two candidates that had affirmatively responded. With no response from Dunleavy it made planning very difficult. KMXT was planning on live-streaming the debate throughout all of the Alaska Public Radio Network. KTVA 11 was also going to broadcast the debate. This meant timing had to be planned, virtually to the minute. Having three debaters vs. only two had a major impact on how many questions to prepare and ask, what the final format would be like and how the debate would be structured. Finally, Dunleavy’s representative let the committee know on October 16 th that he would not be attending.

No problem; the debate was still scheduled to proceed with two candidates. Then on October 19 th with Mallot's resignation in hand, Governor Walker announced that he was dropping out of the race. Leaving only one candidate for the debate. Dunleavy’s representatives were again contacted to see if this changed his plans, but he again declined to appear.

There was virtually a unanimous decision between committee members, panelists and the moderator that a debate requires at least two participants. If just one candidate is there, even if responding to questions, only one point of view is shared; there is no counterpoint. It was felt that cancellation was the only way to provide an unbiased service to the community.

However, the committee did not rest without answers. They met again Monday the 22 nd and pared down questions to submit to Dunleavy and Begich in writing. Both agreed to responded to the questions on October 30 th . Please see responses below.
2019 Relocation Guide Ads

Advertising spots are now available for our 2019 Relocation Guide!

Each year the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce produces a booklet filled with information on our community. We're making a few changes this year. The newest edition of the Relocation Guide will feature narratives for purchase which highlight details to make your business stand out. The Relocation Guide still includes business and organization listings, facts about Kodiak, and local photography!

Our guide is distributed throughout the year at Chamber events, on the Coast Guard Base, and to anyone requesting information on Kodiak through our office. We are expecting an even wider distribution than ever before, as the guide will be available for all new visitors and those going to and coming from the ferry terminal.

A variety of ad sizes and additional business narratives are available to fit your needs and your budget. Space is limited, so click HERE for more information and to sign-up!

As a reminder, all of our PIKE sponsors receive a free ad and narrative in the Relocation Guide. If you are interested in becoming a PIKE Sponsor, reach out to Sarah .

Please direct questions to Sarah Phillips , Community Relations Director (907) 486-5557.
Old Hollywood Themed Annual Meeting & Recognition Dinner Lights up the night!

Kodiak showed up in their glitz and glam ready for the red carpet at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Meeting and Recognition Dinner! On October 12th, the sold out evening showcased the achievements of the board and members throughout the entire year.

Attendees enjoyed professional photos by Bella Aqua Photography in front of a festive and fun backdrop, with showstopping music by Under the Moose. Frank Schiro, the Executive Director and Aimee Williams of Discover Kodiak delivered an evening of lighthearted laughter as the MC's!

When the evening turned to honors, 8 awardees proudly received plaques. Those recognized included Oceans Church for the President’s Award, Sarah Culbertson of The Frame Shop, Alexandra Turner of Ardingers/Alexandra’s, and Chris Lynch of The Rookery as Volunteers of the Year, The Kodiak Kiwanis Club as Service Organization of the Year, Compass Suites as Business of the Year, Discover Kodiak as Member of the Year, and lastly Kodiak Electric Association received the prestigious Cornerstone Award, given to a Chamber Member that through their history of service have truly established themselves as a cornerstone of the community.

KEA was particularly chosen for this honor because of its commitment, year after year, of providing clean and renewable energy to our community. As a non-profit cooperative, KEA has become a cornerstone of the strength and innovation of Kodiak for its 98.3% renewable energy generation, setting an example to be admired and repeated worldwide.

“Every year the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce is proud to be able to recognize businesses and individuals that go above and beyond for our community. Oceans church, the winner of the President’s Award, gave out 504 school kits to Kodiak and neighboring village students and is a great example. The work the three Volunteers of the Year have done to support shopping local and small businesses is another. It is this type of contribution that makes Kodiak a thriving, successful community.” Frank Schiro, Executive Director of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber’s Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of Kodiak Chamber Members of the year, and sold out for the first time in recent history. The crowd of nearly 170 people joined in congratulating the awardees. Anyone interested in joining the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce as an individual or an organization, should contact or 907 486 5557, for more information.

A full gallery of photos will be available in the coming weeks.
By: Sarah Phillips (Community Relations Director)
Re-live the Dinner fun with this introduction video, which premiered world-wide at the dinner!
ComFish Exhibitor Registration To Begin

Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor at Alaska's Premier Commercial Fisheries Trade Show. In its 40th year, this long running trade show brings together gear vendors, government agencies, and nonprofits involved in every aspect of commercial fishing.

Each year ComFish features fishing industry leaders with cutting edge technology and information, a list of ComFish 2019 exhibitors will be released in early March. Those interested in exhibiting during ComFish 2019 should register.

Registration begins November 30th, 2018.
BAH: Kodiak Senior Center | Senior Citizens of Kodiak
By: Sarah Phillips
Many Kodiak citizens are unaware of the impressive accolades of our local senior center, I know I was! Friday the 26th was the first time I have even been to 302 Erskine Ave and witnessed the impressive facility. To what did I owe this elaborate field trip? The monthly Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours of course! This month, the Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc in conjunction with the Kodiak Senior Center hosted the highest attended BAH of the year!
From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. Everyone in attendance was treated to entertainment by the acoustic band Whippersnappers, who practice once a week at the Senior Center. While all the songs were great, a personal favorite I found myself dancing and singing along to was “YMCA”! The band wasn’t the only highlight though; there was plenty of yummy food, door prizes, and split-the-pot. One lucky winner even received 50,000 Alaska Airline Miles! But, that’s not the end of the story...

Ready for a secret I learned last Friday? For those over the age of 60 or with special accommodations, a plethora of activities and services await you! I had the privilege of taking a tour, from Jonathan Strong , through the facility and found specialized exercise equipment, many welcoming gathering spaces filled with games, and a multipurpose room outfitted for the perfect cinematic experience. Throughout it all, I couldn’t help but be impressed at the care every room and functional piece of equipment took to accommodate the needs of our seniors.

We can thank the Senior Center for distributing meals throughout the community seven days a week for those in need, as well as creating an adult day program to be emulated. If that wasn’t enough, the Senior Center is also responsible for the transportation of many of our seniors with the KATS (Kodiak Area Transit System) buses. There is also a dedicated team to assist in educating/enrolling seniors and their families in a wide range of needed and available services.

During my short two-years in Kodiak I have heard on multiple occasions’s stories of citizens moving their parents to the area for the superior care the Kodiak Senior Center has been able to provide; which is no surprise because the Kodiak Senior Center officially announced on Friday that they have officially received their fourth National Accreditation! There are less than 10 Senior Centers nationally that can claim this high and rigorous honor. To celebrate this extreme accomplishment and their upcoming 45th anniversary, the Senior Center is planning a party for November 10th. Be sure to help them celebrate by stopping by to see this impressive facility for yourself! 
What is News & Views?

News & Views is a weekly, two-minute, pre-recorded radio segment that airs on KMXT, KVOK, and KRXX.

The segment spotlights one of our local Chamber Business Members and is recorded at the KVOK studio with Sarah Phillips, the Chamber Community Relations Director.

What's Discussed?
Sarah will help guide your message, but anything business related is fair game! Some of our past topics have included:

  • New Locations
  • Renovations
  • Specials
  • New Staff Members
  • Special Event Promotion
  • Grand Openings
  • Services Offered
  • Reminders
  • General Promotion

Who Can Take Advantage?
Any business with a Chamber of Commerce Membership is able to take advantage of this unique promotional opportunity. Anyone from the organization can be interviewed on a wide range of topics.

You choose the direction and goal you want to accomplish and Sarah will work with you to achieve it! This is a completely FREE service we provide for our Chamber Members.

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Great! We look forward to helping promote your business!

Simply contact Sarah via  email , stop by the office, or call (907) 486-5557 to schedule.

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