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November 1, 2022
Letters to Santa
When it's time to send that special letter, plan on mailing it to us! We will make sure that all letters are forwarded to Santa and have him answer them personally. Letters must be received no later than December 16, and must include a return address. Drop them in Santa's personal mail box at the park district, or mail them to: 0N020 County Farm Road, Winfield, IL 60190.
Stocking Deliveries
This year Santa is making a special trip from the North Pole to make a personal delivery at your home. Imagine your child's delight or a friend's surprise when jolly old Saint Nick brings a stocking full of goodies to the door.

We will try to accommodate your time request, however, no guarantees will be made. Deliveries are restricted to Winfield Park District residents and residents of the city of Winfield only. Only one stocking per child is allowed.
Early Childhood
Rock 'N' Kids
Wiggle, giggle, dance and sway, and have some fun the Rock ‘n’ Kids way! Tot Rock and Kid Rock are movement-based learning and imaginative play classes with music. All class procedures are designed to keep staff and students safe. Activities are age-appropriate by class and will include songs and rhymes, rhythm and coordination, fine and gross motor, imagination and sensory, listening, and following directions skills. With a focus on STEAM learning, each session will have a new educational theme! Join us for music that really can’t be “beat”!
Health & Wellness
Fitness Classes - Starting Soon!
  • Pilates, Mondays 9:30 am starting 11/7
  • Yoga, Mondays 10:30 am starting 11/7
  • Fit Barre, Wednesdays 10:30 am starting 11/30
  • Fit N' 50+, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 10 am starting 11/29
Healthy Nutrition without Dieting
Diet has the word die in it and consists of unnatural eating patterns that cannot be sustained. In today’s world, there are also a lot of misconceptions about the nutrient restriction of macronutrients. Plain and simple ~ our bodies and mind depend on whole nutritional needs to survive, function and perform. The trick is to understand how each one plays a different role in the body and how to incorporate the proper ratio of each macro and micronutrient into your daily nutrition. In one hour, you will learn how to fuel your body with macros and micros for optimal wellness and weight management.
Soccer Shots 
Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, curriculum, and communication.
Soccer Shots Premier focuses on individual skill, fitness, and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner through weekly scrimmages.

This program is taught by Soccer Shots of Dupage County and meets at the Warrenville Park District Rec Center Gym. 
This course is a practical approach to reality-based self-defense. Techniques will be taught by an experienced self-defense instructor who has provided training for police, federal agents, and U.S. military personnel. These techniques are simple, fast, and effective for any self-defense situation. No uniforms or previous martial arts training is necessary. 

This class meets on Wednesday evenings at the Winfield Park District.
Ages 18 and older.
Kids First Volleyball
Volleyball, Let’s Play It! Fun and instructional program that will prepare young players to succeed in volleyball. Excellent coaches plan strategic, FUN preparation drills and games that will increase skills and safety through fundamentals. Skills that will be taught include serving, bumping, setting, spiking, techniques on speed and quickness, body balance, first-step direction movements, volleyball safety awareness, and sportsmanship.

TIME OF CLASS: 4:05-5:20 PM 
Let’s Hit It! Kids First Certified Coaches offer a Baseball Training program to properly prepare kids for the upcoming season. This baseball training includes: Player safety and fundamentals preparation, Individual Baseball skills, and of course techniques on fielding, hitting, throwing, running, game rules, and sportsmanship. This class is taught by Kids First Sports Safety, Inc.  

TIME OF CLASS: 4:15-5:30 PM   
Cooking with Donna

Join Donna for a delightful culinary experience to fuel your tummy and entice your palette with wonderful seasonal flavors! We will create and taste an assortment of delicious and nutritious food creations - all in 75 minutes. Bring home knowledge, recipes & motivation.

Fee: $30 per class
Crocktemberfest & Healthy Snacks  Wed 11/16 6:30-7:45pm
Holiday Appetizers & Quick Meals Tue 12/6 6:30-7:45pm