November 2019
EuroPris Interview
Cristian Pleşa
 Director General, National Administration of Penitentiaries of Romania
Cristian Pleşa has worked within the Romanian prison system since 1993. In May 2019, he was appointed Director General of the National Administration of Penitentiaries. He would like to be remembered as a person who has done his duty and contributed to the modernisation of the Romanian prison system.

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Feature Article
Institutional Crisis?
By Gustav Tallving, Swedish Prison and Probation Services
SPPS decided to conduct a global business analysis. to gather knowledge about countries in which the population in correctional facilities has increased in the 2000s. This study does not focus on the incarceration rate – a measurement commonly used for comparisons. The study focuses instead on the trend – more specifically, the increase that has taken place in the countries in question. Primarily, the report will explore the total population trend and, as far as possible, attempt to identify specific groups that drive the trend in different countries.

EuroPris Events
3 rd Correctional Research Symposium
Motivation and well-being of correctional staff
The 3rd International Correctional Research Symposium will be organized by EuroPris, ICPA and CEP on 12-14 May 2020 and hosted by the Portuguese Reintegration and Prison Service in Porto. Under the title "Motivation and Well-being of correctional staff: How they matter and what we can do about it?" a call for papers was recently launched.
Registrations will open at the end of November.

If you are interested to submit your paper and/or attend the Symposium, please, proceed further to official CRS website
Save the Date
Conference on Foreign Nationals in FN only Prison in Ter Apel
The Ter Apel prison in the Netherlands is for Foreign Nationals only. Next to England and Norway, the Netherlands are the only country with a FN only prison.
Ter Apel will celebrate its 20 years anniversary with an international conference from 2-3 April 2020 , supported by EuroPris.
Next to presentations on various interesting topics and interactive sessions on the specific needs of this group, there will be a tour of the prison and opportunities to speak with staff and detainees.

Further information will follow on  and in our next newsletter.
EuroPris News 
Real Estate and Logistics Workshop
EuroPris organized together with the Slovenian Prison Administration from  14 - 16 October  the first Workshop on Real Estate in Ljubljana. At the workshop presentations were made on designing for rehabilitation, designing for women, age appropriate solutions, sustainable and humane prisons and on how to deliver major prison construction projects.
The Workshop was attended by 66 participants from 23 different countries. 

Presentations Interagency Cooperation Workshop now available!
On the 12th and 13th of November participants from prison, probation, municipalities and NGO’s gathered in Barcelona, Catalonia for the joint CEP and EuroPris Workshop on Interagency Cooperation. 
The Netherlands and Germany presented recent developments in cooperation practice and legal provisions. Other presentations dealt with the needs of specific groups, such as sex offenders, radicalized offenders, juveniles, vulnerable and high risk offenders.

Prisoner Education Expert Group -
Final report available now
Over the past two years the Prison Education expert group has worked on a report reflecting the importance and current status of prisoner education. The group also reviewed the 1989 Council of Europe Recommendation on Prisoner Education and suggested updates to bring it in line with current education practices. This has been presented to the plenary meeting of CoE Council for Penological Cooperation in November.

Report & Presentations FD909 Expert Group Meeting now available
At the annual EuroPris FD909 meeting on 25 and 26 September 2019 at the Leuven Institute (Belgium) 20 EU Member States were represented. 
The group discussed the practical issues that Member States are facing in the implementation of transfers under the EU Framework Decision 2008/909/JHA.

E-Learning Module on Managing Foreign National Prisoners available now!
Working with foreign prisoners is an increasing challenge for European prisons. To assist prison staff, managers, prison trainers and others who work with and are responsible for foreign prisoners, an innovative and engaging on-line E-Learning course has been created by EuroPris in conjunction with the Council of Europe HELP Programme and the University of Nottingham. The module uses the CoE Recommendations on Foreign Prisoners 2012(12) as a guide along with promising practices from prisons across Europe, to illustrate how the recommendations are being implemented.

SPACE Statistics' graphs available on European Prison Information System
In 2018 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between EuroPris and the University of Lausanne (UNIL) was signed that allowed EuroPris to develop and publish interactive and country-specific graphs using data from the Council of Europe’s annual SPACE statistics. EuroPris has selected 10 indicators such as prison overcrowding and suicides for which graphs now show the development of the European average and specifics of each CoE Member state in a timeline from 2010 to 2017.

Highlights from EuroPris Knowledge Management System
Every week EuroPris received queries from member countries, and in this section we will highlight several KMS reports from the last months. Click on the link to view each KMS report:

Other News
The Practitioner's Guide to the Galaxy - A Comparison of Risk Assessment Tools for Violent Extremism
In September 2019 Liesbeth van der Heide, Marieke van der Zwan and Maarten van Leyenhorst have published a research paper “The Practitioner’s Guide to the Galaxy – A Comparison of Risk Assessment Tools for Violent Extremism”.
This paper critically compares seven widely used risk assessment tools for violent extremism, including the VERA-2R, the ERG 22+, the SQAT, the IR46, the RRAP, the Radar, and the VAF.
To read the research paper please  click here .
Upcoming Events
International Conference Foreign Nationals in Prison
2-3 April 2020 - Ter Apel, Netherlands ( More details will follow soon)

The 3rd International Correctional Research Symposium -
Management and well-being of correctional staff
12-14 May 2020 - Porto, Portugal ( Read more )

International Criminal Justice Platform - Summer Course -
Responses to sexual violence
7-10 July 2020 - Barcelona, Spain ( More details will follow soon)
Document Library
  1. Review of European Prison Education Policy and Council of Europe Recommendation (89) 12 on Education in Prison - View report here
  2. Information Leaflet on processing prisoner transfers within Europe - View here
  3. FD909 Expert Group meeting - View report here
  4. RAN/EuroPris Staff Training Collection (2018) - View collection here
  5. Updated State of Play: EU Framework Decisions 909947829;
  6. Competent Authorities for Framework Decisions 2008/909/JHA, 2008/947/JHA and 2009/829/JHA;
  7. Country factsheet on prison sentence execution - View here
  8. Designing for Rehabilitation Report - View report here
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