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Sloane Miller

Skype Author talk with Sloane Miller, author of Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies

The Grand Rapids Allergy Associates have partnered with Schuler Books to host a SKYPE author talk and booksigning in the Schuler Studio. 


About the Book:  indispensable guide for living a full life with food allergies--from an Allergic Girl who lives it.  Millions of Americans concerned about adverse reactions to food are seeking the advice of medical professionals and receiving a diagnosis of food allergies. Allergic Girl Sloane Miller, a leading authority on food allergies, has been allergic since childhood. She now lives a full, enjoyable life full of dining out, dating, attending work functions, and traveling. With tested strategies and practical solutions to everyday food allergy concerns, Allergic Girl shows how readers can enjoy their lives too. Informed by personal narratives laced with humor and valuable insights, Allergic Girl is a breakthrough lifestyle guide for food-allergic adults, their families, and loved ones. In Allergic Girl, you will discover:

* How to find the best allergist and get a correct diagnosis
* How to create positive relationships with family, friends, and food
* How to build a safe environment wherever you are
* Real-world scenarios scripted from the author's life as well her work with clients and other leaders in the field

Tuesday, November 1 @ 7:00pm

West Michigan Christian Writers Meets in the studio


Join the West Michigan Christian Writers for their monthly meeting in the Studio!


Thursday, November 3 @ 7:00pm 

David RubelSpecial Storytime with Habitat for Humanity. Join us in the studio for a storytime and craft with Habitat for Humanity!


Schuler Books and Habitat for Humanity invite you to a special storytime and craft.  The featured storytime book is A Carpenter's Gift written by children's historian David Rubel in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, and illustrated by Jim LaMarche, The Carpenter's Gift celebrates the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, an American tradition.   Each year, the tree is milled into lumber that Habitat for Humanity uses to build a simple, decent home with a family in need.


Saturday, November 5 @ 7:00pm


Grand Rapids Songwriters Alliance meets


This group is open to the public.  Grab your axe and work through the writing

process with other area songwriters.


Wednesday, November 9 @ 6:00pm


Tech Talk with our Gadget Guru


Planning on purchasing an e-reader this holiday season?  Learn how to download ebooks from your local independent bookstore with our "jargon free" tech talks, and one-on-one instruction from our resident gadget guru!


Saturday, November 12 @ 3:00pm 

Special Nutcracker Storytime with GR Ballet!


Join GRBC for a special storytime in the studio featuring GR Ballet dancers as they  highlight the story to the live audience!  Also, enter to win tickets to the performance at DeVos Performance Hall!


Saturday, November 12 @ 11:00am 

Japanese Conversation Group

This group is hosted by Mayumi Balfour of Sister Cities International.  The group learns about the Japanese language and culture in a casual setting.

Monday, November 21 @ 7:00pm

Allie PhilipsBooksigning with Allie Phillips, author How Shelter Pets are Brokered for Experimentation


Back in the 1940s, the practice referred to as "pound seizure" became a common practice in taxpayer-funded animal shelters across the country. Whether for cosmetic testing, human or animal drug testing, medical technique and tool testing, or biochemical testing, these once-family pets are subjected to experimentation that often ends in death. While many states fail to keep accurate data, the number of pets that become victims of pound seizure easily reaches the thousands and though most citizens are unaware of the practice, it may very well be happening at their local animal shelter. Pound seizure remains a dirty little secret in American society, but the practice is moving toward extinction with the help of local citizens advocating for change at their shelter, as well as animal rescue and welfare organizations providing assistance and advocacy. Learning more about the practice, as well as alternatives, will help give readers a fuller picture of what's happening in American animal shelters and what they can do to stem the tide of dealers and brokers sweeping off animals to their almost-certain demise.


Allie will be joined by Carol Manos of Carol's Ferals for community awareness of ethical treatment of animals.

Saturday, November 26 @ 11:00am