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November 11, 2021

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Specialty Oyster List

Check out our extended specialty oyster list or call to inquire about an oyster you would like to feature!

Availability changes weekly

New Product Alert!

Pasteurized Local Crabmeat

Keep your shelves stocked and your menus local throughout the year with VA pasteurized crabmeat! Available in lump and jumbo lump sizes.


Fresh Rockfish

Fresh Rockfish season is around the corner and we are starting to see availability ramping up! This is a great time to add this product to your late fall menus.


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Morning at the Museum

Not only do we service your favorite hotels, markets, and restaurants, but we also supply seafood to local aquariums, museums, and zoos for feeding! We were able to get a behind the scenes tour at the Virginia Living Museum with aquarium curator, Patrycja Lawryniuk to check out their early morning feeding with the product we provide and even donate to keep their fish fed. Getting to see firsthand how our product is used allowed for us to get intimate with a side of the industry that many don’t think about, but we are proud to be a part of. 


Product Updates

Fresh Fish

Scottish Salmon - Scotland is in the middle of regeneration

There have been some blips in availability on the larger 15 - 17 pound fish, but our procurement team has been doing a great job sourcing what is available to keep our customers supplied. Strong relationships with these farms are making a difference during shortages. This happens a few times a year, and typically isn't an issue for the market.

Speckled Trout - strong landings on these local fish in both VA and NC

Availability and prices look good for this month.

Local Flounder - Local landings

Medium, Large, and Jumbo size fish continue to land right here in Virginia. Availability can be limited due to heavy winds keeping boats at the dock.

Fresh Rockfish - strong landings from up north helping with prices

No availability issues at this time. Mainly 2-4 and 5-8 pound fish being caught right now. Potomac season will open November 8th which with further help supplies.

Puppy Drum - Virginia and North Carolina fishermen are having strong catch rates on this fish with no signs of slowing down this month. Prices seem to be stable. Quality is unmatched with these day-boat fish.

Shellfish & Crustaceans

Fresh Local Crabmeat - running steady

Local Crabmeat continues to run steady for now, even with the Virginia season ending later this month. North Carolina season will stay open longer. Our local pasteurized crabmeat would be a great substitute for the upcoming months, when seasons close. Imported crabmeat is also steadily available.

Fresh Venezuelan Crabmeat - first shipment of the season has arrived

Prices are decent on this product. Expect prices to come down then go back up once local crabmeat ends.

Shucked Oysters - starting to ramp up

We are seeing some relief on the availability of shucked oysters, but prices remain firm.

Scallops - prices will continue to rise

Boats are coming close to their day quota, meaning they only have a few more days left out of this year to fish for scallops. This is currently driving prices up on all scallop products. It should be noted that next year's quota will be shorter and issued in April, which will inevitably keep prices at an all-time high.

Blue Points - rain closures

Due to heavy rains and wind, Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts had closed their grounds at the beginning of the month. These areas have reopened over the weekend, and we should have these in by mid-week. Canadian oysters are a great substitute, ask your sales representative about availability!

Frozen Items

Gulf Shrimp - Large brown shrimp (21/25’s and above) are less abundant than white shrimp

With the lack of labor, both boats and plants do not have the ability to process brown shrimp and this continues to be an issue. White shrimp remains a good alternative and are less expensive than browns on several sizes.

Available Special Orders

Caviar - Get in touch with your sales representative to chat about our caviar program

Paddlefish, Hackleback, American Osetra are available with a 2-3 day lead time prior to your expected delivery.

Florida Spiny Lobster - Whole Fresh (Not Live) Florida Spiny, Clawless Lobsters

(1-1.5 lb. or 1.5-2 lb.) are available, please contact your sales representative 2-3 days prior to your expected delivery.

Stone Crab Claw - season opened October 15th

(Medium, Large, Jumbo, and Colossal are available) - Sold by the pound

(2 day pre-orders are encouraged)

Shore Breeze Farms Hydroponic Lettuce - Eastern Shore, VA

Green Bib, Red Oak Leaf, Green Oak Leaf, Red Leaf, Green Leaf, & Leaf Romaine. They will be packed 12 heads per box, and you can mix varieties in each box!


Notable mentions for the Holidays

lobster tails.jpg

Lobster Tails

Various sizes; 10 lb. case

Lobster tails are a great menu add for the holidays! These also present well in retail cases. Get in touch with your account manager for information on availability and pricing.


Live PEI Mussels

10 lb. bag

It's hard to beat the flavors of fresh, live mussels! A fantastic addition to any seafood dish with guaranteed consistency in flavors and quality.


Edward's Country Ham

8-10 lb. average

Cooked, boneless, and ready to eat! A great product to feature coming into the holiday season. Selections may be limited, so secure yours early!


Tatamagouche Oysters

100 count box; PEI, Canada

Check out these beauties! Harvested in Nova Scotian waters with medium brine, a lot of body, and nutty notes.

(Available for Friday deliveries this week)

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