Full Circle
Circle Center's E-Newsletter
"We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give."
-Winston Churchill
November kicks off not only the start to the Holiday Season, but to a season of gratitude. We have so much to be grateful for and we continue to be amazed by the support of our Circle Center community.

We are grateful for the trust our Participants and their Care Partners have shown us as we navigate the challenges of serving them through a pandemic. We are grateful for our community of givers who support us through donations and other resources. We are grateful to all of you for sticking with us and celebrating our moments of joy.

We are grateful for our partnership with the Veterans Community Care Network, that has allowed us to broaden our reach and offer our services to Veterans, and to the recent Veterans Day Holiday that allowed us to celebrate our Veterans, like Bill Wray, whose story we share below.

We are grateful for our volunteers and for those who continue to call and ask "how can we help?" Like our friends at From the Heart, who lovingly stitch items we need in our program. We are grateful for those who heed our call to provide items from our Amazon wish-list, and for everyone who has shared their time, gifts and resources with us this year.

Of course, November brings us the ultimate day of gratitude in Thanksgiving, and we are grateful for this opportunity to share our Thankfulness with all of you. November also brings GivingTuesday, a global day of giving and celebrating generosity. We share our plans to celebrate below, and we invite you to join us on November 30th as we seek to raise $15,000 in ONE DAY!
Celebrating Veterans
Our recent partnership with Veterans Community Care Network, a direct relationship that increases access to providers such as Circle Center for our veterans, has allowed us to expand our services to more veterans. Veterans like Bill and Denny, who not only benefit from our programs, but are able to connect with peers, and in their case, re-connect, with each other!

Both Bill and Denny recently joined us at Circle Center through the Veterans CCN, and instantly connected over their common histories. Bill and Denny both served in the same Army troop in the town of Bad-Hersfeld (today known as Luft) and were both stationed at McPheeters Barracks, an old German Wermacht base, as part of the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment. They were even stationed at the same outpost, OP India, that served as one of three defensive garrisons during the Cold War. While their time of service didn’t overlap, their stories certainly continued to.

After realizing these parallels in their years of service, Bill and Denny realized they had met before, during a Veteran's Day Celebration at Robious Elementary, where Bill’s daughter was a teacher and Denny’s granddaughter was a student. Invited by their daughter and granddaughter’s respectively to attend the Veteran’s Day event, Bill recognized the patch on Denny’s uniform, and an immediate bond was formed.

Years later, Bill and Denny have found each other again here in the halls of Circle Center. Connections like these continue to amaze us, and remind us how important and powerful it is for our aging adults to continue to have access to peers and friends, and in their case, fellow Veterans who can understand each other on this unique level.

Watching their friendship blossom during their time with us has been an honor and a joy. We appreciate the service of these Veterans, and all veterans and their families, for their sacrifices and dedication. We are thrilled for the opportunity to be a part of their, and hopefully over time even more Veterans, next chapter, through the Veterans CCN. 
Tuesday, November 30th, 2021
Join us on Tuesday, November 30th as
GivingTuesday kicks off the season of giving!

GivingTuesday celebrates the idea that everyone has something to give and that every act of generosity counts. This idea is especially compelling for those of us who are dedicated to aging services. We actively work to fight the stigma of aging, and to remind everyone of the multitude of gifts each of us has.

We are the recipient of these moments every day and we are thrilled for the opportunity to share those with all of you. Please join us for GivingTuesday on Tuesday, November 30th to celebrate generosity and to celebrate the gifts that our participants, care partners, staff, volunteers, supporters and friends provide every day.

Please join us to reach our goal of raising $15,000 to continue to give the Gift of Circle Center to the aging adults, families and care partners that we serve!
WHEN: Tuesday, November 30th
WHAT: Global Day of Giving
HOW: Join us to celebrate our community's gifts and acts of generosity
Click HERE to find out all of the ways you can help us celebrate #GivingTuesday and stay tuned for our emails to find out how you can participate!
We are thrilled to announce that Genesis Rehab has partnered with us and will be offering on-site Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. These add on services will be available to our current participants to take advantage of conveniently right here at Circle Center!
From the Heart
Thank you to the volunteers from From the Heart, who regularly provide lovingly hand sewn gifts for our participants. We have received handmade masks, walker bags and just recently they donated some much needed clothes protectors for our participants to wear during meal and snack-time. Thank you From the Heart!

The Circle Center Scene...
We've been busy! Participants have enjoyed fun Thanksgiving art projects, visits from Fred the Therapy Dog, a presentation about fall plants and an adorable craft project making pine cone foxes, from the Master Gardeners.
Thank you for your support!
Your support has allowed us to continue to serve our community, and support our participants and caregivers throughout the pandemic. Thank you.