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Giving Tuesday is Just Around the Corner!

We recognize we are living in very challenging times; we hope you will continue to be by our side helping us create more lifesaving "happy tails" for Labs in need throughout the Bay Area.  No gift is too small and the Labs are so grateful to you.  Your gift will help give these deserving dogs comfort and joy to last a lifetime!

Look for additional information on our Facebook, Instagram and E-News for the link to donate on
December 1, 2020!

It will be an amazing day!

Cyber Shopping for GGLRR:
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Have you missed out on our sweet GGLRR swag since our pet fairs have gone virtual?  Are you searching for that perfect holiday gift for your four legged family member(s)?

Well, now you can buy our GGLRR merchandise via our Facebook page.  Visit our FB page using the link below and click on the "View Shop" icon. 

And....stay tuned for a Cyber Shopping Day for GGLRR on November 16th.  More details to come! 

2021 GGLRR Calendars are HERE:
Decorate your WFH Office with this Stunning Calendar!

Take a look at this gorgeous calendar!  The 11" x 11" calendar is full-color and top-quality. Professional design and printing services were donated, so all proceeds from the calendar go to helping more homeless Labs.

Thank you to all the owners and photographers who submitted photos of their Labs for this calendar.  Each of the featured Labs was adopted from GGLRR.  See them enjoying their new lives in beautiful locations throughout northern California.

Our NEXT Virtual Pet Fair:
Saturday, 11/21, at 11:00AM via Zoom

Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue will hold a ~2-hour virtual pet fair via Zoom at 11:00 AM on Saturday, November 21st.  We will present the dogs we currently have up for adoption, explain our adoption process, and answer any questions attendees may have.


Several days prior to the event we will notify all registrants what dogs will likely attend the event.


Register in advance

at the following link:



Contact Rescue Rep Dave at if you have any questions about the virtual pet fair.


15-year-old spayed female yellow Lab, 92 lbs.

Maggie is adorable and a total sweetheart.  She is a dog who has been loved during her life and looks to do her best to please you.  Walks well on leash.  Has met neighbor dogs and children without problem.  Great walker on leash; very affectionate and friendly.  At 92 lbs - she is a big dog!  We refuse to believe that Maggie is 18 years old - we believe she is more like 15 years old.  Maggie says she is not a day over 12.

Coat is in great shape.  Ears look fine.  Teeth look good.  Has only half of a tail.  Two lumps on her backside.  She is recovering from a urinary tract infection.  Maybe a few pounds overweight.  Will get Maggie to our vet soonest.  She is currently located in Novato.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or 

9-year-old neutered male Chocolate Lab mix, 83.5 lbs. 

Toby would do best in a quieter home, definitely one without cats, possibly okay with another calm dog but probably best as an only dog.  He is a very smart, obedient, and playful boy.  He loves to play fetch and swim.     

Here are Toby's quirks:  He doesn't like to be touched on his lower abdomen or his tail and will snap.  He is muzzled when he goes to the vet.  Toby is very fearful and noise-sensitive to fireworks.  He is afraid of feet.  Toby's needs: Quieter, adult home, not a city dog.  A good match would be with a confident dog-savvy person with no cats.  Swimming pool or regular access to water would be ideal as he loves it so much.  He will require slow introductions and time to get familiar with you.   

Toby is up to date on core vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered.  He is being treated for an ear infection.  Toby does have lumps on his abdomen which are lipomas (fatty).  He is slightly overweight.  Toby is located in Campbell.

Contact Rescue Rep Kris at 

12 month-old non-neutered male Black Lab mix, 60 lbs. 
Shadow is a young, intact, and very exuberant dog.  He can be overpowering in play - jumping up, as well as nipping at your feet.  A big, overly excited dog that doesn't know how to calm himself and gets ramped up very easily.  He will require a large-dog experienced family who is willing to work with and train him.  He can be mouthy and jumpy.  Families with young kids need not apply.  Walks well with a prong collar.    

Shadow wants to please and he sits and waits before eating as well as entering and exiting doorways.  He takes treats gently.  He sleeps quietly through the entire night in his crate.  Does well on his two walks per day.  Shadow likes other people and dogs and has a tendency to jump up to meet people.  

Shadow is current on vax, microchipped, and heartworm negative.  He is due to be neutered at the end of October.  Shadow is located in San Jose.

Contact Rescue Rep Kris at 

Bamm & Tess
11-year-old Lab siblings, 70 lbs. each, Neutered/Spayed
Together since birth, the long-time owner of black female Tess and chocolate male Bamm recently passed away.  They are really lovely dogs - energetic outside, totally chill inside, and happy to curl up and nap.  Both are incredibly friendly and good natured.  They love tennis balls, know a few commands, and are very affectionate.  Gotta watch your fingers when giving them treats.  Both are house-broken and crate-trained.  They get along with other dogs and allegedly lived with a cat.  We want to adopt Bamm and Tess together as we consider them quite bonded after being together for so long.

Both dogs are in great health, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.  We will get them to our vet in the near future for a full check-up.  Bamm and Tess are located in Petaluma.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or 

A Thank You for Fellow GGLRR Volunteers!

On August 18, we picked up terrified, frantic little Cody (now known as Jones) at the Yolo County Animal Shelter drove him down to his GGLRR foster, Sumee, who is guiding his amazing transformation.  Then my husband & I celebrated his birthday with a seafood dinner in Benicia, enjoying a brilliant sunset behind the Carquinez Bridge without realizing that it was smoke from numerous forest fires that painted the sky red, pink & orange.

At 2 am back in Vacaville, we woke to sheriff's cars, sirens, flashing lights & repeated announcements of a "mandatory evacuation/15 minutes."  We stumbled around pulling on clothes leashing dogs.  The  air was  bright orange & thick with smoke & flying embers.  We drove out past roadside bonfires & spent the night with friends.

By morning our house had burned, along with 10 others on our road.  Dave Ely (a GGLRR rep we're pleased to work with often) called to see if we were OK  & then alerted the GGLRR volunteers, who did what they do rescue homeless critters.  GGLRR folks' kindness to us 2- & 4-legged strays hasn't stopped since!

From Marilee, GGLRR Foster/Volunteer

 Below are photos of the night before ... & the morning after.

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Susi and I feel so blessed to have been able to bring Harrison Jaxson Vice IV ... AKA "Harry" into our family. When we first met him, we both knew that he would fit perfectly in our lives and it seems that we fit into his life as well. Harry was a street dog in Oakland who was found in a padlocked empty lot without food or water. Now he has five beds throughout our small house and more toys than he knows what to do with that he packs and plays with regularly. He continues to learn how to live in a family learning and practicing his manners. He really enjoys going for walks and playing fetch and tug. Living in Sacramento now, he is learning how to live in the warmer climate, mostly he chooses to stay inside and lay under the AC during the day! Thank you so much to Katy and Kristin for all your time and care in helping Harry to find his real personality and how to express it and then matching him with us!! GGLRR is amazing."
--Susi and Julie



"I knew that I wanted to have another dog in my life after losing my previous lab at the age of 11 at the end of July 2019. But, I had no way of knowing that welcoming Walter into my family in February 2020 would be so important to my well-being!

I had met Walter at a GGLRR adoption event in San Jose a few weeks earlier, after seeing information about a different lab who was looking for a home.  Walter's foster mom, Kris, shared his story with me. He was surrendered anonymously at night to a shelter in Hollister, CA, and eventually transferred to GGLRR where he was fostered by Kris and her husband Jay.  Walter had been adopted once before but had been returned to GGLRR after 5 months because he continued to display some territorial behaviors. Kris wanted to be sure to find someone who could love Walter and manage his behaviors. I feel so fortunate to have been selected.

Within a month of adopting Walter, the COVID-19 global pandemic hit the Bay Area, resulting in Stay-at-Home orders and the closure of businesses and schools. Fortunately, the Stay-at-Home orders allowed people to go outside for exercise. Walter needs 2 good walks per day, so he and I continued our daily routine. He's been a fabulous "co-worker" as I work from home. However, his snoring is occasionally distracting.

Without Walter, I probably would have slipped into depression and gained a lot of weight over the last 6 months. But, because of Walter, I continue to get daily fresh air and exercise, and I have someone to care for. He's the ray of sunshine that's guided me through the global pandemic. I'll be forever grateful to Walter, Kris, and Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue!"




"Just touching base with you.  Oso is turning out to be one of my best pups ever had.  He now stays in the yard, getting lots of walks and play time and loves horses.  But I know his favorite time is riding in the truck.  Just wanted to say thank you again.  You made Michelle and I very HAPPY.  
PS.  Michelle has him under control more than I do. "


"Hello! I want to thank you all for rescuing her. (Cookie/ Zuki) She is wonderful and we love her.  She is goofy and funny, cuddly.  She makes me laugh and smile everyday.  I almost think she rescued me:)  I saw her picture and description beginning of this year and I knew she belongs to us.  

Thank you so much for giving her a chance and getting her out of the shelter.  I am overwhelmed with sadness imaging someone surrendered for euthanasia.  Her health is well and we're getting slowly prepared for getting the vaccinations and making sure her immune system is strong enough.  I hope you all are well and make the best out of the situation that lives brings us this year thank you"





"Thought you all would enjoy seeing a photo-update of Shadow's wonderful life with the Weber family!  He is the most spoiled rotten lab by his now 13.5yr old boy - sleeps on the bed every night, follows Zvi around closer than his actual shadow and has been loving the shelter@home pandemic since the only thing our 4 teenagers have been allowed to escape our house+yard for is to walk-the-dog!  He gets at least 3 different long walks per day from each of the teenagers, and the 4th one adopted the kitten in this photo back in June so now Shadow has a house playmate.  Every evening he gets to go to the local elementary school grassy field and run off-leash with all the other neighborhood dogs, he's the happiest, most social and gentle lab we've had.  Because you all didn't have an exact birthdate for him, we've chosen his boy-owner's half birthday to be Shadow's - July 9th so he's now 10.25yrs old but still loves to hang-out belly-up."

--The Weber Family

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