Email Newsletter: November 27, 2019 Part I - Vol 131 No 132

NorthAmerican Transportation Association wants you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

Our office hours for the weekend will be:

Wednesday, Nov 27 - Closed at Noon
Thursday, Nov. 28 - Closed for Thanksgiving Day
Friday, Nov 29 - Closed

We will be open for regular office hours on Monday, Dec. 2nd.

Also, remember that the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse takes affect in January 2020 and the Electronic Logging Device Mandate takes affect on Dec. 16, 2019. Follow our emails and will will direct you to all the latest on these industry requirements.

NTA’s Hi-way Hi-Lites is intended to enlighten our members as well as our transportation friends on developments within the transportation-related industry and should not be regarded or relied as any type of legal advice or opinion.

Join the NTA and let us help you shine. For questions, please contact NTA President & CEO Wayne Schooling at or 800-805-0040. 

Remember, our motto is  "Helping Others to Succeed in Business"
Wayne Schooling
NorthAmerican Transportation Association 
Featured Article
The AB5 carve-out train hurts Californians: Shannon Grove
California is one of the least business-friendly and most unaffordable states in the nation.

Starting January 1, 2020, living and working in California is going to get harder because of a new Democrat-authored law. This law will strip hundreds of thousands of independent contractors of their workplace flexibility by classifying them as employees with strict schedules and less workplace freedoms. California Democrats pride themselves as leading the most progressive state in the nation, but fail to mention the revolting games they play with their constituents, such as they did with Assembly Bill 5. ...
Helping Others To Succeed In Business
The Battle of the Arbitration Agreement
Assembly Bill No. 51 (“bill”) was signed into law on October 10, 2019 and will go into effect on January 1, 2020. Specifically, the bill prohibits employers from requiring any applicant for employment or any employee to waive any right, forum, or procedure for a violation of any provision of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act or other specific statutes governing employment as a condition of employment, continued employment, or the receipt of any employment-related benefit. In other words, it bans mandatory arbitration agreements....
Helping Others To Succeed In Business
Tyranny by rulemaking: Susan Shelley  
By Susan Shelley

There’s a difference between being “governed” and being “ruled.” It’s the difference between freedom and tyranny.

That’s what’s at stake in California as an unelected, unaccountable board of bureaucrats “rules” the state’s trucking industry into ruins.

The California Air Resources Board is attempting to force diesel trucks off the road. Its latest new rule will require truck manufacturers to build electric-powered trucks and force companies to report to the state government about their shipping practices to assist future rulemaking. ....
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